A Better Day

The drive home wasn’t truly that long, but it seemed to take forever.  My long day just seemed to keep hanging on and not wanting to let go.  Soon though, home would be in sight, with my beautiful wife opening her arms to my arrival.  This was something that I could barely wait for, a hug and a kiss from the sexiest woman alive.  Such thoughts about the things we had done, places, I almost forgot I was supposed to be driving and began to quicken my pace towards my house.

Pulling into the drive, the front door cracked just a touch, and the smell of dinner wafting from the inside.  Ahh it’s nice to be home, I thought.  Opening the door of the truck and bounding out towards the house I can hear a faint voice coming from inside, singing a sweet soft song.  She always did have a great voice I thought.  Opening the doors to the house and shutting them behind me, because I didn’t want any unexpected visitors.  I searched my way through the house, looking for the source of the sound, finally stumbling upon it in the bathroom, emanating from the shower.  I opened the shower curtain a small amount and stole a look at her slender body and soft skin.  Watching her wash herself, each hand finding a place on herself that wished to be, I was beginning to get excited, anxious of what was about to come.

Starting with my shirt down to my boxers my clothes found their way on to the floor, and I found my way into the shower sliding up next to my wife’s slick perfectly colored skin.  She was a bit startled but her joy of me being next to her was greater than any fear.  So now my wish for my hands taking over passed, I grabbed the wash rag and began to take up where she left off, and getting a few places again and again.  Lingering around her firm breasts and nipples and rubbing on her clitoris I could see her appearance start to change, it was a good change as well.  My penis standing tall rubbing against her outer thigh caught her attention she turned to me, told me she loved me and grabbed it with her hand, slowly massaging it and I her clitoris our lips touch and tongues follow.  She lets up and kneels down to her knees and begins to take my penis into her mouth, taking it down to the base.  I lean against the shower wall and let her do as she pleases the feeling so wonderful, so exhilarating.  She grabs the base of my manhood and pumps it in and out of her mouth faster and faster, I can’t help but grab her hair and squeeze as I approach orgasm.  She pulls it out of her mouth and speed up her pace, a moan escapes my lips and another and I explode over her shoulder, some of my love cream hits her on the face and runs down her chin.  She takes a finger and licks my juices and stands to kiss me.

“So how was your day”, she asks.

“Better, much better”, I reply.

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