Change of Plans

With six kids at home and a job that often keeps me busy 80-90 hours per week, my wife and I are rarely blessed with alone time.  For our anniversary last year, however, we stole a weekend away.

Since we didn’t have the time available for our favorite vacation away to Cancun (more on that in later stories), we simply drove to a nearby popular vacation spot and rented a very nice hotel room.  This was the same town we went to for our honeymoon 24 years prior to that anniversary, so it carried some sentiment.

Keeping with the theme, I bought us tickets on a paddle boat dinner cruise, which is the same excursion we had taken during our honeymoon and for multiple anniversaries since.  This time I splurged and bought the premium tickets for our first evening in town.

We arrived at our hotel and, keeping with our alone-vacation tradition, we both instantly stripped naked.  See, we made a rule a long time ago that trips alone are “naked trips.”  No clothes allowed unless being naked could get us in trouble.  Seeing my wife’s gorgeous body made for a fun time watching her get ready for the evening.  My cock engorged and began throbbing as I watched her standing at the bathroom sink fixing her hair, her gorgeous firm big breasts well-lit in the stark bathroom lighting and multiplied by the several mirrors in the bathroom.  Her well-trimmed pussy was craving my attention; she just didn’t know it yet.

My exhibitionist streak was in full force, too, as the curtains were open in our upstairs hotel room, so the moment couldn’t be ignored.  Sitting in the next room and watching my wife through a reflecting mirror, I stroked my hard cock, wiping the pre-cum off the tip and tasting its saltiness, imagining what I was going to do to my wife once she exited that room.  Anticipating her reaction to my erection and actions excited me all the more.  When she came out of the bathroom, perky tits leading the way, she saw me pleasuring myself and smiled broadly.

Without a word, she came over to me, kneeled in from of me, and took hold of my throbbing cock.  After she stroked me a few times while passionately kissing me, she bent over and wrapped her warm lips around the head of my member, sucking gently and slowly swirling her tongue around the corona, eliciting groans of pleasure from me.

She then plunged as much of my cock down her throat as she could, nearly taking half of me this time, which is usually the most she can handle without gagging.  After a few times of thrusting her head up and down, she was able to suck down a couple more inches, with no reservation, until she gagged a little on my manhood, which always turns me on since I know she is trying with abandon.

She’s never been able to take all of me in her mouth, but I love that she keeps trying, especially after being opposed to oral sex more than half of our marriage!  After she reached maximal penetration, I lifted her up and brought her lips to mine, so I could french-kiss her, trying to taste a little of what she was experiencing.

We stood and I turned her around, laying her on the bed, then returned the favor, my favorite part of foreplay, since giving is most definitely better than receiving.  I started kissing her inner thighs, with her legs lifted up over my shoulders.  I inched down, kiss-by-kiss, to her waiting vulva, which was throbbing with passion by this point.

She was breathing heavily as I zeroed in on her pussy, which was dripping wet already.  Her pussy smelled sweet, that familiar scent that occupies my imagination so frequently.  I slowly licked her labia with my full tongue, something she previously told me drives her wild, slowly working my way up to her clit, which was fully erect and engorged by this point.

I continued in one uninterrupted movement to caress her clit with my warm, soft tongue and she arched her back and she quietly moaned, “Ohhhh, yes!”  I continued licking her clit in slow, soft motions for several minutes, her breathing speeding up and her pussy getting wetter and wetter.  I alternated between this soft embrace and cuddling with my tongue to gently sucking on the clit, which nearly throws her over the edge every time.

She always stops me before she reaches orgasm with oral sex, self-conscious about cumming while my face is buried near her sex fountain.  However, this time when she tried to push me away, I looked up at her from in between her legs, and said, “Not this time . . . just let it go.  I want to taste your cum.”

She surprisingly acquiesced and laid back, arching her neck so that she was staring at the headboard of the bed, and I went back to work.  She quickly arched her back, squeezing my head in between her legs, and screamed loudly, “Ohhh, yes!  OOOHHHH!” I could taste her cum fill my mouth, and my head was floating, either from the pleasure of finally having my wife cum in my mouth, or from her squeezing my head with her thighs, I can’t be certain!

Regardless, she sat up and breathed, “I want you inside me, NOW!”  I replied, “not yet, beautiful,” and, avoiding the hypersensitive clit, began once again softly licking her labia, then tongue-fucking her very moist vagina.  Then, in a stroke of genius, I inserted two fingers into her vagina and began stroking her G-spot, while once again softly licking her clit.

For some reason I will never understand, I then swirled my fingers the opposite wall and firmly rubbed her posterior vaginal wall, deeply compressing the rectum in the process.  As soon as I did, she screamed at the top of her lungs, cumming again, this time grabbing the sheets and pulling her body up to me.

She grabbed my head, looked me in the eye, and forcefully commanded, “FUCK ME, NOW! Get your dick in me!”  My dick was so hard it hurt, stimulated by the excitement of the moment (and probably thanks also to that Cialis I took beforehand!), so I quickly stood and her very wet and excited pussy swallowed my dick in one motion, aided by her extreme lubrication.

She once again screamed when my dick filled her completely, ramming into the end of her vagina.  With just that initial penetration, she once again orgasmed, telling me to not stop.   I thrust my cock in and out of her pussy with no mercy, pounding her so hard the bed was slamming into the wall, nearly drowning out the sounds of my pelvis and balls smacking her ass and the moist suction sounds of my dick sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

She began screaming in orgasm again, non-stop for several minutes, losing track of when one orgasm ended and the next began.  One of the advantages of getting older is that I can last a long time before cumming, so she always orgasms several times first, but this time she must have cum 12-13 times.  She was initially yelling, “YES, fuck me hard!  FUCK ME!  Your dick is so big and hard! You feel SOOO good!”

But that quickly turned into please stop because she just couldn’t cum anymore.  I LOVE reaching that point!  The excitement of watching her beautiful mounds on her chest bouncing in rhythm with my thrusts, while she clenched the sheets and said, “I want to feel your cum explode inside me!”, finally was too much and I erupted inside her pussy, several long streams of hot cum filling her up, then running out onto the floor with each new thrust.

I collapsed on top of her, her favorite part, she has told me, because she likes to feel my weight on her body, then breathlessly said, “I love you so much,” then kissed her deeply, tasting the salty sweat she had produced on her lips during our session.  Realizing it was nearly time for our cruise, we quickly showered to clean up then got dressed, leaving just a few minutes until time to arrive for departure.  We missed that cruise, but I wasn’t upset at all because that was the best $150 i’ve spent in a long while!

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3 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    WOW! Amazing! 12 or 13 times? Again, wow! I don't know if I could handle that! It sure beats my "record" XD. Thank you for sharing this, I love it, and that part about her loving the feel of your weight while you're lying on her, certainly rings true for my husband and I. I LOVE how his weight feels while he's lying on me. There have been many times when after orgasm, he'd rest on me, or vise versa. Either way, it's so beautiful, isn't it? God bless you both! Keep writing!

  2. Old Lover says:

    Wow! When I read about your wife crying out "to feel your cum explode inside me!" It really made me horny for my Anne. She often begs me to cum so she can "feel you cum all over in me."

    I read your story just after she left to meet some lady friends. She was dressed beautifully and made me so horny that I embraced her and told her so. She loved it and purred, "I'm glad that I turn you on!" as she pressed into me until my hardening cock rubbed against her clit.

    The combination of my horny state and your story that climaxed with the same plea that my Anne makes of me, demanded some relief! Since I knew Anne would love it, I dropped everything and jacked off with my mind on my gorgeous wife pleading with me to fill her pussy with my cum!

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