Rekindle Love – He Really Loves Me

Rekindle Love – It had only been a year into our marriage and it seemed as there was no hope.

Being a mom was great, working was great too, but by the end of the night I was often tired and worn out from the previous hours of the day.  For months my schedule was wake up, drop off the baby, work, pick up the baby go home, cook dinner, prepare for the next day and that was it.  Hubby’s schedule was crazier than mine.  He worked three nights a week and worked every weekend.  Where was the love we first had? Would we ever be able to rekindle love?  The love that made us want to forsake all others and submit to one another. I wanted to rekindle love but I did not see how this was going to happen?

It had been snowing and after a day of continuous monthly meetings and picking up the baby, it took me three hours to get home.  I got home at 9 pm.   Sarah, our next door neighbor, came to my house as soon as she heard the garage door open.  She insisted that I give her the baby to watch for a while.  She explained that hubby seemed very upset and that he asked her to take the baby for a few hours.  I gave her the baby and hurried in the house.

Rekindle Love Surprise

The house was in darkness and it seemed as if hubby was asleep.  As I went up the steps I saw a dim light on the island of the kitchen counter, by it was a note that said “Tonight is your night, I still love you.”  Just the simple thought of hubby doing something special for me made my tiredness disappear.

I called out to hubby, “Where are you?”  And as I turned to walk up the steps to the our bedroom, I heard a sexy voice utter, “Come here my babe.”   Well I dropped everything, coat, purse and laptop and hurried my way upstairs.  As I opened our bedroom door, it was lit with red candles from the T.V, to the tub, to the bed.  I saw hubby dressed in heart designed trunks and a red bow tie.

As I opened my mouth he gently put one finger on my mouth and said “Shhh, no words tonight.”  I smiled, then he handed me a towel and a lace teddy with hearts on the nipples and crotchless panties with hearts on them and led me to the tub of bubbles and red lit candles.  When I got in the tub, hubby came over and handed me a glass of champagne and as I drank, he washed my body gently with a silk soft cotton wash cloth.  He was done and he handed me the towel and nightwear and he left out of the room.

By the time I was finished dressing with lotion and everything he knocked on the door and I came out.  Hubby had a dinner table set up with food from my favorite restaurant.  We ate without saying a word and he occasionally would gently smack my hand and he would feed me with his fork.  We were finished, and he held up a card that read – “time for desert.”

He then signaled me to stay put, (the same signal we show our dog). He left the room for two minutes and then came back in.  He took my hand, put a cloth over my eyes and escorted me out of our bedroom.  He took me into another room (guest room) and sat me on the bed.  He turned on Lite 101.9 (slow love songs) and he stood me up and we started dancing.  I could not wait for what was next, so I uttered, “Let’s get it on.”

He layed me on the bed and put silk sheets over my body (with my eyes still covered).  He got on top of me and started gently caressing my breasts, one by one he started passionately sucking my nipples.  With another hand touching my love spot.  He was doing everything right, it was just what I needed.  He was teasing my nipples, making my body temperature rise, and I was craving his love shaft inside me.

We have never done anything orally, but tonight was definitely my night. Hubby played with my love spot with his tongue, I could feel myself about to climax, and I told him to stop, I wanted his love shaft inside me.  I felt it was time.  I thanked him for such a wonderful night as I got on top of him, and started stroking his love shaft in my hand.

And the more I massaged it the harder he became.  I then put his penis in my love spot and I rode him slow until I climaxed. I then picked up the pace, and moved on a faster rhythm, it felt so hard and strong inside me,.  All I needed was his love cream to cool the intense yearning in my love spot.  It took him a long time to reach his final point ( as usual), but I started feeling him and then I felt myself at the same point and then we both climaxed, and all was good again. We are hoping to rekindle love more often!

By: zaphodsotherhead

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