The First Night with My Wife

I am a 24-year-old guy. I have never been in a romantic relationship. But I spend a lot of time thinking about the girl I would marry. The story below is from my imagination.

My mind is reeling. Today we married, and now…

I give a slight knock on our bedroom door and go inside. I’ve ordered red and white flowers, and they decorate every horizontal surface in the room.

My lovely bride is sitting on the bed with her hands folded. All my life I have waited for this day, and it’s finally here. As I approach the bed, I can see her start to shake. I know how she feels; I’m experiencing the same thing. I place her trembling hand in mine.

“My dear wife, I know you have concerns. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. It is our first night as husband and wife. But that doesn’t mean that we have to start a physical relationship tonight. I don’t want to force anything on you. I want you to take your time.”

She looks up with a smile on her face. I gaze at her, and we remain like this for some time. I caress her cheek, then her face and say, “You’re gorgeous. I can’t help myself…”

She draws a quick breath at my words. But when I only kiss her forehead, she smiles.

I help her take off her jewelry then set to work on her hair. It was done up artistically for the ceremony. As I remove the last of the many hairpins, her dark hair swings to its full length. I play with it a little before sweeping back a strand that has fallen into her face. Then I massage her head and her shoulders.

She turns around, beaming at me. When I spread my arms, she walks into them, and we spend a few minutes in each other’s embrace. Then she breaks the silence, “I am a bit tired and would like to change.”

Ohhh, I didn’t even realise… I got so lost in her beauty that we forgot to change from our wedding outfits. I get up and say, “Yeah, you must be. You change here in the room; it’s cool here. I will go change in the bathroom. Just let me know once you’re done.”

She nods.

I change into pajamas and brush my teeth, then wait for her. After a few more minutes with no word from her, I call her name. But she isn’t responding. I quietly open the door and look around.

My wife was so tired that she fell asleep still in her wedding dress.

I cover her with a sheet and tuck her in. Sweet dreams, my dear. I want to kiss her but am not sure it would be right. I leave a small note on the bedside table.

” You look so beautiful sleeping. Wish I had the courage and your permission to kiss you. I know you were exhausted. I am, too.”

I take my pillow and blanket and head to the couch. As thoughts about my wife drift through my mind, I don’t even realise I’ve fallen asleep.

The next morning I’m awakened by a kiss on my cheek. I open my eyes to see my angel sitting on the floor right beside me. In her lilting voice, she says, “Good morning.”

I wrap her tightly in my arms and kiss her back. “Good morning,” I say. Then I whisper in her ear, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” she says.

I bring my face closer to hers. Her warm breath mingles with mine. Neither of us realises when it turns into a long, beautiful kiss. I pull her on top of me on the couch, and we lie enveloped in each other’s arms. What a delightful morning as husband and wife.

“Promise me each day of our lives will start with a beautiful kiss like that one and end with another,” I say.

She gives me another peck on one cheek and pats the other. “I promise,” she answers.

I smile. “And I promise I will try to make each day more beautiful than the previous one.”

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