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Pregnancy Sex – Beautiful Marriage Heat

Pregnancy Sex – Jolee Anderson glanced up from the romance novel she was reading. Her husband was immersed in the Tallahassee News. Well, the sports page anyway.

She dog-eared the page she was on and laid the book aside, running a hand over the large bump beneath the silky red negligee. As if in response, she was rewarded with a strong kick and smiled.

“Hey, hon.”

He kept his eyes on the page, his eyes widening as they ran down the score tally.
Very gently she took the paper from his hands, folded it neatly and proceeded to climb into his lap. “We should try something.”

Now she had his attention. “Like what?”

“Well…” she smiled coyly, moving a bit in his lap, watching his face, feeling him come to life beneath her crotch. “You know it’s been rough for us to keep doing the missionary, with my big tummy? Well I was thinking..” She reached behind her to produce a page of pencil drawn positions she had printed off the internet giving suggestions for pregnancy sex. They were specifically for situations such as theirs. Pregnancy sex could still be hot as ever.

“We could try some of these. Don’t they look interesting?”
Heads together they looked over the drawings, murmuring the pros and cons of each pregnancy sex position.


Pregnancy Sex Missionary Reverse Position

“This one looks pretty simple,” she pointed. “It looks like the missionary reversed.

Wanna try it?”

“You mean now?”

She gave him a sultry look, reaching for the hem of the negligee, her creamy white breasts bouncing out. “No babe, I mean next year. Of course now, that is if you want to.”

Pregnancy Sex -She ran her tongue seductively over her upper lip, reaching out to massage his growing erection in the blue plaid boxers.

As he started to throb in her hand, she jumped off the bed. She grinned at the confused look on his face. She dug around in the dresser drawer before finding what she wanted. Flame wand in hand she lit the candles around the room, snapping off the overhead light. The room was already beginning to smell of vanilla, lavender and musk. The flicker of candlelight danced across the walls.

As she approached the bed, she could tell he was very aroused. His penis emerged from the confines of the boxers, the head growing a dark purple. She grasped him with a firm hand, while she reached with the other to grab the bottle of flavored lubricant off the nightstand. She poured an ample amount over his tightly stretched skin, massaging it gently into the soft folds. If it was possible, he seemed to be growing even more in her hand. She began stroking him, fondling the sensitive tissue near her thumb, hearing him moan with pleasure as he closed his eyes. He raised his hips as she slid the underwear off.

Then she surprised him. She knelt in front of him, taking his hard hot length into her mouth.

His eyes flew open and he watched her, entranced as he disappeared between her warm, wet lips. It wasn’t very often that she gifted him with such pleasure. He closed his eyes again as her tongue ran over his shaft, pressing insistently against his pendulum. She took him deeper, stroking him to near release, slowing down as she realized how close he was.
Then she picked up the lubricant, pouring more into her hand, massaging it into her own skin. She was breathing very hard. In response, her nipples grew into tight pink rosebuds, on her milky white breasts. It took barely a second to shimmy out of the tiny red panties.
Mark was very aroused, watching her touch herself, her crimson red fingertips disappearing into her fragrant, wet vagina, than rubbing a slow tantalizing circle over her swollen clitoris.

He scooted up behind her, reaching around her to fondle her heavy breasts, soon to be engorged with his baby’s milk.

His hands drifted down her back, massaging her as he went, to her smooth thighs, and finally to cup her cute bottom. He pressed a kiss there, before bringing her closer, up against his crotch. Assisting his rock hard penis into her vagina, fitting them closely together, he rocked gently on his knees. She bent over more to assist him, tucking a pillow beneath her stomach. Pregnancy sex is amazing.

They found a comfortable rhythm and rocked together, back and forth, gaining momentum as they went.

He was amazed at the different sensation this new position added. He glanced briefly at the paper lying face-up on the bed.  Rear-entry.  Hmmm…he could stand to do this one again.

Making sure she was gaining as much pleasure as he was, he reached beneath her, pressing against her clitoris, using his fingers in the scissor like hold she liked. He could tell he was doing something right by her ragged breathing.
She reached around and played with his balls as they slapped against her rear.
As he reached the point of no return he began thrusting-harder, their bodies beginning to sweat. He pressed harder on her clitoris and felt her squirm. She started moaning, moving in time with him.

With a low growl of satisfaction, he pumped her hard, spilling his semen into her.
She took over where he left off, bringing on her own climax as he used his hands to massage her butt.

He could feel her trembling, her legs shaking against his own. With a soft moan, as he moved yet within her, she fell to the bed, he collapsing on top of her, murmuring his love and appreciation in her ear.

Jolee smiled. Who said pregnancy sex wasn’t hot? In her opinion it was the best!

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Pregnancy Sex.1

By: Arwen Abendstern


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