What a Way to Start the New Year!!

My wife and I are in our early fifties.  We still have two children at home, but the youngest is 18, so they are gone doing social activities quite often.  My youngest daughter had planswith her friends away from our home.  Our son never has any definite plans for anything, so everything is spur of the moment.  We were sure he would be out tonight, but his girlfriend had to work till 9:00 PM.

Early that day, we had found at a local store the non-alcoholic white grape juice that is similar in taste to wine.  We have gotten this for the kids for the last several years.  We pulled out our wine glasses that we had gotten as a wedding present, but only used once a year!!  Our daughter took one of the bottles to her party and left around 7:00 PM.  My wife was somewhat watching the TV, while I was intent on an NBA basketball game involving our local team.

Our son came home and sat down on the couch.  He stayed for a while, and then got up to go get ready for his evening. He left around 9:00 PM to go pick up his girlfriend and head to a friends house for the evening.  We knew he would not be back till late.  I was intent on the ball game and the second half was just starting.  I really didn’t take much notice when my wife got up and headed upstairs.  I was still watching the game.  After a while, I heard noises in the kitchen.  Our house is laid out where the kitchen is behind the den, so while watching TV, persons can come and go into the kitchen without being noticed.

I was still watching the game when my wife came around the corner.  She had gone upstairs and changed into ‘something more comfortable’.  She had put on her flowered kimono that was just long enough to cover her bottom.  She had a bottle of lotion, two wine glasses, and a bottle of the white grape juice.

“I thought those kids would never leave’, she said setting down the item on the coffee table.  Her kimono was held together with a simple strap, that she had lightly tied.  Her full cleavage was visible.  My wife has a set of 38Ds and is definitely more than a handful and mouthful!

I just sat there and gazed in shock.  My wife has always been pretty conservative, and this was not her usual style.

“You watch the game and let me play’. She said sitting down next to me.  She began to blow in my ear, which always drove me wild!  She began to stroke the inside of my thighs.  It was getting very difficult to watch the game!  She poured some of the ‘wine’ into the glasses and gave me some.  I wasn’t sure who to watch!!  The game or her!  She seemed to be having so much fun!  She moved in front of me and leaned over to kiss me.  I could look down the front of her kimono at her full breasts…and she knew it!!  While kissing me, I felt her hands start to unbutton my jeans.

“Now, you let me play while you watch the game”.  As she pulled my jeans off, I noticed the light blue panties (or so I thought) she had on.  I’ve seen these before, but she didn’t wear them often.  She then pulled my pants off.  I was still concentrating on the game, with her positioned between my legs.  She began to stroke my hard shaft very slowly.

“You realize that my love spot is already wet and ready to take this entire love shaft don’t you?”  This was also out of her style.  She very seldom used the slang words.

“Maybe I should quit watching the game and make love to you?”

“Nope, you can’t do that till I say so!”  She reached behind her and got the bottle of lotion.  I watched her put some in her hand and then grasp my shaft.  The cool lotion automatically made my shaft twitch.

“Now, you concentrate on the game, while I play”, she said as her hand began to slide up and down my shaft.  She knew that I couldn’t take too much of this!!

She began to stroke faster and harder, watching my face for signs of going too far.  Stopping before I was beyond help, she stood up and went into the kitchen for a warm cloth.  My shaft was throbbing from her attention.  She returned and gently cleaned the lotion off my shaft.  I could see in her eyes the passion that was building.

”I don’t know if I can wait for this game to end”, she said as she stood in front of me and opened the kimono.  Her full breasts came into view.  She never did have large nipples, but I did love to suck them.  I noticed her light blue panties.

“Oh, I’ve got something to show you”, she said turning around.  The light blue panties weren’t panties at all but a thong!  I’ve never seen my wife in a thong!!  I also never expected to see her in one!

“What do you think”, she said leaning over to the coffee table, her bare bottom in my face.  She has also never had a very big bottom, so her cheeks really looked good!!!

“Wow!!  When did you buy this?”

“Well, what do you think?” she said again wiggling her bottom in front of me.

“You look great” I said, placing my hands on her bottom.  She stayed bent over resting her hands on the coffee table.  Her body began to twitch as my hands stroked the back of her thighs.

She looked around and said,” Why don’t you see how wet my love spot is.”

I slid my hand between her legs.  She parted her legs to make sure I had room.  I slid my finger inside her thong and easily slid my finger into her vagina.  She was as wet as I had seen her in a very long time.  The thong was almost dripping.

To heck with the ball game!!!

I moved her to the couch and laid her down.  Her kimono was fully open, her breasts ready for sucking and her thong in full view.  My shaft was throbbing!

“Now, I want to come a lot tonight…so take you time!”  My wife will come 3 to 4 times during each loving session, each one more intense than the last.  I knew what she wanted me to do.

She placed one foot on the coffee table, and left the other one on the couch.  I moved in between her legs and moved my lips to her left breast.  My shaft began to press against her love spot.  I could feel her heat.  She moved her hands above her head…. as if in total submission to my desires.  I sucked on her left nipple while gently pulling on her right nipple.

She began to thrush her hips, indicating her first climax.  I slipped my hand down to her love spot and inserted one finger.  She automatically began to thrust against my hand.  She came very quickly.  I let her rest for a moment before beginning again.  This time I inserted two fingers, while playing with her vagina.  She started again thrusting against my hand.  I had found her special place and was driving her wild.  I stopped sucking her nipple.  I moved my left hand down to her vagina, and with the other hand fingered her slowly.  Her whole body quivered as she came.  I could tell that this was a strong climax.  I leaned back and admired my wife.  Her full breasts rising and falling with heavy breathing.  Her legs parted, with a thong still in place.  I reached up and pulled at the thong.  She moved her legs to let me slip it down and off.  She again parted her legs.  My wife has never had a lot of pubic hair, so her lips were full and visible.

I once again slipped my fingers into her love spot.  She was still dripping wet.  When my wife and I got married, she would at times let me do oral sex, but over the last 15 years, she has gone to not wanting  me to do this.  I always liked the taste of her and found a way to enjoy her taste.  I got my fingers wet from being inside her, and then I rubbed her juice on one of her nipples, and then licked it off.  She doesn’t seem to mind this.  Tonight I moved my fingers up to her nipples to rub her juice on them.  She took each of my hands in hers.

“Not tonight love’, she said.  She still had one foot resting on the coffee table.  She moved her other foot to rest on the back of the couch.  Her was her vagina in full view.   “Make me orgasm”, she said pulling my head down to her.  I couldn’t believe this!!!!

She moved her hands back above her head, letting me take control.  I smelled her sweet warmth.  I began to kiss the insides of her thighs.  I then moved to kiss around our clitoris.  She quivered slightly under my touch.  I never could figure out why she had changed from liking this…since her body went crazy!  When I slipped my tongue in between her lips, she moaned as her hips rose up to meet me.  I was in heaven!!  Her hips between to arch against me as my tongue darted around her vagina.  I moved a finger up into her love spot and found her special spot.  I massaged this spot while my tongue toyed around her clitoris.  She began to thrust harder and harder.  I knew that this was going to be a big one.  Her vagina was so swollen that her hood was completely open.
‘Suck me harder” she whispered.  Her hips were thrusting up against my tongue and finger.

I began to suck harder, making sure I didn’t suck too hard.  Suddenly she went into spasms as she came hard.  Her hole filled with love juice!!!!   I laid my head down on her thigh, letting her come down, and me enjoy being this close to her.  I knew that this would probably be the last time for a very long time.

Her breathing began to slow as she came down.

“It’s your turn”, she whispered.  “My vagina wants to feel your hard love shaft.   Lay down on the floor”

I moved over, and laid down on the floor.  She had brought along a towel and placed it under my bottom.  She got between my legs and began to stroke my shaft while caressing my balls.  I hoped she would take my shaft into her mouth, but I seriously doubted that she would.  She licked her finger and rubbed her finger around the top of my shaft.  My shaft responded by throbbing in her hand.

“I can’t wait much longer’, I whispered.

She moved up and straddled my shaft.  She left herself down and my shaft disappeared into her.  Her body twitched as she took it all in.  She leaned forward, letting her full breasts dangle in my face.  She knew how this drove me wild.  She began to rock on my shaft.  Her eyes were closed, enjoying my shaft.  I grabbed her buttocks and helped her grind against me.  She began to thrust harder. She sat up and placed her hands in mine.  She used this to steady herself.  She began to rock and thrust harder.  Her eyes were closed and her breasts were bouncing in front of me.  Her whole body began to twitch.  I knew she was close and so was I.  Suddenly I squeezed her hands out of control, as my love juice shot into her.  She felt my hot liquid begin to fill her up.  Her whole body drove down hard on me…. trying to get all of me she could into her hot vagina.  She came just as I was finishing.  Her whole body went stiff.  I knew she had come hard.

She laid her head on my chest.  Her whole body twitched each time my shaft twitched.  We always laughed about this.  We lay there in each other’s arms enjoying the time together.

I had to wait till the next day to find out who won the game…. and we did!

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