Erotica – Bubble of Honey

Erotica -Elizabeth leaned up against the window, pressing her nose to the glass and watched the rain patter down from darkening skies onto her green garden. Her and Andrew’s garden. Her long blonde hair was caught up with pins, exposing a white neck and slender shoulders; she wore a lavender coloured work dress, worn thin by many washes but the flowing skirts set off her figure to perfection: full, round breasts (with their secret of small, pink, high-set nipples), a strong narrow waist, and delicately muscled thighs were anxious for the caresses of her husband.

She glanced up for the 50th time at the simple wooden clock on the wall. He’d be back soon, back from his business trip to the city. He’d been away for a whole week, and while she had enjoyed the time to herself, she had felt alone in the big bed, and had soon started missing the strong male arms around her, the soft warm lips that often pressed against her forehead or her hair, and today especially she had missed very much the intimate touches of her husband. She’d gotten used to the love making they shared often, and they’d never abstained for a whole week before.

The purr of a car broke Elizabeth’s reverie, and she saw the red bakkie (truck) pull in the driveway. A thrill of excitement galvanized her and before she could think she was out the door, bare feet scampering on the wet lawn, and into Andrew’s arms.

‘Miss me?’ he chuckled, his grin with its generous white teeth gave away his pleasure.

‘So much!’ she moaned into his shoulder, gripping him tightly and inhaling his earthy scent. She wasted no time and took his clean-shaven face in her hands, kissing him full on the lips so eagerly that for a moment he was thrown off balance. Then he steadied both of them as his hands found their way to her waist and he returned her passion with even more of his own. As he kneaded her lower back muscles with his hands he managed one thought: to him, her kisses were the sweetest thing on earth. Warm, moist, wonderful, they made him melt inside and strengthened his body all at the same time, the most gorgeous paradox, and for a few minutes he simply held her tight, encircling his hands around her waist and letting all the relief of seeing her again flow through his lips. Then he became aware of two things: the rain that was beginning to soak them both, and a nagging, pulling feeling in his groin. He smiled against her lips as he felt the familiar tug, and pulled back from her to gaze into her face.

She smiled sweetly, and far too innocently asked, ‘Want more my love?’

He couldn’t miss the telltale little bumps on her chest, and he grinned, a teasing tone in his low voice, ‘Mmm is there more?’

She bit back a smile as she felt his hand drifting downward and squeezing her oval buttock cheek, but as he fondled the smile vanished and her eyes closed. ‘Yes, my love, please. I missed you so much today!’ Her plea was more than enough for him, and all in one swoop he clamped his mouth down upon hers and swept her up into his arms, taking them both swiftly inside, up the stairs, to the master bedroom which today was to be a love nest once more. He laid her gently on the bed and climbed straight on top of her, kicking off his shoes and continuing the kissing, for it was most passionate and neither of them could break away if they wanted to.

Now, Andrew knew his wife and the fact that she wanted him as much as he wanted her right now, and there was no need for him to be patient in getting what they both wanted. So, without hesitation, he slipped his hand straight up her dress, caressing her silky skinned thighs which opened more than willingly, pulled the crotch of her warm panties to one side and deftly stroked his middle finger along the length of her secret. Her eyes closed automatically and she sighed audibly, while suddenly Andrew’s arousal heightened. He stroked up and down, loving the slippery wet feel of her opening when he dipped his finger inside, and watching the way she breathed faster when he rubbed it lightly against her pearl.

His own need was growing terribly, according to the rate of his heart and the tent in his pants, and he was just about to ask his beloved to take him out when she reached for his belt, and in a few moments she had his penis protruding from his jocks, pointing out at her like a telescope and eying her like one too. For a minute they were motionless except for the stroking of his finger against her intimate parts, and her hand rubbing his shaft up and down, her thumb circling its crest and spreading the drop of milk that oozed from the tiny slit, giving each other a sensation that can only be poetically described as floating in a bubble of honey.

His eyes never leaving hers, he then lifted her dress and kissed her knee, wanting to see all of her beautiful naked body before him, wanting to feast his eyes and then feast his body and soul upon her. She was just as eager and she pulled off his shirt and trousers, until they were utterly naked. She opened her long slim legs and he got a view of her glistening secret, open and red with arousal. His hand reached for it but his lover pulled him to her and he felt her hand grasp his penis and begin to rub it harder. He groaned and closed his eyes, luxuriating in the pleasure of his wife touching him in the place where only she touched him. He could feel the blood throbbing through his member and the motion and pressure of her hand brought him to ecstasy. She pulled at his body gently and he complied until he was kneeling on her hips, then she used both hands on his penis in a milking motion: down, down, down, and he couldn’t prevent two little drops from forming and falling on her skin.

Lost in her gaze, he reached behind him and found her opening with his fingers; he gently opened the two lips and stroked her vagina again, now heavy with the dew of her desire. She squeezed him hard and he could no longer resist. He pulled her hands away from his penis and pushed her thighs up against her creamy breasts, then guided his own member to her opening and thrust hard and deep until he came up against her womb. Gently but with the strong, confident motion of a man who knows what is his, he made love to his wife.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I like every level of writing style when someone shares their writing voice, but I got to say that your writing style is engaging, well done and fun to read. I can tell you love to write. I would like to read a whole novel where you feature your writing voice for marriage sex. have you considered publishing or promoting e-novels from authors who write marriage erotica?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I read Fifty Shades of Gray. I liked how the story focused on a relationship between a man and a woman. I think hot stories of a one man and one woman would be great reads.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent read, nymphy…I really like how the story was only about the foreplay, with a cliffhanger type ending leaving the rest to my imagination (or another followup article??? 🙂 -Dane-

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