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Romantic Weekend -The Storm

Romantic Weekend – Her husband came home one night with a travel magazine. He had circled a hotel ad from the ‘romance’ section. “How’d you like to take a couple days away from work and the kids?” he asked, a hopeful look on his face. She was about to automatically say no, when she happened to look up from her supper preparations to see his expression. “Well, let’s look this one up on the net, and see what they have to offer.” she replied.

They went to the computer, and sat together and looked at the hotel website. The rooms were elegant, with fireplaces and hot tubs, facing the bay. Tempted, she clicked on the Romance Package link. They liked what they saw… chilled champagne, crackers and cheese, chocolates all in a basket waiting for their arrival, along with thick robes and a gift certificate for a very good restaurant, everything that makes for a romantic weekend.

Intrigued, she pulled her planner out and checked her schedule. Yes, if she moved a few things around, she could do it. He would have no problem getting vacation time. That left finding someone to watch the kids. She called her mother, and she eagerly agreed to do it, looking forward to spoiling her grand kids for 3 straight days. Next phone call was to the hotel. Since it was off season, they had a room available for the dates they wanted. The reservation was made! In one week, they’d be relaxing by the water, free from the daily stresses! The romantic weekend was set. She began to warm up to the idea.

The week seemed to drag on forever, but finally the day to leave arrived. She got up early to pack their suitcase. He woke up and made coffee, then went outside to make sure the car was in good running order. After the work was done, they relaxed over coffee and waited for her mother. At 9:00, their children came bounding out of their rooms, hollering, “Where’s grandma, and why are you still here?” They laughed, told the kids to hold their horses. There was a knock on the door. The kids rushed forward, fighting to see who would open the door. Shouts of “Grandma! Grandma!” broke the morning quiet. Her mother came in, laughing, and said “Why haven’t you run out the door yet?” They quickly filled her in on everything, and left, being pushed out the door by their loving children.

Romantic Weekend Begins

On the ride up there, they made plans on what they’d like to do. They decided that they’d take a long walk on the beach. Mother Nature had different plans. About half-way through the 5 hour drive, it began to rain.. hard. Starting to feel a little down that their plans were going to be ruined, she tried to keep up a good front. By the time they arrived at the hotel, the rain was accompanied by gale force winds, pushing the water in the normally calm bay into frenzied whitecaps. They ran into the lobby of the hotel, and even that short jog caused them to become drenched! Fortunately, the room was ready for them, they just needed to get their luggage. Finding a parking spot that was somewhat protected, they unloaded as quickly as possible, but were still dripping by the time they got to the room. Shivering from the cold, they stood inside the room and just looked at each other. Their hair was plastered to their heads, their clothing hung in a dripping, sagging mess, and their shoes made a squishing sound when they walked.

She thought about how perfect she wanted their romantic week-end to be, how she wanted to look so sexy for him, and then she caught a look at herself in the mirror. She started to giggle, then laughed harder. He caught her humorous mood and started to laugh just as hard. As quickly as the laughter started, it died off, because he walked to her and kissed her, softly, warmly. She caught her breath, exhaled, and wrapped her arms around him.

Still shivering, they quickly undressed each other, and slipped into the warm robes waiting for them. As she ran water into the hot tub, he lit the fireplace. The day’s light was ebbing, and with the raw weather, they knew no one would be on the beach, so they opened the curtain covering the sliding glass door. They turned off all the lights, and slipped into the hot tub. As the soap bubbles started to cover them, she snuggled back against him. He rubbed her shoulders gently, easing the knots of tension from them, while soft music played in the background. It was so comfortable and relaxing, with the warm water washing away their cares, they just leaned back and relaxed.

Finally, they realized they were getting wrinkled. Giggling, they stood up, rinsed the bubbles off, and donned the robes again. They took the waiting champagne and food and had a picnic in front of the fireplace. They talked quietly, completely relaxed. He leaned over and kissed her, cupping his hand around her breast. She exhaled quickly at the electric feel of his fingers, her breath smelling like sweet, intoxicating wine. He put his other hand at the back of her head, pulling her forward quickly, kissing her almost roughly. He just wanted to taste that sweet wine, while his fingers idly played with her nipple, circling, softly pinching, causing it to become hard and erect. She let a little moan of pleasure escape as he lowered his head and teased the nipple with his tongue. She reached down, quickly parted his robe, and circled his erection with her hand. She heard his gasp of breath, and began to stroke the shaft.

She felt a quivering in his muscles as she increased the tempo of her hand. Still sucking and nibbling at her breasts, he placed his hand between her legs, and slipped his fingers inside of her soft wetness. This time, she moaned louder. He gently pushed her down to the floor, leaning over her. She reached up, put her hands in his hair, pulled him forward to kiss him deeply, their tongues doing a delightful dance with each other.

He pulled back for a moment, parting her legs as he massaged her thighs. She moaned again. Quickly, as if to take her by surprise, he came forward and entered her, sliding all the way into her velvety softness. She came almost instantly, softly screaming at the sheer animal pleasure of it. He pulled out, and set up a rhythm, slowing down, speeding up, slowing down again. She felt herself reaching another climax. This time, she wanted to bring him along with her into that wonderful paradise, so she swiftly rolled him over with her body, and straddled him, sinking onto his swollen shaft. He moaned with pleasure as she rode him up and down, up and down, faster and faster. Finally, he gave out a cry as he exploded inside of her. At the same time, she came in a glorious rush.

Weak, hot and totally satisfied, she slumped down on top of him, and he held her gently till her breathing slowed to a normal pitch. He finally rolled her over, and held her with her head resting on his shoulder. They looked out at the bay, now pitch black. The wind still howled in fury, looking for a way to nip at them, frustrated with the glass that prevented it from carrying out it’s plan. The rain had stopped, but they could still see the white caps. Their romantic weekend was off to a great start.

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romantic weekend

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