It was a rather warm Saturday. My oldest daughter had come and picked me up that morning to run to town with her. She had moved into a new apartment and asked if I would go and help her pick out some new stuff. I agreed since we needed some groceries any way.

Ben and my son were gonna work in the yard. Cut the grass, clean the pool and the like. I kissed Ben bye and left.

My daughter Alicia and I had a wonderful time picking out goodies for her new apartment. She has really good taste and her apartment is really cute.We stopped at the grocery store, then stopped and ate some good Mexican food. I even got to meet her new boyfriend that I didn’t’ know she had. He seemed like a nice young man. Really cute.

I got home a little before 3 pm. The yard looked great! Alicia helped me bring the groceries in as I didn’t’ see Ben and my son anywhere. She helped me put the groceries up, then thanked me for coming and left.

“Ben! Randy!” I called out. I walked down the hall to the back of the house and called again.

“I’m in the shower!” I heard my husband Ben call out.

“Oh, Ok! Where is Randy ?” I asked as I peeked into our master bath.

“I believe he is swimming. Last I heard that is what he said he was going to do. How did it go with Alicia?” he asked.

“Great! She got some really nice stuff. Her new apartment is really nice. She got it decorated nicely. Got to meet her new boyfriend!” I replied.

“Didn’t’ know she had a boyfriend! They are not living together are they?” Ben asked, peering out from the shower curtian.

“I don’t think so baby. I really didn’t’ ask! She is a grown woman now, that is her business not ours! Are you hungry? You want a sandwich or something? ” I asked.

“A sandwich sounds good! I am about through.” he said.

“Ok!” I said as I headed back to the front of the house.

I turned and approached the back door that led to the pool. I walked out to the pool where my son was swimming. He was skinny dipping! We have a 10 foot privacy fence that surrounds the pool just for that purpose. He was standing by the side of the pool when he saw me he jumped in.

“Hey, mom! He said wiping his eyes.

“Hey, sport! You have on sunscreen!” I asked.

” Yes ma’am! he replied.

” Do you want a sandwich?” I asked

” Uh, yes ma’am. I want to swim a little longer if that is Ok?” he stated.

” That’s fine! You can fix your own when you are ready.  If you use the pool house shower clean up your mess! ” I said.

” Yes ma’am!” he said.

” Oh and watch the funny stuff mister!” I said with a smile. ( He is a teenager! I have my reasons for saying that. Any of you with a teenage son know what I mean.).

I walked back in the house and poured me a small glass of wine and kicked off my shoes.  I had just sat down on the sofa when I heard Ben call for me.

” Yes babe!” I said as I walked to the master bathroom.

He was standing in the tub, the water glistened and dripped off his naked body. His long meaty dick hung limp over his ball sack like a sleeping serpent.

Hey , can you grab me a towel? I forgot to grab one and I don’t wanna get water everywhere!” He said.

” Sure!” I said handing him a towel, my gaze drifting down to his crotch.

“Was Randy swimming?” Ben asked as he dried himself .

” Uh, yes. He was swimming.” I replied. My face felt hot as I admired him.

” Do you see something you like?” Ben said then shook his dick at me and smiled.

” Actually I see alot I like!” I replied, then walked over and kissed him, my tounge searching his.

As we kissed I took his dick into my hand and massaged it, causing it to fill with blood and grow in my hand.

” Suck my dick baby!” Ben said, then kissed me passionately.

I broke the kiss and smiled looking into his eyes. I could see the desire in his eyes. I kissed my way down his body until his big dick was right in front of my face. I continued to stroke him slowly with my hand then flicked my tounge at the tip of his dickhead, causing it to twitch.

I ran my tounge around the head and down the shaft, causing Ben to groan in pleasure. I then took his dick into my mouth and bobbed my head as I sucked him, gently fondling his nuts.

Ben groaned, putting  his hand behind my head and gently moved his hips as he fucked my mouth.  ” That’s so good! Oh baby, that’s it suck me!” he moaned.

My tounge fluttered around his hard dick as I blew him. I began to bob my head a bit faster and he groaned his approval. Then his breathing became rapid and his dick began to throb in my mouth. I knew he was fixing to cum.

” Oh Fuck!” he panted as he emptied his nut juice into my mouth.

I swallowed as best I could , with only a small amount escaping my lips. I took my mouth off his cock and looked up at him as I milked the last few drops with my hand.

” Let’s go to bed!” he said still trying to catch his breath.

” Ok!” I said rising to my feet and kissed him our tounges entwined. ( I guess most guy’s get turned off at the thought of kissing a woman who just let them cum in their mouth. This does not bother my husband in the least. Personally I think all guy’s should taste their cum at least once!) We walked to the bedroom where he began to undress me.

He had taken my shirt and bra off and was enjoying my tits, when I noticed the bedroom door was still wide open.

” Hey baby, don’t you think we need to shut the door? Randy could walk in at any moment!” I said softly.

Ben turned and saw the door and said, ” I think that would be a good idea!” he said then walked over and shut the door.

” Nice ass baby!” I said with a chuckle as I watched him walk nude to the door. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the ground. I stood before him in my black lace bikini panties I had purchased online from Fredrick’s a month or so earlier.

He took me in his arms and kissed me, his right hand slipped down and cupped my pussy. I moaned softly, ” Baby, I love you so much! I love how you touch me!”

” Your pussy feels so wet! I love you too sugar.” he replied as he hooked his fingers into my panties and slipped them down.

I pushed them the rest of the way off and kicked them aside. ” It’s wet for you baby!” I panted.

We kissed again as he laid me down on the bed. I spread my legs and ran my hand over my moist slit. He started with my toes and kissed his way up my legs very slowly. Almost painfully slow. He finally made it to my upper thigh stopping just short of my pussy. He ran his hands lightly over my inner thighs, feathering them with soft kisses.

” Oh baby, your driving me crazy!” I panted. About that time he inserted a finger inside me and began to finger fuck me. I groaned and began to move my hips in response.

He leaned forward and kissed my pussy lips. I arched my back and moaned rather loudly. ” Oh yes!,  Oh yes! Oh baby yes! I squealed.

He continued finger fucking me as he began to tounge and suck on my pussy. ” Yes baby, eat me! Eat my pussy baby! That feels soooo good! Oh baby I love the way you eat my pussy! Oh baby!” I panted, by breaths getting heavy, my heart was beating out of my chest.

His mouth then moved to my hard little clit. He flicked at it with his tounge and sucked on it alternating between the two. I could feel my orgasm building up inside me. It wouldn’t be long now.

” Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh! Baby, I’m almost there! Baby! Baby! Ohhhhh I’m gonna cum baby! Oh Ben baby, your gonna make me cum! OOOOOOHHHH FUCK! ” I cried as I began to cum. My entire body spasmed and my breath became rapid and shallow. My heart was beating a hundred miles and hour.

Once I stopped spasming, Ben kissed his way up my body. ” I love you sweetheart! I wanna fuck you! I want you baby, I wanna feel your sweet pussy caress my cock!” he said softly into my ear.

” Yes baby do it! Fuck me baby! Give me your big dick baby! I love you too my love! Give me your love baby! Fuck me now!” I panted, reaching down between us and and grasped his hard dick and guided it to my opening.

I gasped as I felt him enter me until he was in me up to his balls. I opened my legs wide as he started thrusting in long slow strokes. It felt so good having the man I love, the father of my children making love to me, the way a man should love his wife. I thank the good Lord for my man, for our love and the many pleasures it gives us both.

He propped himself up with his arms as he increased the rhythm of his thrusting. My hips worked to meet his. We looked in each others eyes ad we made love. The bedsprings creaked under our passion as we continued talking the talk that ignites our love, our passion our heat.

” Oh Baby, your pussy feels so good!” he panted.

” Oh Ben, your dick feels so good inside me baby! Give it to me baby! Fuck my sweet pussy!” I replied.

He got up on his knees and began to fuck me hard.The headboard knocked rhythmically against the wall but we didn’t care.

” FUCK ME! I’M GONNA CUM! OH BAAABBYYY!” I exclaimed as I began to cum. I wrapped my legs around him as I spasmed.

He stopped his humping until my orgasmic spasms ceased, then began again. My breaths were rapid and shallow. Small grunts utterd from my throat on each down stroke.

He began to groan and his thrusting became more powerful. We were both sweating profusely and you could hear our the wet smacking sound of our sex smacking together.

” C-C-CUM FOR ME BABY! mmmmpf! OH B-B-Ben! Baby pleeeeeaaaasssseee! Baby I can’t take anymore!  Baby pull out, pull out and cum on me! BEN BABY PLEASE PULL OUT! CUM ON MY TITS, I WANNA SEE YOU CUM! JACK-OFF AND CUM ON MY TITS!” I  exclaimed.

Ben let out a deep groan, almost a growl then pushed deep inside me as his dick throbbed  and released a torrent of his hot cum deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me and we lay in total exhaustion.

What an afternoon!

Well, I hope you all enjoy the story! I sure enjoyed writing it.  I know the language gets a little intense, but ” Dirty Talk” plays a major role in our lovemaking. ( I’m sure many of you feel the same way! Tell me about it! I’d love to hear about it!) God Bless you all… Always Gina


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11 replies
  1. jezuz11 says:

    Gina, I have 5 kids and generally try to keep our sexual activity “private”. Do you mind your kids hearing your loud orgasm or banging headboard? Is it just normal activity in your house? How do you talk about it with your kids? Or do you manage to maintain privacy? (My kids are not teens yet.)

    • Gina G. says:

      BTW my son was outside during the time of the sex described in this story. Oh, and yes, we do manage to maintain our privacy.
      God Bless!

  2. Gina G. says:

    My two daughters are grown and no longer living with us. My son lives with us, but his room is on the other end of the house.
    Ben and I both have had ” The Talk” with all our kids. I do try to keep my orgasmic rants at a reasonable level ( they are not always screams). Ben and I love to talk during sex and do not feel we need to ” put a muzzle” on it. As far as the knocking headboard, well that is just part of it. My parents headboard used to knock all the time when they had sex. So unless you wanna screw on the floor every night, then you just have to accept it. Sex is a part of life given to us by God. It is an act of love between two people, it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. May God bless you and your family! Always Gina

  3. Anonymous says:

    well this is wonderful. i currently have one child. who is not a teen. how do you keep your privacy. when you do it nearly all the time. as i am the same as you a housewife. with my huband of two years. is loving and cares for me. i am twenty seven years old. have you never caughty when you do it outside.

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