Making Love

We are finally alone together. The day has been full of congratulations and celebration, a day of seeing familiar smiling faces. It has been a day of great joy and yet one of bitter sweet sorrow. We have both forsaken father and mother. Now we stand along, about to discover firsthand what is involved in cleaving to each other. You stand in front of me, beautiful in your snow white wedding dress. I stand staring into your eyes in my black tuxedo. The look contains years of pent-up passion about to boil over into love and pleasure. I take a step towards you and circle my arms around your waist while we continue to stare into each other’s eyes.

We both know what is coming and relish in every moment of it. We stand in front of a queen sized bed, the sheets clean, fresh, and pulled back. As I hold you, I move my head forward slowly, tenderly brushing your lips. I come again and kiss you a little more passionately this time and feel you kiss me back, as I part your teeth with my tongue and begin to explore your mouth with it. The feeling is deep and intimate. As we continue to kiss, I run my hand up your back, searching for a zipper. I finally find it and, still kissing you, gingerly pull the zipper down, running it slowly down your back. When it reaches the end, I remove the dress from your shoulders and arms, gently caressing the bare skin with my hands. You reach up and slide my jacket off of my shoulders as we continue to kiss, dropping it to the floor.

You loose my tie and take it off, dropping it on the previously discarded jacket, then  begin at the top button of my shirt and make your way down, finally finishing and discarding it. As you finish, I pull back from the kissing, long enough to finish taking off your dress, running it down your legs to the floor, then following your leg back up with my hand and rub the inside of your thigh, exploring your curves. You then reach over and unbuckle my belt and unbutton my pants, freeing them to fall to the floor. I stand in my boxers and you in your underwear.

We resume kissing, as I guide you to the bed, laying you across it and lying on top of you between your legs. I begin to kiss down your face, onto your neck, and down to your chest. As I reach your chest, I run my mouth over your bra, kissing you there on each breast. I run my hand down your back and find the latch on them, unhooking it. I slowly pull it down your shoulders to reveal your breasts and take it off. I begin to kiss them, teasingly at first, and then more passionately, putting each in my mouth and sucking on them, enjoying the moans of pleasure it produces in you. I continue to suck and reach down to your waist, slowly removing your panties. I continue to suck as I begin to rub you and continue to suck on your breasts, enjoying the pleasure that it brings you and making you climax.

I finish rubbing and sucking you and move back up to your mouth. This time you move your hands down to my waist and remove my boxers. I am more than ready to be inside you. I place myself inside of you for the first time, and gently start my first stroke, being careful not to be too hard. As I continue to stroke, it becomes more and more pleasurable for us. I continue until I come to climax and release inside of you. I continue to stroke for you until you again reach climax. I lay there on top of you, my weight pressed against you and continue to passionately kiss you. We share something there that we will never share with anyone else. It will be the first time we become one.

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