5th Floor Picnic

Vacation was nice, but two weeks was way too long to be away from her husband. Even worse, they weren’t even able to see each other last night when she got in, nor this morning when she left for work. She had hardly seen him since she got in, and they hadn’t had sex.

That was pretty much all she could think about. His big, hard cock filling her puss, filling her mouth. She wasn’t getting any work done, she couldn’t concentrate. She was hornier than she had ever been in her life! She had to get some, and the sooner the better!

She noticed that it was almost time for him to take his lunch break. Sometimes she forgot that they worked in the same building. Their shift times were so different, sometimes they would go days or longer without seeing each other there. Her stomach growled. She realized that she had never taken a lunch break. A mischievous grin broke across her face.

How about a picnic lunch with me on the 5th floor? I’m starving!” she texted him. “Sounds good!” came the reply. She dug a blanket out of the general use closet they had and headed up to the fifth floor. It was empty. Nobody used it for anything, but the powers that be had placed a couple artificial trees, and coupled with the numerous crystal clear skylights gave the floor the air of a park, especially since you could only be in the corridor, the actual office space was off-limits to most people, including her. The elevator doors opened, and she walked to the other side of corridor, turned a corner, and was out of sight of the elevator. She spread the blanket out between two fake trees and awaited her husband to join her.


He was pleasantly surprised when he got her text. She normally ate before him because her shift started sooner and she couldn’t wait for his lunch, so they rarely had the opportunity to dine together. He was really excited to spend some time with her after her trip, too.

The thought of seeing her aroused him a little. He knew it had been way too long since they had been able to be intimate together. Going two weeks without having sex was one thing, going two weeks completely unable to have sex was torture. Therefore, he couldn’t wait until they got home so that he could ravage her, and he was sure she wouldn’t be complaining about it, but some time together catching up would be nice, too. He hopped in the elevator and punched the button for the 5th floor.

Stepping out of the elevator, he looked around. The interior walls were all only half tall, but he still couldn’t see his wife. He figured that she must be sitting down, waiting, or maybe he had beaten her up there. Just to make sure, he walked around to the side furthest from the elevator.

As he came to the corner, he could see that she was waiting for him. Her bare feet were visible before he turned the bend, and he noticed that she had worn a skirt because he could see leg, too. His cock started to stiffen as he thought about what those legs were attached to, but he didn’t have to imagine for long. As he got closer and his eyes trailed up her legs, he realized that not only had he not seen a skirt, but he was looking at bare pussy. His cock sprang the rest of the way to life. Taking another step, he saw naked breasts and as his wife caught sight of him, he saw her mischievous grin.

She was laying on the picnic blanket, completely naked. “Hungry?” she asked, so coy that he moaned inside, “’cause I’m starving!” she finished and gently bit the tip of her index finger.

Before he could register what was happening, his hands were taking his belt off, and before they could finish, his wife proved her statement. She attacked his pants, ripping at his button and zipper. She yanked them down, and his boxers, too. She dragged him down to the ground, looked him in the eyes, and held her finger to his lips, shushing him lest somebody on one of the lower floors hear them. Then, she gobbled up his cock.

He clenched his fists and arched his back. He caught her attention, and the hungry look on his face told her all she needed to know. She straddled his face with her pussy, and moaned softly into his cock as he suckled her clit, her labia, and even slid his tongue inside, delighting in her scent and taste.

They were both so wanting, it would have been comical to see them thrusting and pulling at each other. It was all they could do to keep quiet as the heard voices traversing the atrium walkways below them. It didn’t take her long to cum, and holding it in was too much, she collapsed on the floor next to him.

He wasn’t done, though, and slid his cock into her firmly. She whimpered with the extreme pleasure and bucked as another orgasm swept over her. He covered her mouth with one of his hands and eased in and out, his pace increasing quickly. He knew she wanted it hard and fast, the desire in her eyes said she wasn’t going to be able to get enough of anything he did, but he knew her well enough to know that she loved to feel a little helpless. He pinned her arms to the ground as he went, and he felt her orgasm again as she lost herself to the moment.

She was biting into his hand, now, trying so hard to keep quiet, but barely able to do so. He felt his orgasm coming up and slammed into her harder, rocking her back and forth with his entry and exit from her dripping wet pussy. Finally, he knew he could go no longer, and drew her into a passionate kiss as he exploded into her. He felt her scream into his mouth, hoping it wasn’t too loud, but knowing no other option would have been better because he was moaning really loudly back into hers.

He collapsed on top of her as he finished filling her, panting from exertion. It was the best sex they had had in a while, and they just wanted to lie there for the rest of the day together.

Ding! Ding! They heard the elevator doors opening. They scrambled to throw their clothes on and act naturally before somebody came around the corner. They heard the footsteps getting closer and closer. He stared at his wife’s intimate parts as she covered them, lamenting the fact that he hadn’t been able to spend nearly long enough enjoying them, and he was pretty sure he saw her staring longingly at his cock.

The security guard rounded the corner, a little surprised to see them. He noticed the disheveled hair, the messy clothes, and the inexplicable wet spots on the blanket. He caught a strong whiff of sex as he breathed in. Then, he turned around and walked back to elevator without a word to either of them.

They waited, unmoving, until they heard the elevator doors shut, then, they breathed a sigh of relief. Euphoria swept over them to have gotten away with it. They looked at each other, a little disheveled, but still appearing the way they did when they came in.

He noticed she had managed to get her bra back on, but had hidden her panties behind her. He leaned in and kissed her deeply. He could tell she wasn’t satisfied. His hand slipped under her skirt and uncrossed her legs. He slipped to fingers into her still-soaked womanhood.

She gasped and broke the kiss. He took the opportunity to replace his fingers with his mouth. He tasted his cum mixed in with hers and his cock hardened instantly. She could still barely remain quiet as he licked and sucked her labia and clitoris.

When he could no longer taste himself, he pulled out from under her skirt and she groaned. He stood up and she pouted. He picked up her panties and put them in his pocket.

“The longer it takes you to get out to my car, the longer it will be before you get these back.” He licked his lips and continued, “I don’t think you’ll drip, too much.” He winked, turned, and left, leaving her to gather up the blanket and figure out how to get out of work early before her wet pussy dripped onto her skirt.

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