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A Birthday to Remember Part I

A Birthday to Remember Part I Chapter 1 As my birthday approached this year I again was flooded with the usual questions. “What do you want for your birthday,” “what do you want to do” etc. Of course I never really had any idea of what I wanted. I have always been a good decision […]

Together (L)

Husband It was Friday night and my wife, and I had just finished a bottle of wine. The combination of the wine and my wife’s yoga pants was getting me hard. I gazed down Katie’s shirt and couldn’t help but daydream about pulling her breasts out and sucking them hard. I put my hand on […]

Katie’s Fantasy Part I

Katie’s Fantasy Chapter 1 Tonight was the night. It had been months since Kate told me her fantasy about me kidnapping and ravishing her. Since she told me, I knew that when I did it, it would have to be a surprise. The kids had slept out multiple times since then, but tonight as I […]