My Husband Surprised Me

My husband surprised me with an anniversary getaway and we had a blast.  We went to a cabin that had a hot tub, bed, fireplace, and wonderful view.  We had to make the most of it since we had not been away in a while so as soon as dinner was over, we both had our minds on the same thing!  We whispered to each other the things that we wanted to do.  After a short walk to look at the beautiful waterfalls and streams we went back to the cabin and began our lovemaking.  We have found that the best lovemaking happens when you invite the Lord to increase it.  Honestly!  Wherever our hands and tongues lead us…. we go.

We began with touching and kissing each other all over.  One of our favorite things to do is “Tasting Love” better known as oral sex.  This is how we do it.  My husband likes to lay me down on the bed and take my clothes off.  He usually massages my clitoris and vagina with his hands and then he adds a quick lick of his tongue.  Next he uses his finger to trace around the sides.  He soon adds to hands and more of his tongue.  Within a few minutes he will be using his whole mouth to kiss me there.  I especially like to watch him do this to me; it gets me very excited.  Sometimes, he will tease me by kissing my thighs very close to my vagina.  This always makes the wait worth it when he finally licks me again.  Normally, I can hardly stand to just sit there and before long, I want his penis in my mouth.  I just reposition myself where I can reach it.  I like to lick around his penis first, before I began any sucking.  Just like he made me wait, I make him wait.  I am always rubbing and stroking him during the whole thing.  Sometimes what I like to do is suck on the tip of his penis first.  Of course I can’t do this for very long or he will soon explode.  To follow up with that, I usually try to see how far down I can go on his penis.

How much can I get in my mouth.  He likes it when I do that.  After that then I begin a pattern of caressing and sucking.  Another thing that I like to do is a little “flickering” of my tongue over the tip of his penis.  It feels really good to him and it is a great transition before repeating the caressing and sucking cycle all over again.   We really enjoy doing that one at a time and together.  On this particular occasion we did both.  Next we headed over to the hot tub and enjoyed being naked together without the children to interrupt us.  In the hot tub, my husband sat down first and I sat on his lap.  I leaned up against him and he held my breasts in his hands.  I closed my eyes and blocked out everything else.  It felt so good just to be skin to skin with one another.  I reached in between my legs and grabbed a hold of his penis.  It was nice and hard and it felt good in my hand.  The water gave us both a nice massage so we basically just sat there touching each other.  Afterwards, we were very hot, so we got in the bed and made love intimately. We have created many of our own positions for sex.

We each have our personal favorites.  My favorite is when he enters my vagina from behind and I am lying on my tummy.  The motion involved from this angle usually takes me to a point of climax.  I often place my hands in between my legs and apply pressure to my clitoris.  He usually puts his hands on top of mine.  I think my husband likes to watch me from this angle also.  I must admit, I like for him to watch me from this angle.  I think my husbands favorite position is for me to get on top of him.  He lies down on his back and I place his penis inside of my vagina.  I then begin to lift up and press down with my hips and rolling around and side to side at different intervals.  He really likes that.  I like it when he applies pressure to my clitoris during this position. These are things that we do all of the time, but the change of scenery made it incredible.  Remember to allow God to take His place in your whole marriage, even the bed!

A sample prayer before you begin could be: “Lord, we love you and we are thankful that you gave us each other.  Please bless this intimate time as we share together sexually.  We know that you designed our bodies to be united in this way.  It was your idea and we invite you to be involved in our whole marriage.  We want to please and glorify you at all times.  Father thank you for giving us this wonderful gift of lovemaking.

In Jesus name.  Amen”

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