On The Boat

What better romantic getaway than going out for a moonlight cruise with my wife. The weather was warm, and the moon full as I slowly pulled my boat away from the dock. It was just my wife and I out for the night, my children were at home with a babysitter.

My wife was wearing a soft, flower-patterned dress. Her dress fell several inches above her knees and her legs looked smooth and creamy, leaving one to wonder what treasures awaited further up her dress. As you can imagine, I was feeling very romantic on this night with her looking the way she did. It was nice to finally be out alone for a change, away from the demands and challenges of parenthood.

I pulled my boat into a small cove and shut off the engine. What a beautiful summer night it was, and who better to share it with than my lovely wife. I sat next to her and began to kiss her, slowly letting my hands caress her smooth legs. She was beautiful! My excitement began to grow within my heart as well as within my pants.

I wanted to make love to my wife right then and there on the back seat of our boat, outside under the moonlight. I turned her around and had her lean over the soft, padded swim platform that sits above the engine. Her knees were on the back seat. I slowly lifted her dress to expose her upper thighs and white panties. I pushed her dress over her hips and then, with shaking hands, lowered her panties down over her firm rear. I gazed upon one of God’s greatest creations—-a women’s ass.

My hands explored and massaged these two smooth globes and my fingers found her wet with anticipation. I could wait no longer. I lowered my pants and penetrated my wife from behind right out there under the stars and moonlight. The feeling was beyond reproach. The smell of the water, the gentle breeze and the sight of my beautiful wife bent over making love to me. I attempted to make the moment last as long as possible, so that my wife received as much pleasure as I was experiencing. My hands explored her erogenous areas as we both approached an explosive climax together. Before long, I could hold on no longer and moved against her like a man possessed. We both came together that night, and it is a moment I will never forget. Love and sex are a great gift.


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