On The Porch

My wife and I had been through a tough couple of weeks.  We had been working lots of hours, plus both of us had been a little under the weather, so we had not had any real quality time together in a while, if you know what I mean! Last Saturday night we headed out for dinner.  We ate and just talked for a while, really enjoying being together for a change.  When we arrived home I started to get out of the car, but my gorgeous wife had other plans!  She immediately leaned in and kissed me deeply, and without hesitation reached over and began rubbing my cock.  “Take that big dick out for me,” she said. Without saying a word, I pulled down my pants and watched her little hand as she stroked up and down on my precum soaked cock.  “Oh, that feels good,” I moaned.  I reached over and lifted her shirt and began to caress her big beautiful tits.

She was breathing heavy and picking up the pace, jerking me so well!  “Let’s get out,” she said. I pulled up my pants and followed her up to our front porch.  She sat back in a chair and I quickly pulled her pants and panties off and tossed them aside. I fell down between her long legs and started eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow! She began moaning and grinding that sweet tasting snatch into my tongue and I could tell that she was already close. “Oh, yes baby right there that’s it, keep going.  I am cumin!  Yes, yes, oh yes!” My beautiful wife came so hard that she just lay for a couple of minutes, shaking and moaning.

When her orgasm finally subsided, she rose from the chair and dropped to her knees in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. She licked and sucked me so good and I knew that it would not be long.  “Baby, I need to fuck you now,” I panted.  With that, she bent over the porch rail and stuck her beautiful ass in the air.  She grabbed my dick and guided me into her hot and wet pussy. I slowly pumped in and out of her until I could stand it no more. I being to shake and shot my cum into her so hard that my knees began to buckle! The pleasure was absolutely unbelievable! As I gained my composure, she turned and kissed deeply. ” I love you,” I told her.  “I love you too,” she said. We will never forget that night on the porch!

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