nude massage

Nude Massage – Afternoon Delight

Getting married to Dan was one of the best decisions for satisfaction I’ve ever made. One thing we especially enjoy is giving each other nude massages. Dan loves it when I straddle his back, my thighs over his and my pubic hair tickling his bottom, my hands rubbing scented oil strongly into his back, neck and arms.

One afternoon when it was hot, we decided we felt like being naked and opening up the massage oil for a nude massage. Anxious to be the first giver, I was coating his back liberally when suddenly he suggested I rubbed a fair amount onto my breasts. Not knowing what he had in mind, I did as he directed, rubbing the sweet-smelling liquid all around my breasts and chest, making sure my nipples were coated abundantly. He said he’d love it if I lay flat on top of him and rubbed my oily breasts in long strokes up and down his back. The next few minutes were absolute ecstasy! This nude massage was driving me crazy!

My breasts and nipples are quite sensitive when I’m aroused, and sliding them up and down Dan’s back like that, over and over, sent me straight to the brink of orgasm. I was getting off on it, but Dan’s moans told me my soft breasts and hard nipples rubbing along his back were delighting him too!

But before I could come, Dan rolled over, revealing an impatient erection. I moved lower to trap his erection in my oily cleavage, exciting the head with little licks. Rubbing my moistening pubis against Dan’s leg, orgasm came closer and closer.

I rolled aside, He knelt between my spread legs to gaze at my glistening fleece, and ran a lubricated finger ever so gently along my wet, open lips. As his finger stroked and gently dipped in and out of me. I pushed my hands between my thighs to replace his, my fingers greedily rubbing my clitoris in the fastest and most reliable method I have for bringing myself off.

As I continued to masturbate gloriously, my husband placed my feet on his shoulders. Dan gives a fantastic foot massage anytime, but to feel his warm thumbs rubbing both insteps in small firm circles while my clitoris received its favorite treatment was just sublime. My wrist speed increased as my mind focused on releasing the pleasure deep inside, when suddenly my hands were wrenched away onto the pillow next to my head, my legs still over his shoulders and pointing straight at the ceiling. Dan’s thick, throbbing erection was embedded in my extremely receptive vagina! The momentary shock of his entry suspended my path to climax, but our mouths locked in real tongue-battering style. In response my hips thrust back hard at him.

The build-up was too much for us. After ten giant strokes, Dan’s head snapped sideways, his eyes shut tight and he pushed himself all the way in. He cried out and I watched his face express enormous pleasure and satisfaction as he spurted himself into me over and over. I wriggled my pelvis against his and rubbed my feet along his legs as he groaned again and again with the last waves of orgasm.

As soon as he released my wrists, I rolled him easily to my left Dan extended my pleasure by exciting my breasts and neck with his hands and mouth, as the glorious waves finally ebbed we drifted off into a satisfying nap. A nude massage is a great afternoon activity. I highly recommend them!

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nude massage

By: Klaas Verpoest

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