Following the Bath

I arrived home from work to find the house in perfect condition.  Everything was clean, neat, orderly, and quiet.  It left me with the feeling of being in a castle or secluded retreat.  My wife knows I enjoy the house being kept in this manner.  Upon my entry into our bedroom I discovered she was behind the closed door of our adjacent bathroom soaking in a relaxing hot bath with plenty of suds.  I knocked on the door and asked her if she needed “any help”.  This has become one of our phrases for us to “enjoy the wife of thy youth”! She responded quickly that she was about to be finished with the bath and would like my help with a few things.  I started to anticipate the thrill of being with her and that had an immediate impact demonstrating by a tightening of my pants.

Once I entered the bathroom she asked jokingly if she could see what was causing my pants to protrude. I took the hint and removed everything I was wearing very fast.  She had risen out of the tub at this point and began to dry herself with the towel that I placed near her.  She dried herself off very provocatively and while doing so she showed me several different angles of her entire body including a full frontal view that revealed her completely shaved.  She finished drying and walked toward me gently wrapping her hands around my now very rigid and dripping penis.  She asked me to join her in the bedroom and took my hand and pulled me in that direction.  She quickly pulled down the covers of the bed.  She lay on her back and started to rub her smooth mound and traced her hands to her breasts and then began to massage and push them toward me showing her firm dark nipples.  She told me to suck and lick her nipples, I did so immediately.

After several minutes of licking, kissing, and sucking her beautiful breasts she gently pushed my head down to enjoy the wonderful treat below.  My tongue explored every part of her starting with her clitoris and eventually taking her completely in my mouth and sucking and pulling as her juices flowed.  She kept pushing on my head to encourage me to go deeper into her.  I pushed my tongue in as far as possible and she moaned with pleasure and whispered to me to “don’t stop”. She also slipped her hand in front of me and began to massage my balls with a slow soft touch.  I then repositioned my self into the 69 positions and she opened her mouth wide to receive my rock hard penis. She sucked and licked for several minutes while I continued to pleasure her as well and we enjoyed another night of passionate desire and love.  She is a beautiful lady!

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