Valentine’s Day Revisited, Part Two (L)

“Fuck my wet pussy,” she muttered into my lips…

That was a running joke between us and I giggled in response. In the not-too-distant past, Sharon had gotten into the tequila. Tequila “makes her clothes fall off” is a country favorite at our house, and it applies to Sharon. That night of tequila had brought a round of her continually chiding me to “fuck her wet pussy”. Something totally out of the norm for my demure, gentle wife to say–at least the way she did it that night in a raunchy, demanding, got-to-have-it sort of way. But I had responded to her demand to her satisfaction over and over again. Each time, after an orgasm for her, she would tell me to fuck her wet pussy again, and I would tell her to suck my dick until it was hard enough for me to enter her again. My response this evening was the same.

“Suck my dick, lover. Make it hard. Make it wet. Then I’ll fuck your wet pussy.”

She grinned. “Gladly.”

She went down on me on the couch, taking me all in. She began to bob up and down with a purpose. I could feel myself stiffen in her mouth. I reached around her, cupping her ass, massaging her ass cheeks. It was an easy transition to her pussy, and I began to pump two fingers in and out of her honey hole as she continued to suck me.

Coming up for air, she kissed me hard, her tongue intertwined with mine. “That feels good, love. I need you inside me.”

“OK. What position?”

“I want to be on the cushions. Take me from in front. Hold my heels up in the air.”

“That sounds wonderful. I want to pound you.”

“Do it, lover. Have your way with me.”

I grinned, took a sip from my wine and then offered it to Sharon. “Drink deeply, love, you’re gonna need it.”

She did, finishing my glass. I took her hand, led her to our marriage bed, positioned the cushions so that I could stand at the end of the bed, and she was reclining on the ramp. Her ass nestled into the wedge pillow, and her pussy was perfectly presented for me. I entered her slowly, bringing a gasp. I took a couple of slow strokes and felt her open up to me.

I paused, pulling almost all the way out of her.

“I’m sorry, baby, I didn’t ask. Should I put on a condom?”

She sighed. “Yeah, probably so.” Although we’re an older couple, and the chance of pregnancy is long gone, we’ve found that using condoms reduces Sharon’s chance for urinary issues in the following days after intercourse. I went to Sharon’s side of the bed and retrieved a package. Tearing it, I tossed the cover in the garbage can and presented the condom to Sharon. She smiled at me, put the condom in her mouth, and pulled my hips to her face. With practiced expertise, she slid the condom on me with her mouth, sucking as she came off my dick. The head came out with an audible pop.

“All set, big boy. Get inside me.”

“Mmmm,” I muttered. “Suck me one more time.”

She grabbed my pole and bobbed down on it once more. It didn’t take long before her nose was pressing against my belly, and she sucked hard. I love the way it feels when she sucks my dick with a condom on. It’s just enough of a distraction to enjoy what she’s doing without thinking you’re going to cum at any second. I finally reached down and cupped her breasts, kneading them, pinching her nipples.

“OK, baby, let’s get to humping.”

She settled back on the cushion, and I retook my position at the foot of the bed. Sliding into her soaked pussy, I reached to her knees and ran my hands over her nylon clad thighs. She felt incredible in nylons, so smooth, so sexy. I worked my way up her calves until the heels of her shoes were in my hands. Time to get down to business. I began to thrust in and out of her with a purpose. It didn’t take long for Sharon’s eyes to go glassy, and her hands found her breasts. She pulled away the cups of her bra and began to pinch her nipples in rhythm to my thrusting.The headboard began to bang against the wall, slowly at first, then sounding like a machine gun as I continued to pound her.

“Lover, the headboard,” she said breathlessly.

“We’re alone, babe. Fuck me.”

She let out a howl. “Pound me!”

I continued ramming into her. Having cum once already, I was primed for her pleasure. Hard, primal thrust, after hard primal thrust. I then felt her grow very wet down there, and a flow of liquid cascaded down around my balls.

“Oh, cumming! Cumming! Cumming!” Sharon exclaimed, rubbing her nipples in a frenzied state.

I slowed for just a moment for her to come down, taking smooth, measured strokes. When her breathing had slowed, I began to pound into her once more.

“Oh, David, what are you doing?”

“Loving you, lover.”

“You’re big! And thick! Your balls are slapping my asshole! You’re hitting my clit just right!”

I leaned in for a quick, deep french kiss, not letting up on pounding her pussy. Wandering down to her breasts, I took one nipple in for a suck, then the other. I felt glued to her at the genitals, the thrusting in and out was like a piston in a well-oiled machine.

“Cumming, cumming again!” she screamed. This time Sharon threw her head back and let loose with a scream.

“Nobody here to interrupt, baby, let it out!” I gasped, continuing to pound her like there was no tomorrow.

“Please ease up! I can’t stand it! I’m on fire!”

I slowed the thrusting until it was just an easy in and out. Working my hands down to her knees and then her ass, I enjoyed the feel of her nylons and ran my hands over her thighs. Still inside, still connected, I looked deeply into her eyes. She was still with me, but just barely. Back-to-back orgasms had just about taken my love to a different place.

“You OK?” I wanted to know.

“Perfect,” she said with a smile.

“Think you can go again?” I wanted to know.

“Not sure.”

I began to run a thumb over her clit and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“What are you doing?”

“Pleasuring my lover.”

“Rub your dick head over my clit.”

I pulled out and did as asked. I worked the tip of my cock over her clit, slid it down to her opening, and let it slide back in head deep only. This action was repeated over and over until Sharon began to gasp repeatedly.

“That feels good!” she exclaimed.

I paused at the top, circling her clit, touching the tip, letting the slit in my dick engulf her clit. She was inside me now, even if there was a layer of latex between us. Sliding it back down, I was inside her again, but just barely.

“Fuck me,” she demanded.

“Really? No more rubbing? I chided, continuing the tease.

“Fuck me,” she repeated. “Hard.”

My hands slid under her knees again. My dick was in her crevice, resting at the edge of her honey hole.

“How hard, baby?” I wanted to know.

“Hard. Make me squirt again. It felt amazing.”

Hands slid over sexy calves until her stilleto heels were in my hands again. My dick easily slid all the way again, bottoming out.

She gasped. “There. That’s it. There!”

I pulled off slightly not coming out much at all and slammed back in. “Oh!” she exclaimed.

I let up, repeated the process and then began to staccato pound her in slow, short strokes. It didn’t take long. Her hands were clenching her breasts; her nipples pinched to the point that they were cherry red and furious.

“Ohhhh!” she bellowed one last time and once again I felt the flow come down over my balls.

I drove in to her a few more times, then began to ease up. For my own pleasure, I pulled almost all the way out and drove back in, once, twice, three times. My own orgasm wasn’t there yet. It would have to wait till round three.

“Baby,” Sharon muttered. She was beginning to come back to reality.

“Baby,” I replied, caressing her legs, her belly, her breasts.

“That was unbelievable.”

“Pretty wet, baby,” I replied, running my fingers through the puddle beneath my balls.

“Did you cum?”

“Not this time. Your turn.”

“I don’t think I can go again.”

“You can. We just need a break. Let’s sit, sip, and fondle a while,” I offered.

“OK. Can I have a towel first? A big towel, not a hand towel.”

I smiled. She definitely needed the full-sized towel after this one. “Will be right back.”

I finally pulled out of my lover. My dick was swollen and her puss had attached itself to me in such a way that it wasn’t an easy task to extract myself.

“You’re an amazing lover,” she said with a grin as I handed her the towel.

“And you are an incredibly sexy, caring, gentle lover, too,” I replied.

I took her hand and eased her off the cushions and helped her to our loveseat. I poured us two more glasses of wine and handed over hers.

“I’ve never, ever had orgasms like that, baby,” she confided, then took a deep drink.

“No, I don’t think you have, love,” I replied. “I wonder what else we’ll discover in this empty nester time.”

She smiled at me mischeviously over the edge of her glass. “I don’t know, but I’m ready to find out.”

“Me too, baby, me too”

To be continued…

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11 replies
  1. CMLove says:

    LOVED it!! Can’t wait until my husband can say “we’re alone, baby!” What beautiful freedom! A little taste of Eden, I imagine! Wonderfully written! Thank you so much for sharing! So very excited for more!

  2. Alicia G. M. says:

    ” Fuck my wet pussy!” I believe I told Trey that a couple nights ago. Lol.

    Seriously though, great story. Very hot and erotic. I think I may need him to do the same thing tonight. No, I know I will!

    Thanks for the story and God bless

  3. marriedman0217 says:

    Great story. I remember, with great stiffness, a summer when my lovely wife was always ready for more. It is such an honor and privilege to be the one to give it to her. The one thing I took away from that summer was the pure joy of watching her just let go and get lost in the passion of the moment. We still have a lot of fun together (when we manage to be in the same country) even as we both approach 60. Have a great summer.

    • doggiedave says:

      What we’re learning in this shall we say last phase is how to appreciate the day. This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it. What does this day provide? Grab hold of it, be thankful for it, and rejoice in it. Because tomorrow will bring a whole set of other issues… Thanks MM021. Looking forward to reading your next adventure with your lass.

  4. m&m says:

    Fuck my wet pussy . Well isn’t that what every hubby wants to here from there wife . That was so so hot . Extreamly horny . We can’t wait to here more keep it cumming .lol.

    • doggiedave says:

      You have no idea… Sharon is a very meek woman and she has to get really charged (or into the tequila) before she’ll open up. I accept her for The Rose of Sharon that she is and have learned to enjoy every moment with her–vocal or not. Thanks for your thoughts M&M!

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