At The Creek

About a half-hour drive from our house is a creek with several small waterfalls and some nice swimming holes. One in particular we like to think of as our “own”. It is almost impossible to see from the gravel road that runs by it, and we have never seen anybody else there. Yesterday, after my honey returned home around noon, we drove there.

At “our spot” the creek runs quickly over some boulders, then down a four-foot waterfall into a swimming hole. A tiny little beach next to the swimming hole is just big enough to pitch a tent on.

As soon as we got there, my shirt and bra were hanging on a tree branch. My big boobies basked in the sunlight and gentle breeze.

I waded into the frigid swimming hold and stood next to the waterfall. “Walk into it!” Rob yelled from the beach. I shook my head. “No way, it is freezing!”

I squeezed my boobies together so the nipples were thrust way out in front of me. I leaned forward and let my nipples thrust into the falling water. It was like plunging them into an ice bucket. The nosecones of my huge flesh torpedoes quickly grew numb. I shrieked and giggled and yanked my boobies out of that icy water. Holding my breasts, with my fingers pushing the very erect nipples upward, I waded back to the beach with a pouting expression on my face.

“Honey,” I whimpered, “my nipples are so cold! Can I warm them up in your mouth?”

My honey is so helpful and accommodating. So of course he said yes. I lowered my big boobies down onto his upturned palms. He closed his fingers around my fleshy torpedoes and slowly brought his open mouth to one cold nipple. His tongue pressed against my nipple and his lips closed around the goose bump covered areola. He gently sucked my cold nipples further into his mouth. After that icy plunge into the waterfall, the warmth of his mouth felt so good!

“Mmmmmmmnngghh,” I sighed as he held my nipple deep inside his mouth to warm it up. I have such a wonderful honey!

“Now the other one,” I breathed. He gently let my nipple slip out, and brought his mouth to the other one and sucked it in. He held it deep inside his mouth and warmed it up.

He was being so wonderful, warming up my poor cold nipple like that, but of course he must have had other things to do, so I gently tapped him on the shoulder. “Mmmmhhh, thank you honey, it is nice and warm. You can let go of it now.”

But he did not let go of it. In fact, he sucked it in just a little bit harder.

“Mmmmmnnnggghh, honey, you do not need to warm it up any more…”

His hands slid from under my breasts to my back. He gently pulled me forward. My breast pressed more firmly against his mouth as he sucked even more of my breast into it.

“Unnnnnngggghhh darling…!”

A long growl resonated through my captive breast. He opened his mouth wider. More of my breast mashed into it. He sucked on it even more vigorously as his tongue drove my helpless nipple deep into its surrounding flesh.

How could my sweet darling have turned so suddenly into this ravenous lust beast?? He had been so wonderfully helpful, just warming up my poor cold nipple. But now he was hungrily SUCKING on my breast!! I was so utterly helpless in his arms as he mashed and sucked and DEVOURED my delicious melon. I could only moan and struggle weakly. That just made him even more ravenously horny. His breast-crazed lust grew unchecked. I quickly found myself on my back on the picnic blanket, with my big boobies trapped between his palms and both nipples buried deep inside his mouth. I writhed so helplessly beneath him as he feasted upon my (no, HIS) big soft playthings for a long, long time.

Then he yanked my shorts right off, shoved my bare thighs wide open, pressed his teeth to my now-defenseless vagina lips, and ATE ME ALIVE!!

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