Oral Sex

Oral Sex – Kindling a New Fire

Oral Sex- I must admit that I have never had a real strong sex drive to begin with but since the onset of menopause, it has been almost non-existent. My husband on the other hand is still very interested and has always had to be the aggressor in our relationship. But on that day I was going to be the aggressor, I had no idea it was going to include oral sex.

That being said, several months ago while looking through a magazine, I read an article about how lazy and “me” focused we have become as a society. The article mentioned that even in the areas of sex the average person only focuses on what is good for “me” with little regard for our partners’ needs or wants. I agreed with the article and thought about how much I loved my husband and how as an equal partner I needed to take more responsibility for our sexual relationship as well.

Several weeks ago, my husband and I spent most of a Saturday working together in the yard planting flowers and enjoying a perfect day.  It was a fun time and we really enjoyed each other’s company. Several times during the day, my husband patted my rear or commented on my boobs as I bent over our plantings. At the time, I feigned indifference but did appreciate his compliments and attention.  By late afternoon, we had finished our work and rested on the patio. When my husband came out with some refreshments, he stopped to give me a long lingering kiss. I instantly recognized that look in his eyes. Before he could say a word, I assured him that the only thing on my mind was to get out of my smelly clothes and take a hot shower.

My husband showered first and when it was my turn, I took a long leisurely bath instead.  When I got out of the tub, I found my husband napping on our bed. My first thought was to let him sleep, get dressed and take my book out to the patio. I stood over him for a few moments watching him sleep; he was lying on his back, wearing just a pair of old boxer shorts and dead to the world. As I was about to leave, I noticed that the tip of his penis was peaking out of the crotch hole of his boxers. My first thought was how funny but as I lingered there my mind started to shift into a different direction.

I must confess that I cannot remember the last time I gave my husband oral sex without being asked (okay, maybe even begged). Perhaps, it was the fact that he was just lying there so innocently or that article that played in the back of my mind. Whatever the reason, I decided to forgo the book on the patio.

First, I applied some light perfume in all the right places then went into my closet and put on matching Victoria’s Secret red silk bra and panties. I received them as a gift from my husband and was saving them for some special occasion that never had quite materialized itself.

When I got back to the bedroom, my husband had not moved. I quietly positioned myself onto the bed so my head was in line with his hips.  I started by kissing then gently licking the tip of his flaccid penis with the tip of my tongue. After about a minute the oral sex was waking my husband and his penis. I told him not to move and to lay back and enjoy my special treat. The oral sex process of bringing his penis from flaccid to semi hard with only my tongue sent a little jolt down my core.  As his penis grew, I took more of it into my mouth sucking from the tip down his shaft. My husband must have thought if he moved or talked, I might quit because he stayed very still. By now, his cock was hot, rock hard and under my total control. As I sucked in just the head of his penis, I used a hand to massage his swollen shaft. My husband still hadn’t said a word but his moans told me he approved of my work. When pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock I eagerly sucked and licked it off. Despite all the attention I was giving my husband, I could feel a tingling sensation in my crotch and was making myself increasingly horny.

I made sure my husband had a good view of my oral sex handiwork, smacking my lips and making slurping sounds each time I took him into my mouth. Using our juices to keep his shaft well lubricated I steadily increased my pace. My hungry mouth took in as much of his penis as possible while my hands pumped and stroked his throbbing shaft. I wanted my husband to remember this day for a long time and knew he was just about at the end of his control. Soon he let out a loud guttural groan and I could feel his pent up juices explode into the back of my throat.

Oral Sex Still To Come

For a few minutes he just held me in his arms and told me how much he loved me. When I started to move toward the bathroom to freshen up. Unexpectedly, my husband grabbed me, pulled me back to him and started feverishly kissing my mouth. The mix of his juices and our probing tongues made me weak in the knees and before I knew it, he had me back in bed. This time he pulled me down on top of him so I was sitting on his chest with my knees to his head.  In a matter of seconds, my husband found my erect nipples and began rolling them across his fingertips while his lips kissed up and down my thighs. I was still wearing the red silk bra and panties but it wasn’t long before he undid the front clasp and was massaging a breast in each hand.

My motor had already been running on high but the stimulation from my nipples and his kissing my inner thighs was driving me wild with anticipation. Each time his mouth came closer to my pubic mound then retreated just before making contact. Each time he left me aching to be touched there, and he knew it.

As if I needed validation that I was getting excited, my husband pushed one of my hands to the patch of soft silk fabric covering my most prized possession. Touching my crotch, I ran a finger up my slit immediately feeling my wetness and my throbbing clit. Still intent on teasing, my husband started oral sex on me; his tongue struggled with the elastic of my panties to gain access. Growing impatient, I yanked them to one side arched my hips forward and thrust myself to his mouth. Finally, his lips came in direct contact with my very wet pussy and I moaned in delight. The oral sex from my husband was amazing!

While my husband’s warm mouth and talented tongue were on me, in me, and exploring every fold, I reached back for him. His cock had regained its hardness and I began stroking his shaft to slow down my own lust. My hungry pussy was loving all the attention of his tongue and my hips were rocking forward with every touch. Soon my lust was totally out of control.  I pressed my hips wider, arched my back and with my fingertips spread my swollen lips wide so there was nothing between his tongue and my throbbing clit. Only his hands cupping my tits kept me from falling over as I leaned into him demanding even more attention. He licked and sucked harder as waves of pleasure streamed over me, until my pussy convulsed out of control. I started to orgasm but one wave of pleasure built into another then another until I heard myself scream out in pure pleasure and I could move no more. After collapsing into my husbands’ arms and napping for some time, we managed the strength to finish our lovemaking in a more traditional manner but with just as much intensity and passion as earlier.

Our oral sex that day kindled a new fire in me and him for getting out of our ruts.

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Oral Sex

By: Jessica Cross

By: Roger Braunstein



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  1. seaside says:

    I agree. My wife is blowing me daily now. I love putting my cock into her hot mouth and she lets me shoot my entire cum load as she swallows every last drop. She would never swallow in the past but now she loves it. She tells me that there is nothing like a big hard cock down her throat and the anticipation of waiting for the cream to shoot. Wy wife is an incredible cocksucker!

  2. seaside says:

    I just asked her and told her I just had to shoot into her mouth. “I have been eating your sweet juicy snatch for 20 years and love the taste of your juices. I love it when you come on my face and now I want you to experience a throbbing, cum shooting cock in your gorgeous mouth.” That is it. I also started to shave my balls and above my cock and she loves the smooth clean look of a shaved cock. Sometimes she shaves her pussy but I love to eat a hariy love hole.

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