In the Woods

One of my husband’s fantasies is to make love outside. We just bought a house and now live on a secluded 7 acres. One evening after we had come home from a date, we went for a walk around our pond. As we strolled through the grassy path, we held hands. I caressed his hands and entwined my fingers with his. I gently guided his hand towards my cheek and held it close. I began to kiss his fingers and take them into my warm mouth. He moaned with pleasure and desire for more. We continued to walk and look at the beauty around us. With each step and succulent kiss on his hand, a desire rose within us. He stopped and turned to me. The passion in his blue eyes made my heart beat wild and erratically. As I tried to catch my breath, he took his hand and placed it around my cheek and drew my lips to his. I felt the searing heat from his mouth as his kiss enveloped me. His tongue seeking out mine. As the passion rose within me, I met his kiss with a desire yearning deep inside.

He knew the flame in me was building and he softened his kiss to taste my lips. I needed him and desired him. I took his lower lip into my teeth ever so gently and began to suck on it. This built the flame into a fire in both of us. I was reeling from the sensational kiss, I barely noticed that his hand had left my face and was now around my waist pulling me closer to him. I could feel his heart beating faster and his manhood growing. His other hand was starting to find the edge of my shirt. I wrapped my arms around him and caressed his back and firm butt pulling him ever closer to me. Hoping he would feel the intense desire pulsing through my veins, I let my hands roam to his belt. With ever-skilled hands, I started to unbuckle his belt to get to his throbbing hardness.

He stopped me and put my hands over my head and slipped my shirt off as he kissed my swelling breasts. He cupped them him his strong, callused, but gentle hands. I arched my shoulders as he began to seduce my nipples with his flicking tongue. I tried to release my lace covered bra, but he grabbed my hand and ran with my to the nearest tree. Trying to catch my breath from the overwhelming passion and running I leaned against the tree. He took advantage of my stance and held me up against the “Y” shaped tree. He went back to my breasts and allowed them to be free in his hands and mouth. He covered one with his sweet, searing kisses and the other he teased with his fingers. I continued to find his belt and finish what I had started earlier.

This time he let me release his long, hard penis from it’s tight confinement. I could feel the drip of wetness on him and moaned in expectation. To my cry he answered with a hand moving towards my waist. I spread my legs in anticipation, waiting for him. He moved past my waist and down my leg and then moved my skirt up to find my wetness. He was delighted to find that I had worn a crothless pair of underwear. His eyes widened and a smile of satisfaction came over his face. As he stroked my growing lips, an ache came over me making me grab him and lift myself up so I could ease myself onto his hard, seeking penis. But he stopped me and turned me around to face the tree.

He held me up and gazed at what he was about to take. He then brought me down to him and fit into me so fully I gasped with pleasure. To help me, he lifted me up again and plunged me down onto him. I screamed with ecstasy. He continued to do this again and again. Each thrust penetrating further and bringing me closer to a full climax. I reached down to finger my clitoris and he lunged into me one last time and my vagina clamped around him and released all my love onto him. As I was starting my descent, he continued to pump his hard penis into me. I could feel the sweat on his body. I knew he was getting close and then he exploded his hot, searing seed into me. He wrapped his masculine arms around me and remained in me for one last release.

The pressure in me was unfathomable. I moaned and me started to engage in petting my once again swelling lips. He continued to bring me to another full orgasm as I released all my love on him for another time. I turned around and saw the most handsome man in the world, my husband.

We held each other and enjoyed a night under the stars.

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2 replies
  1. 76servant says:

    The wonderful walk in your open spaced garden with the love of your life shows! What a beautiful and sensational bond of love you share with each other! Inspiring! Thank you!

  2. Frankie says:

    You are fortunate to have enough land around your home for private times together. There is something incredibly wonderful about the freedom in your own back yard.

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