Kitchen Sex Story

Kitchen Sex -Coming in the door I can see my beloved hard at work cooking supper for me.  Aside from her unusual attire for cooking everything was the same, she had on a one piece dress, actually more like a short skirt.  I could tell she had been cooking for a while because the steam had moistened her now see through apparel which were revealing her nicely defined nipples.  I could tell it was going to be a good night already.  Walking in I kiss her and ask her how her day has been.  We talk for a few minutes and she returns to cooking, and I go to change out of my work clothes.  Coming back in the kitchen to my surprise was the most sexy woman I had ever seen (yes still my wife) bending over from the waist getting something off the floor.

Bless her heart, she didn’t have any underwear on and her succulent love bud was exposed for me to see.  Each lip bulging a bit from between her legs I could tell she was excited because of the slight glisten that gave the impression that she was getting wet.  I was now hard and throbbing, my penis wanting to escape out of my pants and into what I see.  Grabbing what she needed off the floor and turning around she seemed a bit startled that I was standing there (like she didn’t know) and came over to kiss me.  AS we kissed she brushed past my hard on and said, oh so you liked what you saw?  Yes I replied.  She unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing shaft out of its cave and began stroking it as we made out there for some start of kitchen sex.

Then she raised her dress up and bent over just like she was a few minutes ago.  I want to feel your stiffness inside me she said.  Taking my penis in hand I guided it to her awaiting sex, piercing it and feeling its warmth consume my member is still the greatest feeling.  With a moan from her lips and a command of make me cream all over the floor we started in on our expressed love, our becoming one.  With kitchen still hot it didn’t take long for us to get sweaty, dripping from our bodies and the smell of kitchen sex in the air.

As I pumped her I could feel her juices flow over and around my balls, and with every sound of pleasure her muscle tightened around me until she was screaming, and her juices running down my leg.  With the last convulsion of her vagina I let my load loose inside of her sexy body.  Next time we are shooting for a bigger puddle on the floor, nope the cats don’t try to lick it up! I love kitchen sex.

Kitchen Sex Ideas from Woman’s Day Magazine

By: Bruce Turner


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday, inspired by this story, I worked in kitchen without my panties on wearing a shorter skirt. I masturbated right there in the kitchen twice. (First Time in the kitchen) My husband must have felt the vibe. Withing ten minutes of being home, he walked over to me and caressed my butt under the skirt, almost knowing that there were not panties there. He bent me over the table…

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