Wife’s Pleasure – My Fantasy Fulfilled

      We were laughing. You climbed on top of my naked body, straddling my waist and leaning down to kiss my lips. Your breasts pressed against my chest. Skin to skin. It felt so good. I put my arms around you and pulled you to me as you kissed my neck softly in the way that I like. There certainly can be no man that loves to kiss as much as I do.

Suddenly, it was as if a door was opened. You continued to kiss me, but now the kisses were different, more tender but yet more erotic as you slightly parted your lips, your breath against my lips and face. Almost unconsciously, my hands slid down the curves of your waist, the small of your back, and then a bit lower. I clutched your hips in my hands. You continued to kiss me, my lips, my face, my neck, my bare shoulders, down to my chest. Your lips retraced their path back to my lips. Your lips were warm to my skin. I knew that my skin was cool to your lips, with a sweet but salty taste at the same time. Your kisses change again. More urgent, harder, lips parting even more. I realize that something is happening. I now comprehend that it is you that is in control. It is your need and your desire that is driving this encounter. You are the huntress, the cheetah, the lioness. I am to be the fulfilling of your need and the satisfying of your hunger. It is unbridled passion and lust that is the heat that I feel in your kisses and from your skin. I am not reluctant to accept this role. I want to be your prey. I want to be wanted by you. I relish that it is me, your husband, which you, my wife, has chosen to sate your hunger. I am my wife’s pleasure.

You begin to nibble at my lips, my face, my ears. You press harder against my chest with your breasts. My hands tighten their grip on your hips. Your kisses are now pure passion, driven with lust. Your tongue slides into my mouth slowly, ever so softly, at first. But as you shift your legs just a bit, your thighs are now straddling my thigh. Your tongue is now everywhere at once; exploring the all of my mouth, tasting, licking my lips. Your nibbles become more sharp as your lust becomes more fervent. I begin to feel a warm dampness upon my thigh.

In the movement of our kissing, our chests, lower bodies, our thighs, our legs rub against each other. I have grown hard from my increasing lust. But I do not want to take this further, not just yet. As you start to adjust your hips higher toward my hardness, I indicate with my hands for you not to move there, not just yet. I want your passion and hunger to rise to such a height, to a pinnacle that you have never experienced before. I want to see, to hear, to feel your lust in a way that neither you nor I have have witnessed before. Your kisses, if possible, become even deeper and more passionate. You have never kissed me like this before. We both are overcome by the pure pleasure of this oral erogenous, sensuality, eroticism.

Your hands are now holding onto the sides of my face. You lick my lips. I shudder. Yes, I desire you. But more important at this moment, you desire me. You look me in the eye. You smile. Our lips touch again. Our eyes are closed. Deeper and deeper we kiss until a small moan escapes your lips. I answer with a similar groan of pleasure. I am harder now than I think that I have ever been before. The dampness on my thigh has grown wetter.

Your lips move faster now. Down my neck, over my chest. You kiss each of my nipples, letting your tongue flicker over them. You nibble. My hardness reaches out to you in response. My hands move on your hips so that my fingers are now being warmed by the inner flesh of your buttocks.

I have told you many times that I so much enjoy your derriere. Now, at this moment you can sense, you can feel my enjoyment of your womanly hips and buttocks. You move ever so slightly in agreement with my fingers as they tenderly touch your intimacy.

As your tongue continues to slide over my lips and into my waiting mouth, your legs once again move to straddle my hips. Your wetness trails over my hardness. We both sigh and arch our backs, unconsciously thrusting our sex towards that of the other. And just as it seems that you are about to engulf my hardness with your wetness, you stop. Your pull your head back slightly and smile and then you begin to move your hips up my body. Your wetness is obvious as your sex lips trail a moistness up my abdomen. You move into a position in which you are now straddling my abdomen, your knees to the sides of my chest. You straighten your back slightly, placing your hands on the top of my shoulders.

You look me in the eyes as you tell me, “Eat me. Lick me until I cum”.

Your words were the words that I dream of hearing. I had never heard them from you before. This was the first time in our years of marriage that you had spoken these words, words that I have only heard in my secret, personal fantasies. My ultimate desire is to pleasure you. Pleasing you has always been one of the most driving forces in my life with you and has been since our wedding night. For me, my orally loving you is the most intimate and the utmost way that I could pleasure you. You just asked for me to fulfill my ultimate fantasy.

Now it is my turn to smile as I more than happily reply. “I’d love to do that,” I softly say.

I am now the guide, the leader for a few minutes. Our deep, wet, passionate kissing continues for another minute or so as my hands are exploring your flat stomach, your hips, your thighs. You part your legs again, thrusting your mound toward my wandering hand. Your firm breasts and nipples are driving into my chest. You reach down and run one of your soft hands back and forth on my shaft, your fingers gently encircling my hardness. Placing my hands around your waist and one your hips, I gently move you so that you are now face down on the bed.

I start by stroking your head, your cheeks and running my fingers through your hair. I slowly move to touch, to caress, to stroke your neck and shoulders. My hands move on to your arms, hands, and fingers, and spend several minutes on your back. This is not a massage. Rather it is my touching you, my teasing you with my touch. My touch telling you that there is more to come. My lips and face have now joined in my touching you. I kiss your neck, your bare shoulders, your back, arms. Your fingers slide between my lips and as I gently wet and lick them. I slide down your curves with my touches and my kisses. Your legs, feet, and toes are in the path of my fingers and lips. My fingers and lips retrace their path back to your thighs and your hips and your buttocks. I alternate between gently touching, firmly rubbing, and deeply massaging your butt. My fingers and my lips touch, kiss, explore. You are very quiet, your breathing is steady, deep, slow. You make no noise except for an occasional soft moan.

Ever so gently, I roll you over. My hands and lips begin their mission, their task, their journey once again. My fingers trace a path between your breasts and press gently into your taut and flat stomach. You have the most erotic, beautiful, and sexiest stomach I have ever seen; totally flat from your breasts to your hips, and then falling away sharply, until the quick rise to your mound. I move back to carefully massage your breasts, taking the time to softly knead and lift each breast completely and ever so gently; taking time to circle the dark skin around each nipple. I lower my mouth and kiss each breast.  I use my tongue and lips to draw moans of pleasure from your lips.

My fingers and lips are now caressing, kissing your thighs and legs. Your hips are rising and falling in a quickening rhythm. You part your legs as you lift, thrust your mound upwards, indicating your need, your hunger. I pause for a moment as my eyes take in your neatly trimmed mound, which already glistens with wetness. An uncontrollable groan passes my lips and I feel my erection further grow. The ache in my groin has turned to an almost pain.

I must have been a bit too slow for you. You reach up, taking the back of my neck pull my head toward your mound. But I stop with my lips just inches from you. I can see the individual drops of wetness that has flowed from you, glinting as drops dew on the petals of a flower. The air is filled with the sweet aroma of your arousal. I place my fingers onto your mound, the first direct contact. You are so aroused that my fingers slip easily over your mound, sliding gently between you labia. I can feel your lips open and close as my fingers make long, slow circles over your intimacy. Your hips are rising to meet the touch of my fingers, your low, soft moans in concert with the gentle thrusts of your hips.

I stop my hand, and let my index finger slide up and down just inside your outer lips. Your thick, red lips readily open, exposing the bright pink inner lips, which are also open, moist, and inviting. I begin to caress, to stroke your innermost lips and your soft, wet interior.
I gently position my lips over your mound, parting your intimacy with my tongue. You gasp, sharply inhaling as my tongue comes near your sensitive bud. I am now stroking you with my tongue from your hooded bud to the base of your labia. Your taste is sweet but strong. Your moisture covers my mouth. The sensation of your intimacy drawing my lips, my tongue into you and the taste and aroma of your arousal is so overwhelming to me that I feel a spasm in my hardness. While I did not fully climax, I have become uncontrollably aroused.

With the gentle fingers of one hand, I pull your hood tight, running my tongue tenderly, but firmly up and down and over your bud. The fingers of my other hand have found their way to the lips of your intimacy. Now it is those fingers that seem to be drawn gently between your labia and into the shallow depths of your intimacy. Your own hands are upon your breasts, caressing, squeezing, pinching. The motions of my tongue and fingers are firm and rhythmic. Your moans of passion increase in number and intensity. The sounds of your lust, your desire, your wanting make me want to please, to pleasure you even more. Your hips continue to thrust rhythmically, as if to the beat of an unheard drum, rising and falling.  My tongue is now sliding all along, all over, all around your fully extended, erect, hard bud. I concentrate my tongue so that every part of this bud, its hood, and the upper folds of your intimate flesh is continuously touched, licked, caressed, and stirred. Every part of your most sensitive intimacy is being rubbed at the same moment. Your moans become shorter but even more intense, more throaty and husky. One of your hands moves from your breast to pull my head hard against you as my tongue and fingers are giving you as much pleasure as they are physically able. Your hips have increased their thrusting to a near frenzied state. Suddenly, you become quiet. Your hips rise higher and further from the bed, even tighter and harder against my tongue, my lips, my fingers. Your legs and thighs spread further apart. Your breathing stops. But I keep the same rhythm upon your intimacy, stroking, licking, probing. I soon feel a slight quivering that begins inside, from within, from the depths of your intimacy. As this trembling begins, a deep, long, almost frightening “ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h” passes from your throat and lips.

In a single motion, you drive your hips back into the bed, your back curls, and your shoulders lurch forward from the bed. You, in a louder, even deeper and more throaty voice, tell me, “Ohhh, I’m cumming.”

Your intimacy is now in forceful spasms. My fingers are pushed out of you by the contractions of your intimacy. Your hand pushes my head away from your mound. The bed itself shakes almost violently as it too were in the throes of orgasm. Wave of after wave of spasms and ripples emanate from your intimacy, bombarding from the very essence of your inner body to the outer smoothness of your skin. Even the tips of your fingers, your toes, and the top of your head has become so sensitive to this extreme pleasure, that you become faint in this paroxysm of the most intense orgasm and climax of your being. You cannot bear to be touched at this moment, the sensation of pleasure comes from within. Your body writhes and thrashes in a penetrating pleasure. Your orgasm continues for minutes, until finally you collapse in total exhaustion, consummation, fulfillment.

Yes, you were the huntress. I was your prey. My wife’s pleasure. But this time the prey lives for another day. And as I look into your smokey eyes, a slight grin begins at the corners of your mouth. The grin becomes a smile, a mischievous smile. I hear a voice and words that cause me to pause, but to also smile.

“Your turn.”


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7 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Wonderful story youngstag! I love it when my hubby eats me. He really knows how to use his mouth and tongue to bring me to orgasm. Thank you for the story. God bless you and Merry Christmas.

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    What beautiful descriptive writing! Thank you youngstag. I love your contentment in her lust! The reciprocity of your love is so apparent in this story. Your sensitive awareness to every detail, curve, slit, fold, sound, bud, etc. is so exciting. That is zone of awareness is without compare.

    I know this awareness with my beautiful wife. Yet, your writing encourages me to be a better student of her lust.

    Finally, my wife loves for me to feast on her. In fact, I love it so much – that many times when we are satiated in other ways – I somehow have a slight sense of still wishing our lovemaking on that occasion – had included my oral delight on her pussy – because it is so delicious. Such is the variety and depth of the wonderful garden God has blessed us with! I look forward to your next story. Merry Christmas.

  3. doctemp2 says:

    Oh how your wife is blessed Youngstag! Thank you for sharing such an intimate story of your love for each other. It is such an intimate experience holding hands with my legs opened wide for my husband as he tenderly, patiently eats my moist pussy. I crave his hot breath upon my sex and tender bud. I love how he brings me to multiple orgasms too. 😀 Keep writing and have a Wonderful Christmas sir!

  4. O-surfer says:

    This sounded so familiar! I really liked how you described everything—especially as you described the bed’s vibration as if it too were having an orgasm.

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