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After A Business Trip, Waste No Time (L)

I have been away on business and miss you very much,

My flight was delayed a bit, now all I want is to fuck.

My hands tremble at the thought of touching you,

My heart palpitates thinking of the things we’ll do.

I run my fingers over my moist lips,

Imagining your taste, your sweet kiss.

I become excited, and there is a catch in my breath,

Mmmm…imagining your mouth on my full breasts.

Opening the door nervously to meet you where you stand,

Your strong arms embrace me and I feel your erect wand.

Tongue teasing the peaks and making me ache,

The fire burns hotter with each move you make.

My hands reach down to grip the hardness that has formed,

My mouth slides down over you, tasting you wet and warm.

Your hands in my hair is gently guiding,

The taste of your raw meat is delighting.

I feel you tense and jerk with each flick of my tongue,

Smiling while I continue, please lose control, I want you to cum.


I pull you deeper into my throat, the sensation is intense,

Your hands grip my head as your cumming commence.

You smile down at me as I lick the last drop from you,

I just became even hotter, knowing what you’ll do.

You pull me up off of my knees,

And state that it’s your turn to please.

Laying me down and trailing kisses all over me,

Working your way to the center of my heat, slowly.

The anticipation cause me to squirm wickedly,

My cunt beings churning passionately..


Nibbling and biting the insides of my thighs,

Making my need for you come actively alive.

Oh, ohhhhh I can’t take it anymore,

I pull you to my oyster lips, begging you to explore.

The wetness you have created and the fire you have begun,

Please tease me and penetrate me with your tongue.

You taunt, caress and you tease,

Making me crave and weak in the knees.

I moan and cry out “oh yes Big Butterscotch,” it’s your pleasure name,

I enjoy every moment of your oral game.

Gliding your tongue in and out of my pussy heat,

My thighs squeeze your head, until the climax is complete.

Then breathlessly I smile down at you, amazed,

Now more sexually I ache for you, quivering and dazed.

Crawling down between your legs, your cock I start to suck,

Harder and faster, but that’s not enough.

You grin wickedly, knowing exactly what to do,

You pump my mouth, as I deep throat you.


So quickly you are very hard and hot,

I am ready to receive everything you’ve got.

You flip me over and position me on all fours,

You read my thoughts, to be fucked on the floor.

Clutching my hips to ease your hardness in,

Inch by inch, your cock head begin to swim.

Deep inside, and your rhythm becomes hard and fast,

I’m moaning and gyrating wanting the moment to last.

One of your hands pulls my hair, the other grasp my hip,

Your piston speed increases as I tighten my pussy grip.

Harder, and faster you pound deeply into my wet pussy,

You’re out of control as you penetrate me forcefully.

I begin to shake, moan and am about to cum with each stroke,

You feel my body tense and tighten as my cunt grip and choke.

That was your cue; you become lost in my contracting cunt,

You deeply dive into my “about to climax honey mound.”

Grinding, claiming me, your wifee for your own,

You plunge fiercely into my twitching pussy with your bone.

We immediately become lost in our own wave and time,

In pure ecstasy we begin to cross the orgasmic line.

Jerking, squirting, cumming, moaning, grunting aloud,

I always enjoy our raw love making; you make me proud.

I milk your cock fully to mix with my cunt’s juice,

Our sexual energy released freely as we both let loose.

Spent, trembling bodies collapse on the floor,

It will not be long before we both want more.

Written by Peak84 as portrayed with Professor Chocolate

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4 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Peak84 – What a joy to read! I love the anticipation followed by the realization! What a talented writer! I can vouch for being one who has had my head crushed by my wife during her oral orgasms. It is worth the crushing! Thank you for your encouragement and I look forward to more! Merry Christmas!!

  2. doctemp2 says:

    Peak84 thank you for your amazing poem! My panties are soaked after reading it several times–just had to finger myself nude in front of the fireplace. Your prose is so intimate yet so honestly raw and intimate. Keep up the great writing and hope to hear again from you soon. Bravo 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for reading and responding hornyGG. I am trilled to know others can truely enjoy our intimate encounters. My wife is a gracious woman in and out our bed. I am blessed!
    Sincerly, Peak84.

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