Honeymoon First Night

Honeymoon First Night

Honeymoon First Night

Honeymoon First Night – I have known her for over 11 years now and am comfortable with her; with my feelings and my body. And yet, I haven’t been this nervous, waiting in our bedroom for her to arrive.

And no, I haven’t as much as laid a finger inappropriately on her, yet. Partly because we are from that part of the world where premarital sex is frowned upon. And mostly because I didn’t get to that stage, for the first four years just watching her was a treat. The next six years we connected emotionally and last year we became intimate, I mean verbally intimate. It was amazing. She is so perfect with an amazing body.

I have spent hours on her pics, ogling and sometimes touching myself. And these pics weren’t even obscene. I would get an instant hard on if I see her breasts, doesn’t matter if she has a snow jacket on or an apron for that matter. And with all this in the picture, now in a few minutes I would be seeing them for real. I am not sure if my blood pressure would dangerously rise… really.

And then she arrived for that honeymoon first night together, all my inner voices disappeared, my brain was stuck on processing how beautiful she looked in that dress. Her lips moved, she probably spoke. I nodded. After like 20 seconds, I came to my senses.

The girl of my dreams is right beside me on the bed, and all I did was to watch. As a masterpiece of a great artist, I was admiring her curves. Her eyes were addictive and looked like she could read all my thoughts. I don’t know how long I was sitting staring at her, but I could see her getting restless.

I touched her hand around the elbow and pulled her close to kiss her on her neck. I could feel the blood rushing to my brain, and I was feeling light headed. The kiss on her neck turned to a nibble and then a bite. I could feel her breathing hard as she turned towards me and I pulled her closer. Within a snap, I removed her top, and she was in her bra. I always imagined myself being really slow, passionate in enjoying this moment with my girl. In reality, I couldn’t control myself, I was like a hungry hound. I started kissing her cleavage and went downwards to her bellybutton where I kissed and sucked. Her twitching when I did this turned me on even more.

By now, I was partially over her, with my hands holding her hips firmly and kissing every inch of her exposed skin. I was then rubbing my face over her bra; she suddenly raised her upper body, which I later realized was a cue to unhook her bra. I didn’t even get a look at her gorgeous breasts; I just plunged my face into her mounds of soft, warm skin. She moaned hugging me. I was high.

I then sucked her hard erect nipples; I was in a state of euphoria. I rolled my tongue, fiddled her nipple, biting gently, her nipples on my face and eyes. I did everything like that was the end of the world. While I was busy sucking her nipples and biting her breasts, she cupped my crotch over my pants and squeezed me. I was rock hard already, and she unzipped me. The instant she touched my penis, I felt a little dizzy and squeezed her breasts. While, I kissed her lips and put her flat on the bed, she was still stroking my penis.

Her lips were very soft; I sucked them too. She cupped my balls, this time, pressing them. I fondled her breasts, gently this time and was pinching her nipples. She moaned, mumbled and stroked my penis. She was holding it very firmly and stroking slow but hard. I reached my peak the instant she touched my penis, and within ten strokes or so, I came, pressing her breasts and her hips hard. I would have been embarrassed if I knew it was going to happen, maybe I am, even today, but at that moment, I felt happy that I completed what I was doing without interruption. She was still playing with my limp penis with cum all over.

I moved her to the side and slid my hands into her skirt;  She was so wet. And rubbed my fingers over her soft, warm skin. I am not sure if she came at that point, but she arched her back and started to moan. I spread her legs, lifting her skirt up and kissed her. The delicious scent of her wetness was a treat. I kept licking into her making her moan and ended with a bite on her vulva. All that moaning made me hard again, I was dying to get inside her.

She was lying on her back, spreading her legs to receive me. Her skirt is still on, which made her, even more, sexy. I kissed her and pulled her legs up to my waist. I wanted to rub my tip over her first, but as soon as it touched her wet vagina, and I felt her juices on my tip, I had to thrust in with all my lust. She moaned in pain, grabbing my ass with her nails leaving a mark.

I could feel the walls of her warm wet pussy; I pumped in hard and very fast. This time, I hit the 2-minute mark, before I came inside her. It was the best feeling of the night. I felt like we are one body. Like dancing an intense Tango. It was only then I spoke for the first time that evening; I said, “I love you so much,” not in lust, I just felt so happy she is with me, and she mumbled, “me too.”

I woke up the next morning, with her stroking me. I smiled and hugged her, engulfing her completely with my arms and chest. She said she didn’t know how else to wake me up.

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2 replies
  1. Alicia G. M. says:

    So sweet and romantic, not to mention sexy. My honeymoon wasn’t a night of first, but it was oh so special to me. I did lose my virginity to my husband, but it was prior to getting married (nothing to brag about ) , but it too was special in its own way.

  2. PassionateForChrist says:

    Thank you for sharing this! That was so beautiful!

    I so hope to see the blessed day when my future husband would look at me with such love in his heart and would tell me of his passion towards me, the thoughts of love he has for me, the beauty he sees in me – a beauty, given by God, molded the way He wanted it to be, that my hubby’s eyes alone will be able to behold. Oh, how I hope to receive this blessing!

    When I wake up in the morning, I love to enjoy being wrapped up all warm and cozy under my cover and I usually begin to think about the desire of my heart – which is my dream for marriage, my desire for my future hubby. Morning is the time of the day where there is for me total serenity, where I get to shut out everything around me and be shut in with myself and God without major distraction. I love it and I’m usually looking forward to having this moment in the day, where I’m just free to delight in the moment, lying in my bed with no one but God and enjoying the desire of my heart. And so I begin to talk in my thoughts to God about it… thanking Him that I get to have such a desire, that I get to give and receive such a passion and love for and from my future hubby… I thank Him that He will spark and sustain such a love for each other in me and in the one He has made for me that when we will finally meet we will just know it and He will just make everything divinely flow together from then on for us… I thank Him that I get to feel all those wonderful sensations and the love that He has created me to feel… I thank Him that He enables me to partake of it with Him (which I usually do by then – and it’s beautiful and I’m so grateful to God to be able to and to get to share it with Him in sweet preparation for the day when He will give me unto my precious hubby)… This morning was so wonderful to me in my inner being, as I got to run with a few imaginations in my mind and heart. I pictured how my future hubby and I would meet. I imagined the love, the hope, the anticipation I would certainly feel. As it’s my fantasy, he would signal his interest in me and the atmosphere would just be sweetly filled with a sparkle of love. I imagined us hug at the end of a date and how wonderful it would feel to be wrapped in that love… I’d have a hard time to part from the embrace… I’d just stay there indulging in this safety, this warmth and this love, as this moment becomes a bond of our relationship. How I loved picturing this! It got my fire burning all the more. I pictured the freedom we would be able to enjoy in marriage and how much fun that will be! Travel is big on my mind at the moment because it is the means for me to get to where my future husband will hopefully be, the means that will enable me to meet him one day, hopefully soon… so I pictured how I will actually be able to make our stays in hotels extra special once married – being able to spoil my hubby and I with lots of nice and naughty lovebird time. I pictured how once married I’ll be able to make my husband hot… and I got hot thinking about getting his engines running. How wonderful a blessing it will be to see my hubby’s package rise over and over again for no other reason but his great love and sheer passion for me! Mmmmm, it was a beautiful morning! Thank You, Jesus, for having blessed me with this love from within!!

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