Fun While Sleeping

My husband and I have a very good relationship.  It has taken a number of years but we can honestly say that we completely trust each other.  Both of us were virgins when we married and we have enjoyed most of what the marriage bed has to offer.  We enjoyed many experiences together. We have enjoyed so many of the types of experiences written about in this website.

In saying that, we are at a point in our lives where both of us have been extremely busy with so many different things that we have not spent the time together that should have over the last six months or so.  By the time each of us go to bed at night we have been so tired that neither of us felt at all like making love.  I am the type of woman that truly enjoys sex with my husband.  He provokes feelings and sensations in me that I never thought possible and up until these last few months I enjoyed our twice a week sessions to the fullest.

Because we lacked time for sex, with my husband Ryan. I was beginning to feel very sexually frustrated and I figured that he was as well.  I was determined that this past weekend we would finally take the time we needed together.  I asked my parents to babysit the kids for the night on Saturday and began to plan for our date night.  While Ryan was at work on Saturday, I cleaned the house quickly and then took my shower and made sure that I was clean as well.  On a whim while I was shaving my legs I decided to shave my pussy hair as well.  Ryan was always asking for this but I had never done it before.  As I dried off after the shower I dried my body and as I ran the towel between my legs I had a difficult time keeping my fingers away from my freshly shaved lips.  Without the hair they felt incredibly smooth and electric to the touch.  Determined to wait until our special night I quickly got dressed.  As I left the bathroom the phone was ringing.  It was Ryan saying that he had to work late and wouldn’t be home until at least 10pm.  I was disappointed but figured that we could still have some time after he got home.

Just as I put the phone down it rang again.  This time it was my Mom.  She was calling to say that they couldn’t watch the kids that night because my Dad and she had both come down with the flu.   I was very frustrated after hanging up the phone with her even though I knew it was not her fault.  Would we ever get time for sex? I went upstairs and changed back into my regular clothes and decided that I would have to plan this for another night instead.  The rest of the evening was a typical night with the kids bickering and fighting before bed and by the time they were asleep I was very tired again.  Ryan came home a few hours later and also seemed disappointed that our evening wasn’t going to turn out but also admitted how tired he was from working 13 hours.  We were both in bed by 11 pm and were sound asleep by 11:05. Time for sleep, no time for sex.

At some point through the night I started to dream.  The dream was about one of my favorite fantasies of being taken from behind by Ryan while I am wearing a garter and my fishnet nylons.   As I was about to cum in my dream I suddenly woke up in reality.  I was lying on my back beside my husband who was also laying on his back sound asleep.  I realized that I must have been really enjoying my dream because I had unbuttoned my nightshirt leaving my breasts open to the cool air and my hand was down my panties playing with my very wet pussy.   I silently pulled down my panties and kicked them off of the bed and then sat up and pulled off my nightshirt leaving myself completely naked.  Never having done this before I wasn’t sure if I should wake Ryan up or if I should just take advantage of him while he was sleeping.  Feeling a little naughty, I started caressing my pussy. Now my imagination had me taking Ryan’s member in my mouth. I felt myself getting wetter and it wasn’t that long I was close to orgasm.  I stopped caressing my pussy, not wanting to go over the edge yet. Sometimes the hunger unfed is so sexy.

I lifted the covers off of him a bit and smiled to myself as he had his usual nighttime erection happening.  I leaned down and licked the underside of his dick and then took him into my mouth.  He stirred slightly but did not wake up as I bobbed my head up and down over his shaft.  Once he was completely hard I couldn’t wait any longer and I sat astride him and then I sat right down on him.  It felt so good to have him inside of me again.  It didn’t take me long to develop a rhythm and I could feel my orgasm already starting to build.  I continued to move up and down on him not caring now if he was awake or not.  I couldn’t believe how large and hot he felt inside of me.  Using my left hand I squeezed one of my nipples and I used my right hand to rub my engorged clit.  Almost immediately my orgasm hit me.  It seemed like wave after wave washed over me as I made love to my sleeping husband.

As I came down from my orgasmic high I opened my eyes and in the dark I could see a smile on my husband’s face.  I asked him how long he had been awake for and he said he just woke up while I was cumming and I looked beautiful.  He asked me if I was done for the night and when I said that I didn’t think so he laughed and while still inside of me he rolled me over on to my back and told me that it was now his turn.  He put my legs on his shoulders and began to pound in me.  It felt so good and I could once again feel another orgasm building.  Ryan then said that he was about to cum and like we normally do he pulled out and I watched as he stroked his manhood near my lips.  I had my fingers rubbing furiously over my clit trying to cum at the same time as he did and when I felt his cum hit my hairless lips and then splatter over my stomach and chest I also came again.  When we were done he got a towel and gently wiped me off and then lay down beside me.  We snuggled for a few minutes and then fell back asleep again in each other’s arms.

I woke up again with a start a few hours later with the sun coming through our curtains but it wasn’t because of the sun that I woke up so quickly.  It was because my wonderful husband was kneeling between my legs enjoying my recently waxed pussy.  I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations his tongue was provoking as we prepared for another long awaited session before the children woke up again.



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11 replies
  1. springdale639 says:

    Hey, Strawberry, just curious why you and Ryan usually pull out before he finishes? I’m a pretty curious husband and I’m always wanting to learn new things to keep the heat going. Thanks!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Thank you, Strawberry! It is not unusual for me to be awakened by my wife stroking my cock or cupping my balls. It is her way to wake me up! It is only on a few occasions that it hasn’t worked. I do remember only one time that I have awoken to her sucking my dick. It was wonderful! I can’t imagine waking up and finding that she is fucking me! That would be like a dream within a dream. You told your story so well – including the real life challenges that we all face. I hope you two are back to a more regular, consistent pattern of lovemaking together. God is so good to us, isn’t He? God bless you both!

  3. hornyGG says:

    Strawberry, just re-read your story. I was a little brief in my last comment to this story c cause my flu meds were beginning to kick in.

    I can definitely relate to this story, and know how life can throw a kink into the best laid horny plans!

    I have often taken advantage of Ben’s morning wood, often waking him with a blowjob or with a nice hand job. Most of the time however he wakes before I do, gently wakes me with soft kisses and his hard-on pressed against my backside. Then we fuck!

    Either way, not a bad way to start the day! Don’t you agree? Thank you so much for sharing my dear and God bless you and Ryan and as always stay horny!

  4. PacMan says:

    This oldie is such a HOT story! Not only authentic… but WOW so so so sexy!! If my wife had a sex dream like that, I don’t think she would be able to hold off from jilling off on her own. 😉 But, damn, if she rode my cock like that and orgasmed while I was sleeping, that would surely go in my Sex Hall of Fame! 🙂 And something 🔥 about your husband shooting his cum on your freshly shaved pussy… WOW!

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