Her eyes closed as his mouth closed over the damp silk covering her hot box, he licked at the folds of soft flesh at the top of her thighs before moving to the centre and pushing his tongue into her slit.

Arms above her head she pushed herself onto his probing tongue. His hands slid up her body cupping her breasts, teasing the nipples into hard peaks.

Pulling her to the edge of the bed, he knelt between her legs. He pushed them wider apart and buried his face in the warm wetness at her centre again.

Using his fingers now, he teased the silk aside and as she moaned in anticipation, he plunged his stiff tongue into her, licking her juices before flicking across her vagina. She writhed on the bed as he sucked, licked and probed her, her orgasm rapidly building under his expert touch.

Knowing she was close to an orgasm he slowed. As she tried to pull him back into her love spot, he deftly slid the wet silk panties down her legs before spreading her wide before him again. She felt the damp silk covering his solid love shaft brush between her thighs. She could wait no longer. Reaching out, she tore the sodden knickers to one side freeing his love shaft and with a swift pull he was on and inside her.

She cried out as his love shaft rammed deep inside her soaking love spot.

“Oh Hubby! DO ME,DO ME NOW !”.

She pulled him into her as her orgasm crashed over her. He tensed and rammed his twitching love shaft in and out, in and out, her juices flowing down her thighs as he pounded into her. As her second orgasm followed the first, he exploded with a force that she had not felt before, pumping his hot love cream deep inside her.

At last they collapsed side by side on the bed, her legs wet with their mixed juices and lay, panting. His love shaft twitched slightly and she reached to touch the softening member, gently rubbing him before pulling the soaking white silk knickers back up to cover him.

“I think we should try a sexy nightie as well next time” she laughed and reached into her drawer, pulling out a pink silk and lace number.

His love shaft twitched and stirred as she draped the soft material over him…

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