Seventies Honeymoon – First Time in the Pool

This is a laughable, but absolutely true story about our honeymoon decades ago. I hope this brings a smile to your face like it still does mine.

After our wedding we headed to Niagara Falls to the motel we had reservations at. During the drive we made small talk trying to hide our nervousness as we decided to wait for marriage to have sex. So after talking about every topic we could think of we eventually started on “consummating our marriage” talk.  My wife confided to me about her fears of it hurting or she wouldn’t be good at it. I took her hand and told her after the trials and tribulations of keeping her virginity through a five year courtship we would have no problem figuring things out. That seemed to calm her down and the conversation topics turned to the weather and what Canada would be like.

The drive went smooth and, other than the discomfort of her rubbing my thigh half way to New York, the trip was fine. At the border the guard was friendly but professional as he asked where we were from and what our business was in Canada, to which my wife blurted out we are going on our honeymoon at Niagara Falls. This brought a slight smile to the guard as he told us to have a good time.

It was later at night as we pulled into the motel and parked at a rear parking deck and checked into our room.

My wife said she really wanted to go for a swim. Even though that was the last thing on my mind I agreed. Now I don’t have to tell you the torture it was to watch my lovely bride undress and put her bathing suit on!

The pool had an inflatable bubble over it and the heated water and cold bubble combined to produce a heavy mist which hung over the pool like a monster movie. After adjusting to the water temperature we splashed around. We splashed water on each other and held hands and walked around the pool. After a few minutes of our in pool hike we had a long hug in the middle of pool and the topic again turned to our first time having sex. After reassuring my bride all would be fine the embrace turned into a touch and feel session when suddenly I slid the top of my wife’s bathing suit down to her waist which brought a slight protest from her. I reasoned that the heavy mist would give us enough time to cover up if anyone entered which probably would not happen considering the time of night. This seemed to calm her fears as soon as my trunks were down around my ankles and her hand was around “Charlie” (her pet name for my penis). Soon her bathing suit was around her ankles and I tried to enter her which proved to be tough to do because of her virgin state. We then decided to take our action to our room where with patience, love, and emotion all went well.

The next day after breakfast we went out to sight-see and imagine our surprise when we looked up and discovered the complete front of the pool had a glass front and was completely revealing to the street. My wife was red faced for the next half-hour and I told her there is more than one reason our honeymoon would not be forgotten!


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  1. doctemp2 says:

    Oh well, it was an accident; I find the experience hot–especially since you were innocently expressing your love the way God made us. My husband and I are fairly certain we were watched once without our knowledge. Thinking about it later, we were honored! lol 😀

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