The Usual Connection

Freshly showered, I stepped into the bedroom where there was no TV on (a good sign I’ve learned).  All evening long we were exchanging playful glances, bottom slaps, and subtle hints of innuendo.  I tried to follow her lead, attempting to keep my flirting just as appropriate as hers, but seven years later much of me is still the eager little boy she married.  However I did my best to keep the wave of excitement building with out turning over her ship.  The air was cold against my chest as a drip of water gathered on the back of my neck and rolled down my spine.  I wanted to shiver but I denied the reflex in order to maintain a suave persona.  As I walked to the end of the bed where I had laid my boxers I smiled to her, with almost an evil grin.  The absence of the TV was a good sign, as was most of the evening but the true signal still laid hidden under the covers she held to her chin.

How much, or what type of clothing she wore to bed still remained to be seen.  As not to appear presumptuous, I grabbed my shorts and sat on the edge of the bed to slip them on. With one foot in I leaned back, looking over my shoulder “Do you need a back rub” I softly asked. After a short pause (obviously the effect of an instinctual ability to mask eagerness) she enthusiastically replied, “Yes I would”.  I had successfully secured the opportunity for foreplay, yet I was uncertain about which stage we were already at.  I pulled my boxers the rest of the way up and slid next to her with oil in hand.  Simultaneously she rolled to expose her back sliding the covers to her hips.  She giggled as she new I finally received the answer I was seeking.

The moonlight softly crept through the window to rest on her back.  I stared in awe for a moment as I warmed the oil between my hands.  Then as the skin of my palms met the flesh of her shoulders she released an approving sigh.  For a moment I sat be side her while I alternated hands. Rubbing her neck and shoulders with my right hand and her back and hips with my left. The feel of her soft warm skin, heightened all of my senses and quickly I wanted more of her.  Without breaking stride I moved my self above her, my knees pressing against her hips.

With oil still thick on my hands I slid them up her back pressing deep as if to reach for her heart.  Both hands rounded below her shoulders and my fingers clenched her side as she released another approving sigh.  Without releasing her I slid my closed fingers down her side to her hips.  I moved my self-back placing my legs between hers, and moved my hands from her hip to her legs.  I forced them under her to her thighs.  With rhythm, each of my fingers pressed deep into her legs. First my pinky, then my ring finger and so on.

My hands slowly walked themselves forward repeating the rhythm.  Her approving sighs grew to eager moans as she arched her back, as to ask my hands to move forward again.  As soon as my fingers felt her warmth, I withdrew them moving to her lower back, her legs and between.  My hunger for her grew increasingly strong and I needed the taste of her on my lips.  I moved back and laid my self down placing one kiss on her lower back (one of my favorite curves on her body). I placed gentle kisses along that curve moving from left to right and back to center.  The kissing moved up her spine to her neck as she felt me press my self against her.

Softly I grasped her ear between my tongue and teeth, as she turned her head to place her lips against mine.  For a moment our lips joined, our bodies pressing against each other.  I moved my lips back to her neck when she let go and then slowly raised my self up, pressing my palms deep into her flesh.

I felt her hips twist, and I paused and slid back to watch her roll to her back.  She pulled me onto her drawing my lips to hers again.  After a night of teasing innuendo, and careful flirting it seemed that the reward that I cherish was close at hand.  I could feel her warmth moist against mine, as our lips grew passionately strong.  Our energy seemed fuse together as we both now hungered for the same thing. I moved my kisses (less gentle then before) to her neck as she held her chin to the sky, and then I moved them to her chest, and to her stomach, and to her hips.  Tonight, pleasure would be all hers.

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