Virgin Honeymoon: Part 3 (L)

Tuesday morning.

Annie and I were virgins on our wedding night and she was still too sore from her deflowering to be able to have intercourse. We had technically consummated our marriage, but that was all. And now our relationship had suddenly become a bit tense.

Arriving back, hot and sweaty from our run, we had stripped off and I had a sudden overwhelming desire to fuck her. I lay her on the bed, pushed her legs up, and parted her labia.  As my cock touched her vulva she glanced at it. My enormous member was looming over her, quivering and dripping pre-cum.

It was less than three days since we had been standing in front of the altar. She had looked so lovely in virginal white. Now we were married, and she was mine. Looking into her eyes, I could see the complete trust she had in my love for her.

She simply said, ‘I don’t think we can. I really wish we could. I want it, too.’

Experience has taught me that Dutch girls can be a bit cheeky at times. They certainly know their own mind! I love her strong will. So, despite feeling desperate to take her, I told her, ‘Okay, we’re good. We don’t have to do it.’

It was time for the real thing, time she got done properly, and I was feeling very horny. But I pulled her to her feet and pointed her towards the bathroom. As she started walking, I aimed a slap at her bare bum. She gave a little skip of surprise and her tits bounced. I loved it. And I enjoyed smacking her bum, too.

“I’ll get you for that!” she threatened.

“Into the shower, girl, and I will be joining you!”

She turned the shower on. When I got in, she was standing under it with her hands under her tits, legs apart and pelvis thrust forward. Obviously proud of her beautiful figure and confident that I wouldn’t be able to resist her, she said simply, “Take me. I want it. I am all yours.”

“Not yet,” I said, as I reached for her body wash. “When we both know you will enjoy it too. Not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But we know it will happen.”

Squeezing some soap on my hands, I knelt and very firmly washed her feet, up her legs, gently between her labia, and up her bum crack. Her tits got a massage and then my hands delved into her armpits, slid around her neck and ears, and gently scrubbed her face. Grabbing her shampoo, I did her hair.

I was consumed with passion for her gorgeous body, but I gradually calmed down, rinsed her off and gave her a hug. She was quiet as she gave me a rub down. Standing behind me she felt my balls, weighing them in her hand. She explored my erect penis all the way from my anus to the glans. It was easy for her to tell how much I wanted her.

We lay quietly on our clean bed; we didn’t know what to say. I kissed her mouth and face, sucked her toes and fingers, licked her tummy and breasts, still feeling as if I could eat her.

Again, I tasted her vagina. I just couldn’t leave it alone. It gave me the same thrill as before and I soon made her cum again. Her climax seemed to involve every muscle and organ in her body. I loved watching her orgasm.

By then, it was nearly lunch time and we were both hungry, so we ordered in and put some clothes on. She wanted to know how I was feeling and I told her, “Very loving.”

She was quiet.

I said, “It’s okay. It’s just that when I saw you hot, sweaty and panting it turned me on in a way that I hadn’t felt before. You just seemed so precious and I wanted to protect you and fuck you and…” There was a knock on the door. Our room service arrived.

When we were eating she asked, “Is it important that we can’t fuck yet?”

I smiled, “Two and a half days ago we were still virgins. Neither of us knows what it is really like yet. I was hardly in you.”

“I will need to heal before it is comfortable, but it was obvious how much you wanted to do me after our run.” She paused. Then she asked again, “How do you really feel, my darling?”

“It’s much the same for both of us, I expect. I can’t resist tasting your pussy, my penis is throbbing for it, and my every instinct is crying out to penetrate you.” I thought about it for a moment. “We are going to remember this, me with an erection all week and us both wanting it inside you. We have learned lots but we never imagined we wouldn’t be having intercourse on our honeymoon. Perhaps we should pray for patience.”

She said, “We will. And I feel we have a lot to be thankful for, more than I could possibly have imagined.”

Feeling happy, we lay on the bed kissing and cuddling. “This is what we were doing before we got married, but with our clothes on,” I reminded her.

She giggled, “Real progress, then.”

“I guess it is kind of funny. Our friends would be laughing if they knew.”

Moving to lie with my head towards her feet, I put my head between her legs. Her response was to spread them wide and I traced around her pussy with my fingers.

Her hand holding my erection felt wonderful and she was starting to find her rhythm. This time, I couldn’t help moaning with pleasure as I came. She chuckled with delight as she aimed globs at her tits.

“I enjoyed that! I want to do it again.”

“You have to wait a bit, remember. The system has to re-load before you can fire it again.”

“Okay, then. Time for a shower.”

I rolled over to rest but, when she got up, she gave me a resounding slap on the bum. The sound surprised both of us.

“Ow. What was that for?”

“I owed you from before, smart-ass.” And, with that, she marched into the bathroom. Her slap made my bum sting and my penis stiffen; it was instantly hard. I didn’t know that would happen.

When she returned, I was getting sleepy. But she was sitting near my face with her knees up and she smelled clean and fresh. I knew by now what her cunt would taste like and couldn’t resist licking it. The same thrill went through me again. I was getting more confident with her clit now and was better with her nipples, too. She tried not to cum, to just relax and enjoy it. But I won and she had another impressive climax.

I hugged her while she shuddered a couple more times. Her orgasmic after-spasms made her soft, moist labia press against my cock as if hungry for more. Again, I felt the almost overwhelming desire to be inside my beautiful bride. But her tits lay comfortingly against my chest as if to nurture and console me.

She totally relaxed and her body felt supple and warm as I wrapped myself around her. I felt very protective; I was her big, strong husband even if I hadn’t even given her the proper fucking she deserved yet. Just being in love was enough for now. We knew that real married intercourse was going to be a mind-blowing experience when it happened.

When she had recovered a bit, I made a suggestion. “Let’s do dinner and a movie tonight. We have already been here for nearly two days.”

End of Part 3.

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7 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    Awesome! You guys handled this so maturely. My wife had similar soreness, but I think we had More intercourse …partly out of obligation. It sounds like a super fun honeymoon just exploring each other’s bodies and cumming over and over. Really good descriptive writing too!

  2. HV450 says:

    Thanks. Annie was sore because we were too hasty but you guys probably did the right thing having more intercourse. The way we did it we were not alleviating her tightness.

  3. HV450 says:

    Art, We do enjoy masturbation too. But on our honeymoon we didn’t think to use fingers and when we first managed to get my penis in again we realized that we would have to put it in regularly for it to become comfortable. She was very tight, and I would always cum, but it was an amazing few months and I guess it must have been like that for most couples.

  4. HV450 says:

    JMK, I will write about what happened when we had vaginal intercourse again. It still wasn’t very comfortable for her even though she was fully aroused. It helped when she had her knees up and spread wide, she is very flexible. It got better as I spent more time in her. It would have been helpful if we had known about other couple’s experience. What was it like for you?

    • Frankie says:

      On our wedding night, we were both virgins. We knew as much about sex as a couple could without actually having intercourse, but neither of us really knew what to expect. I knew it is not common for a man to never have masturbated, but I never had. Other than a wet dream, I'd never even had an orgasm.
      With her help guiding me, my penis managed to find his way to her vagina. As I pushed my way in, she began to whimper. I expressed concern, but she said I should keep going. So I did. Once fully inside, I wasn't sure what to do. I moved a little back and forth and then I came. I wasn't sure what had happened. I asked my wife, "Is that it?" Neither of us was sure.
      The second time at 2:00 AM was great and the fantastic third time made us miss church. That was over 50 years, 4 children and 3 grandchildren ago. Obviously we overcame our initial lack of information.

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