Oral Sex

Relaxation Request

One day I came home from work and could tell that my wife had had a very busy day.  I asked her what I could do right then to help her relax.  She smiled at me and said that what she really wanted couldn’t be done right then but she asked for the right to delay her request until later that night after our children had gone to bed.

It had been quite hot and muggy that day so my wife said that she wanted to take a shower before going to bed.  After her shower she came to bed and said she wanted to make her request.  She took two very thick pillows, put them on top of each other and then laid down on them.  This put her hips about 10-12 inches up in the air.  She then asked me to give her a massage and to focus on her lower back, upper thighs and butt.  I willingly agreed.  After about ten to fifteen minutes of massage she said that she had a second request.  She asked me to perform oral sex on her from behind.  She spread her legs apart.  I knelt behind her, spread her cheeks apart with my hands and began to lick her.

I started on her upper thighs, moved to her cheeks, then licked her vaginal lips.  This angle proved to be very affective.  I then licked her vagina and pushed my tongue up into her for a few minutes.  I finally move to her clitoris.  All the while, I was massaging her butt and spreading her cheeks with my hands.  Within two minutes of licking her clitoris, she exploded.  It seemed to be a very intense orgasm for her.  After my wife has an orgasm she likes it if I gently and slow touch her clitoris with the tip of my tongue for a few minutes while she “recovers”.  I did this but after a while I decided to take a risk and move “north” so to speak.  I began to gently and slowly lick the opening just about her vagina if she is laying on her stomach.

From the moaning and writhing that she started to do, I could tell that I was onto something special.  After about ten minutes I took my finger and started to massage her clitoris again, while I was licking her this new hot spot.  Her moaning and writhing became more loud and intense and in less than a minute she exploded again.  At that point she slid off the pillows and collapsed on her stomach on the bed in an exhausted heap.  I was wonderfully worn out as well so I wrapped one arm and one leg around her and we both felt into a wonderful weary sleep.

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