Love in Mexico

I am a youth pastor and every spring I take my wife on a wonderful “vacation” to Mexico.  We were the “travel guides” for a group of 55 people on a house building mission trip, who reached camp late in the afternoon and began unloading the gear and setting up the tents.  As my wife and I got our tent up, she began to make our casa for the week into a home.

She adjusted our air mattress to perfection, zipped our sleeping bags together and told me she was ready to climb into bed with me.  After a passionate kiss, we went back to helping get camp set up and getting everything organized.  Finally after dinner and clean-up and our worship time, we got everyone into their tents and we crawled into ours where our 7 year old was already fast asleep.  It was a very chilly night, so we quickly slid into our sleeping bags and she cuddled her cold body up next to mine.

The temperature was rising as I gently caressed her back.  We prayed together and a sense of peace and intimacy came into our tent, even in the midst of hundreds of high school kids camped all around us (many of whom were still singing and talking in their own camps).

We had no trouble blocking out the noise and concentrating on each other as I nuzzled her neck and slipped my hands underneath her nightshirt and softly touched her beautiful breasts.  Her body responded quickly to my touch and we kissed deeply as she pulled me on top of her.  Her long legs spread open for me and her body eagerly recieved mine.

We slowly moved in unison as our hearts, minds and bodies celebrated our oneness.  Our tent seemed to be spinning as we climaxed together and drifted off into a deep sleep.  As we awoke the next morning, the term “missionary position” had a whole new meaning for us!

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