Bride’ s Pride

The young Bride had been married less than a year, she had been raised to be a very proper lady, and her husband was the only man she ever kissed. Both husband and wife were virgins until they got married, so that first year they both had so much to learn in expressing their love for each other. The young bride still felt shy, and did not like to undress in front of her lover. She always let her husband take charge of their sex life, and it was always the missionary position. The young lady felt oral sex was off limits, her views were that it was either dirty or that if a woman performs it on a man it was a submissive act. Her husband knew her unspoken feelings, and he to was to innocent to talk of such things.

One summer night the young couple skipped dinner and headed straight to the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, the shy wife jumped on the bed stripped naked and stripped her lover. She gave deep, sensual kisses; the young bride started kissing his chest as she ran her hands all over his body.

The bride made her way to his manhood, which was standing attention, with one hand she cupped her lovers balls, with the other she wrapped it around his manhood. Lightly she began kissing and licking him. Her husband was in shock of his shy bride. Her mouthed engulfed the tip of his manhood, just then her lover let out a moan of passion. With that the bride realized she giving pleasure to her lover. She took his entire manhood into her mouth and started going up and down on it.  The young husband’s moans of pleasure were getting louder, which got the bride more excited. Her lover motioned for her, that she did not have to do this, but she was on fire, and continued bobbing her head up and down on her lover’s manhood. The more he moaned and expressed that he loved her, she bobbed faster and faster, her long hair flying all over, both were covered in a layer of sweat. Finally her lover was at a point he could not stop and told his bride, that he was going to come. Again the young bride waved her hand at him to leave her alone. He did not last much longer with a loud moan he climaxed into his lover’s mouth.

She was so happy and explained to her lover that she loved him and this was a good way for her to show her love for him. She explained that once she heard her lover moan it made her realize it was not submissive for her to do this, but she felt it was very powerful act for a woman to do, and felt close to her lover when she taste his seed.

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