A Birthday to Remember Part I

A Birthday to Remember Part I
Chapter 1

As my birthday approached this year I again was flooded with the usual questions. “What do you want for your birthday,” “what do you want to do” etc. Of course I never really had any idea of what I wanted. I have always been a good decision maker when it came to everything else, but I never could make up my mind when it came to me. So when I awoke on my birthday I didn’t know what to expect. I got up wearing nothing but my boxer briefs and went to the bathroom as I always do first thing in the morning however, when I walked out of the bathroom I found a change in my morning routine. Katie was standing in front of the bed with her hair up, wearing nothing but a lime green G-String.


“Happy birthday my sexy man” Katie said as she started to kiss my neck. She kissed up my neck and to my ears then back down to my chest. Katie then grabbed my head and brought it down to her beautiful breasts. I began to lick her nipples and once I felt them get hard I started to suck on her tits. She loved it when I sucked on her sexy nipples and she began to let out soft moans. The sound of her moaning only increased the size and hardness of my penis. It was almost as if she could sense the growing in my briefs. She suddenly grabbed me head again and forcefully demanded “stop!”

Katie spun me around and backed me up to the bed before kissing me. She then knelt down in front of me and slowly removed my boxer briefs. As the briefs came off my rock hard penis popped out with force and my wife smiled at the sight. She leaned forward towards my penis and gave the tip a kiss. Katie stood back up and whispered in my ear to make myself comfortable while motioning to the bed. I sat up on the bed with my back and head against the head bored this way I could see her sexy ass in the G-String as she blew me.
My wife started to crawl on the bed towards my waiting penis that was standing tall for her, then she stopped. Katie backed off the bed and giving a devious look lifted her right leg on to the bed. She put her right fingers in her mouth and began to suck on them. Then she began to move her hand down her body stopping briefly to give her left breast a good squeeze. Her hand made its way down her stomach and slowly slid into her panties and onto her clit. I could see the circular motion of her hand as she rubbed her clit. Katie began to moan “mmmmm” and sigh “ahhhhhhh” and then she slid her fingers into her pussy.


“Oh, I am wet for you.”
“Oh yeah? Are you horny, baby?”
“Ohh, so horny, your penis has me turned on.”


I grabbed my hard penis with my right hand and began to stroke it slowly.
“Oh, I love watching you stroke your hard penis for me,” Katie started to rub her clit faster and slide her fingers into her pussy every few strokes of her clit. Her breathing increased, and the moans grew loud. I could tell she was getting ready to cum.


She stopped suddenly and moved quickly onto the bed. Katie grabbed my right wrist and removed my hand from my penis. “That’s mine,” she said right before her mouth went over my penis. Her first action was to deep throat the entire thing. She sucked on it violently due to her turned on state. From my seated position, I could see her ass and that green G-String riding down between her sexy cheeks. Just the sight made me want to cum. Katie could feel my penis twitching in her mouth from all the excitement so she stopped sucking and began to lick it up and down from the tip to the very bottom of my shaft.

“Ohhh, baby, you are so good at sucking on me.”
“Mmhmm, you like it, don’t you?”
“Oh, I love it.”
“I love to blow you, do you know what else I love?”
“What baby?”
“I love to cum for you!”


Katie got off the bed and turned her back to me. She bent over sticking her ass in my face and slowly removed her panties revealing her beautiful shaved wet pussy. Katie then got back on the bed but this time she sat down in front of me and slid her ass right up to my penis. Putting her legs over mine she laid back on the bed giving me a full view of her shaved pussy. She began to work it with two hands as I sat mesmerized. She was rubbing her clit with her right hand and fingering herself with her left. The sound of her wet pussy was almost more than I could bear, my penis began to twitch.
“Baby, I am so wet for you.”
“Do you like how it feels?”
“Oh yes, I love it.”
“Are you going to make yourself cum for me?”
“Ohh yeah…. I’m so ready to cum for you.”


She began to rub he clit rapidly. The moans got louder and more frequent, “mmmmmm… ohhhhhhhh…. Yesssssss.” Then her hips began to move with it. He muscles started to tighten, and she held her breath as she worked her pussy. Then her body began to convulse “Ohhhh yessss, baby, I’m cumming…. Oh yes… I’m cumming for you.” Then she laid there motionless for a minute as she caught her breath and let the tingling feeling in her legs lessen. “I haven’t forgotten about this,” she said as she sat up and grabbed my penis now so hard the veins were popping out. Still so hot from just cumming the only thing my wife could do was deep throat it violently. After a minute or two I pushed her head away, and she grabbed my penis stroking it as my cum sprayed out.


Chapter 2


I was laying there with my eyes closed when my wife came back from the bathroom now wearing boxer shorts and a tank top. Katie leaned in and kissed me on the lips “Did you like you present?”
“I did, so you finally figured out what to get me?”
“Oh, that was just one of your gifts. I have some presents to give you later tonight, but one more to give you now.”
Katie handed me an envelope; inside was a picture of a hotel with an address up north. The reservation was for three nights, and we were leaving the next day. Before I could say anything she handed me another envelope, inside was a handwritten note.


For your birthday this year I am giving you myself.
When we go away, I am yours. I am your sex slave.
I will do all that you demand, I can’t say no. I am under your control.
This note is my contract that for the three days of our trip you OWN ME…


“Do you like your present?”
“So this is for real?”
“Of course, it is my present to you, I am giving you my body to have as you wish.”
“What if we get there and you don’t want to do what I ask?”
“I don’t have a choice, you’re in complete control.”
“Are your sure you’re okay with this?”
“Oh, I want this…. I want you to take control of my body. I want you to have me in any way you desire. I want you to decide when I can cum. I want you to tell me to do things…”
I was getting turned on again and I could tell Katie already was.
“So when does it start?”
“From the moment we leave the house, you control me.”


The next morning when I had finished packing the car I walked upstairs to our room to find that Katie was in the shower. I laid out her flowing short black skirt on the bed with a note that said “wear me.” After that I walked downstairs to relax until she was ready to leave. Twenty minutes later Katie came down stairs in a low cut V neck t-shirt and yoga pants.


“Umm, I left a note for you to wear the black skirt.”
“Umm, and I told you that your control started when we left the house.”
“So that’s how you want to play it?”


I immediately knew how I would get her back for this during her few days as my sex slave, and I wouldn’t take long. We pulled out of the driveway a few minutes later and our three hour trip had begun. When we hit the highway the thoughts of making my wife cum over and over during this trip had already gotten me hard as a rock, Then I glanced over at her breasts that were popping out of her t-shirt. Reaching over I slid my right hand down the front of her shirt and inside of her bra and began to rub her right nipple. Katie began to moan softly as I worked her breasts over with my hands,


“Recline your seat.”
“Mmm, yes sir.”


Katie reclined her chair half way so I now had easier access into her pants. I began to rub her pussy from the outside of her pants, I knew she was turned on when I felt the heat and dampness though her pants. After feeling that, I knew I needed to touch her directly. Sliding my hand down the front of her pants, my penis twitched as I felt the wetness of her pussy. I slid my middle finger through the slit and deep inside. Katie arched her black slightly as I did. I slowly moved my finger up to her clit and began to circle it. Her eyes closed as she let out a sigh of pleasure. I moved my finger from her clit and into her pussy and back up to her clit again. I continued to do it over and over, and Katie began to move her hips to it faster and faster each time. The I stopped suddenly and removed my hand from her pants.


“Oh no, don’t stop,” she said catching her breath.
“Take off you pants,” I replied.


Katie gave me a confused look most likely driven by the fact that we were on the highway in broad daylight. The look didn’t last more then a second, and then she was sliding her pants off. She held them up in her hand as she looked at me.

“Throw them in the back.”

She tossed them over her shoulder onto the back seat without hesitation. Katie now sat there reclined, wearing nothing from the waste down but her red G-String.


“Take the panties off too.”
“I guess I should have worn the skirt.”
“You shouldn’t upset your master,” I said with a smirk.


Now even more turned on, Katie removed her panties and threw them in the back seat. I now had the perfect view of her beautiful shaved pussy. I love that pussy; just the thought of licking it will make me hard in seconds. After looking at it for a few seconds I had to go back at it. Before she knew it my fingers were deep inside her and she let out a loud moan.

“Put your leg up on the dash.”

Katie was turned on and didn’t question the command as she moved her leg in place. I now had full access, so I slid two fingers inside of her as I worked her clit with my thumb. I had been concentrating so hard on playing with her pussy and driving that I hadn’t looked at my wife for several minutes. The excitement had turned her on to the max, and, when I looked over, to my surprise Katie had pulled her shirt down and was rubbing and squeezing her bare nipples.


The combination of my wife’s sexy body and the excitement that at anytime someone in a truck or SUV could drive by and see us caused pre cum to drip out of my hard penis. Maybe someone had already seen us, neither of us cared. I turned my hand to position one finger in her pussy.


“Ohhhhhh yess, I love when you touch me there.”
“Rub your clit, my sex slave.”


Katie began to rub her clit rapidly in a circular motion as I fingered both of her holes. I moved my fingers quicker as she did. Then she began to inhale deep and hold her breath over and over. I watched as her body tightened up and she rubbed her clit as fast as she could. Then she all at one released herself and her body began to shake.

“Yes, I’m cumming” she said as she exhaled. “Oh, yes yes yes…….. yes, I’m cumming.” Katie dropped her head onto the headrest and closed her eyes as her body went limp.


I immediately put my finger in my mouth to taste her. I love the taste of her pussy and cum. My boxer briefs now had multiple wet spots. Katie laid there for another couple of minutes with her legs spread wide and breasts out. I almost went off the road a few times as I got caught up staring at her beauty. Then she put her breasts away and brought the chair up.


“That was good, baby.”
“Its master to you.”
“Mmm, that was good, master.” She said with a smile.
“This is just the ride up, when I’m done with that body of yours, you wont be able to stand.”
“I can’t wait for you to use my body.”


After another few minutes Katie began to turn around to get her pants off the back seat. I put my hand on her shoulder to stop her. As she turned back to me, I reached on the side of my chair and pulled out the black skirt. I handed it to her with a smile, “no panties.”

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    marty and melissa says:

    Super super super story and what a super birthday present . You are one lucky man what a horny wife you have and HotforV is spot on . I hope there is a few more chapters and we’d all love to read them . Please keep them comming .. We’ll done

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