Quickie: Desire In The Afternoon

We had had visitors staying for a few days in our small house, and I was beginning to get…frustrated.  No matter how good house guests are, they are still house guests, so our normal routines were interrupted. No sex but no complaining. No quickies, no problem.

Towards the end of their stay, we all headed down to a nice touristy area near our home.  Unusually, my wife wore a knee-length skirt (we live in a place where dress standards are very conservative), and a tight top shrouded by a light, sheer wrap.  The sunshine just added to the overall effect.  While we were out, I dragged my wife to one side.

“When I get you home, I want to lift your skirt up round your waist, bend you over in front of a mirror and take you from behind”.  With that I gave a surreptitious squeeze to her butt and we continued on our way.  No reaction at all. I was thinking about a quickie.


When we got home, the heat of the day had drained our guests and they sat dozing off on the sofa.  I went upstairs to put my shoes away and get my head down myself, no thought that a quickie might happen.  After only a minute or two my wife joined me.  She closed the door, walked over to the mirror to do her hair and said, “what was it you wanted to do to me?”, while giving a faintly-disguised smile.

The weariness was gone instantly!  As she distractedly brushed her hair, I lifted her skirt up to her waist and started massaging her butt with both hands.  This did not take long before my wife was telling me how good it felt.  With that, I slipped my fingers under the waist band of her panties and pulled them to the floor.

The only response I got was “Mmm”, followed by her shoving her butt out and leaning over the dressing table, hands on top and legs spread apart.  This seemed to be a good signal! This quickie was quickly happening.

While I continued rubbing my hands over her butt, hips and the inside of her thighs, I couldn’t help noticing the moist sheen appearing on her lips.  I ran one of my long fingers up the thighs and across her lips – using that wonderful sexy cleft as a guide rail.  I just love the feel, smell and taste of her sexy moisture.  As I did this, she started rocking gently across my finger – pleasuring herself while I just enjoyed the show.  Looking in the mirror I could see her eyes squeezed close, but every now and then she would open them again and stare, via the mirror, into my eyes.  I also had a great view of her cleavage as she bent over.  Needless to say that by this time, there was a big bulge in the front of my jeans.

As she seemed content to do all the work on my finger, I released my left hand from her hip to start unbuttoning my jeans.  Not so easy with one hand, particularly when highly aroused, I did the minimum necessary to release my engorged penis from its cotton prison. I am loving quickies.

I withdrew my hand from between my wife’s legs and replaced it with the tip of my penis – probing, teasing her wet body.  I licked her juice off my finger, as I used my penis to arouse her, like her own living, pulsing sex toy.  Before long her hand was off the dresser, grabbing my right hand, wrapping it round her waist and placing it firmly over her clitoris.  She had to withdraw her hand to steady herself on the dresser again, as I used my left hand to tease her lips with my member, and used my right hand to stimulate her.  Her skirt kept falling under the weight of gravity, but it was very erotic to see both hands and my penis hidden beneath the folds of her skirt and pleasuring her out of sight.

We were both enjoying this when the moans and gasps were punctuated by her saying “fuck me NOW!”  With an invite like that, it would be rude to say no, so – as she bent over more once again – I guided myself in between her moist, swollen lips and deep into her body.

The immediate relief of being enveloped in her wet flesh was quickly overtaken by a desire to have urgent, energetic, cathartic sex with this beautiful woman.  Thankfully, that need was shared and every thrust of my body against her butt was met with an equally urgent thrust backward, so that my balls were bouncing around off her body like on those steel desk toys!  The moment overtook us, as had the enforced abstinence, and it was not long before our orgasms were synchronized and my penis was spurting into her.  The energy and the unusual standing position had taken its toll on us and we were spent.  As I slipped out of her I could see how much her lubricating juices had covered the length of my cock and my hair, and I could also see how much my own fluids were dribbling down her thighs, as I let her skirt down.

When we rejoined our guests, they were still sleeping and – when they woke – did not seem to notice that my wife had changed her skirt!  The hand prints on the mirror have been left for posterity! A quickie that will be remembered a long time.

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6 replies
  1. huckleberry says:

    I really liked the story, however, I think that with what the site stands for, if the F word could have been discretly muted or deleted, but was able to get the point across anyway. Please consider this for all future stories with that language content. Thank you. Other than that, I really thought it was good.

    • damian45 says:

      more moaning would have awoken the guests! Sometimes being quiet under duress can be sexier.

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