Married Oral Sex

Married Oral Sex -Love Spot

Married Oral Sex – It was a hot sunny afternoon.  The kids were not home from school yet and the thought of lovemaking came to her mind.  She knew her husband wanted her often, and since she had the day off from work she wanted to make it happen.  She loved him so very much and tried to meet his sexual needs the best she could.  She told him he was a great lover and after more than a decade of marriage the passion flame was still there.

He knew how to touch her love spot in all the right ways and she could start his motor in no time flat.  On this particular afternoon he was working on paper work in the home office.  She was doing housework in another room when the thought of her man going down on her caused her to get a little wet.  She didn’t want to let the opportunity pass so she slipped in the bedroom to get ready.  “What do I wear today?” she thought.  She finally decided on one of his favorites.  A string bra and panties.  The bra (if you could call it that) had just enough material to hide the areola and the strings framed the full breast for a maximum tease look.

The panties had just enough material to cover the love pit and had a split crouch, so access was no problem.  She wanted him to go down on her that day, but she only liked him to lick her love spot if she was clean.  So a quick shower was in order to wash her body and make sure the love spot was clean.

He heard the shower water running and wondered what was up.  He peeked into the bathroom to see a blurred image of his lovely wife through the frosted shower glass.  He saw the bra and panties on the vanity and knew what she had in mind.  His love shaft started to grow as he watched his wife shower and anticipated the after shower fun she was planning.  He thought of 3 choices:  1) Strip down and get in the shower with her;  2) Strip down and slip into the bed and wait; or 3) go back to the office and play the game with her like you didn’t know a thing was up.  His love rod was hard now and would need attention soon.  He opted for #2.

In the shower she cleaned her body and briefly played with the nipples of her full breasts.  She also ran her soapy finger lightly over the clitoris; there was a mysterious connection between her nipples and clitoris that awakened the love passion inside her like nothing else.  It was beginning to feel sooo good but she knew he could do a much better job than her so she didn’t spend long doing herself.  She just wanted “the team” to warm up before the big game.  She turned off the water and began to dry off her sexy body.

In the bedroom he lit a few candles and was flush with excitement.  She got into the sexy outfit and got ready to call her hubby in the other room.  As she exited the bathroom into the master bedroom she was surprised to discover the candles and her lover already there.  “How did you know I wanted you,” she said.

He replied, “The sound of the shower made me curious, so I investigated put one and one together and here I am.”  “Would you rather I go back to my paperwork,” he said jokingly.  It would have been near impossible for him to do that and she knew it.

She looked at his rock hard love shaft and jokingly said, “Yea, go back to your paperwork, we can do it tonight.”  He couldn’t stand it any longer so he grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her down on top of him.

They started passionately kissing.  Her “team” was already warmed up and wanted to get into the game so she moved his hand to her left full breast.  He touched her left nipple through the tiny patch of cloth covering it.  “They are ready for you,” she said.  And slipped the bra covering aside to reveal two large dark pink areolas with nipples just dying to be tweaked.  He immediately accommodated her lonely nipples.  His soft touch brought the nipples to full erection.  She was hot and he knew it.  Even though she just toweled off her love pit was wet and juicy and wanted to feel him.  He moved one hand down to the love spot and started lightly running the tip of his finger over her clitoris, it needed a little lubrication.  He went to her love pit to get some juices.

First he wanted a taste. He knew she was clean down there and would not stop him from tasting her treasure juices.  With his finger loaded in her juice he placed it in his mouth to taste her sweet treasure.  His finger quickly returned to the love pit with another load of her sweet juice and he used it as lubricant for her wanting clitoris.  She was definitely turned on by this.  She rocked and moaned in pleasure.

He wanted to taste her, and more than just a fingers worth of juice.  As she laid on her back he re-positioned himself by straddling over her with his face hovering just above her love pit holding himself up by his elbows.  His rod was rock hard and she could see the mushroomed head and bottom of his shaft right in front of her.  He went down on her and she did the same taking his full mushroomed head in her mouth and biting him ever so slightly so just her teeth slid up and down his shaft of love.  It felt as if she was scratching his love rod with her teeth.  She knew he loved this and was excited about his next move.

He tongued her by lapping her love area from the vaginal entrance to her clitoris.  He ran his tongue between her inner and outer labia on one side while holding both her lips together with his lips.  He then pushed his tongue into her love pit – going in and out and round and round.  All of these were good for her but the real love spot needed some attention bad.  In this position it was hard to reach her wanting nipples so he asked her if she could do her own nipples while he focused on the clitoris.  She agreed and began to tweak and roll her own erect nipples as his hands got into position to reach her love spot.

With his elbows on either side of her hips he wrapped his arms under her thighs and brought his hands to the “love spot.”  He took his right middle finger and stroked the hood of the clitoris.  His left finger danced around the base.  Her purple lips were already engorged from the play of his tongue.   Her clitoris was also very much alive with the finger play.  After several minutes of finger action, he gently sucked the clitoris and he heard her moan.  All the while his rock hard love shaft was still in her mouth feeling the pleasure of her tongue and lips and teeth.  She pulled him out to lick the tip of his rod and said in a deep voice, “Honey, what are you doing to me? – Don’t stop, I love it.”

He took his tongue and danced on the clitoris while he thrust his fingers in her love pit.  It drove her wild.  She was so close.  Then he pushed her over the edge and she climaxed and climaxed again and again.

She normally didn’t give him married oral sex very long but this time she had kept his love rod company the whole time he worked on her.  He was building to climax, as she got more and more excited.  As she neared climax he knew he was concerned about her reaction. He asked her, “Should I pull out?”  With an excited muffled voice she said, “HHoonneey I’m commiiinng …  Oh, Ah, Oh …”   Her sounds of pleasure were replaced with the slurping sounds of her tongue and lips as her sucking became more vigorous.

Her post climax moaning subsided as he moved his penis from her lips and entered her hot moist tender vagina.  They lay there coupled together caressing each other and enjoying their oneness until they were both limp.

He said, “Honey, thank you.”

What a blessing God has given us to enjoy this intense married oral sex pleasure with our spouses!

Married Oral Sex

By: Dennis Brekke

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