Cabin Repair (2/3)

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Cabin Repair Part 2

“I’m hungry,” Stanley announced. “I’ve fixed the roof, and fixed—”

“Oh no, lover, you haven’t done near enough work to fix me yet.”

“Well, I’m going to need something to keep up my strength.”

“So you shall,” Marie giggled.

She wasn’t the cook that her best friend, Lisa, was, but she’d brought along enough treats to keep him satisfied. Dressing again in her daisy duke shorts, she helped him get the grill ready for a few hamburgers. And it seemed to do the trick. Stan was in a jovial mood, having completed at least the task for which he came. She even tricked him into helping her clean up the dishes, which was a rarity!

Sitting down and picking up a magazine, Marie left for a moment, returning in an off-white, gauzy lingerie set. It made him put down the magazine in a heartbeat! “Do you like it?” she asked.

“Is grass green?” he asked dumbly, admiring what he could see through the flimsy material.

“I thought you would,” Marie giggled. “I borrowed it from Lisa. I don’t know where she found this one, but she knows how to pick them!” And then her voice softened, “Are you ready to go again, lover?” He smiled up at her in loving acceptance. “Come undress me.”

Standing up, he shrugged free from his clothes, and approached her as she sat down seductively on the edge of a desk. Reaching behind her, he looked into her sparkling brown eyes, which were filled with mischievous delight, and gently unsnapped her top. Tenderly peeling it off of her, he set her breasts free to his gaze once again. Subconsciously he sniffed her top, stopping when she giggled.

“You sniff everything, don’t you!”

“I can’t help it,” Stan mumbled. It was true. He did sniff everything – clothes, books, the upholstery his new pickup, even the tool belt she’d given him for the Christmas before.

“Does it smell like Lisa?”

He sniffed at it again. Come to think of it, it did, as he caught the distinctive scent of her perfume. He looked over at her and nodded. Unable to wait for him, Marie stepped out of the tight briefs and twirled them on her finger. “Gonna’ sniff these, too?” she asked with a saucy grin. The idea of her wearing her best friend’s lingerie was a turn-on to him, and she loved pushing his buttons.

“I’ve got much more important things to ‘sniff,’” Stanley mumbled, standing to hold her at the waist. She sat back on the desk and looked up at him, her long brunette hair fluttering behind her back as her head tossed in unspoken invitation. Drawing his face to her warm breasts as she arched them beautifully upward, he felt surrounded by her beauty, especially when he felt the whispery softness of her legs clasp around his waist. Attempting to support her, his hands found her smooth back, loving the touch of every part of her soft skin. He felt the same raw hunger that he’d always felt with her, something intoxicating to his soul that kept him coming back for more and more as an addiction of the best kind. Had he not felt such fulfillment with her, the feelings that washed over him with her frankly would have scared him.

Happy-go-lucky self-sufficient Stan. That’s how it had always been or seemed, until he met Marie, when he made the disconcerting discovery as to just how much he truly needed another human being’s love and affection in his heart. It had hit him like ton of bricks. “Don’t be too quick to fall in love,” his father had warned with a wink, his final advice before sending his son off to school. But what did his father know anyhow?

The first he had seen Marie, she was aimlessly wandering around one of the numerous school parking lots at the university. He was walking along minding his own business when he saw her out of the corner of his eye. He could only see her from the waist up, one hand clutching a cell phone to her ear, and the other gesturing furiously as she talked animatedly with someone. She walked here, she walked there, she walked everywhere around the parking lot as if she had not a single care in the world except what was being spoken into her ear. He later teased her that she looked like she was breathing fire. Utterly fascinated, he stopped dead in his tracks and simply watched her, mesmerized by her antics, and knew he was a ‘goner.’

He later learned she was having an argument with her cousin. It had been utter nonsense, though he didn’t dare tell her so at the time. It was her typical response when she was on the losing end of something, which was to pour on more bluster… and he strangely found it very sexy to watch, all the more so when he felt irresistibly drawn to her. Finally feeling strength return to his legs, he’d moved from his position into the parking lot as she snapped her phone together with a flourish. She stood there, her brown eyes flaming with life amid a flushed face, hands on her hips as if defying this calm approaching stranger to disagree with her. He also saw something more, his own body traitorously turning against him at a critical juncture. Just what he needed at a time like this! He’d long wondered if mini-skirts should be outlawed on account of the ‘distraction factor,’ but growling under his breath, he now wondered if hemlines merely one inch above the knee should also be banished as well. Or was it two inches? He didn’t know, because her face commanded his attention, and his gaze had sharply whipped to hers as she spoke to him for the first time. Even still, he hadn’t forgotten those gorgeous, bronzed legs.

“Stanley, what are you laughing about now?” His whiskers tickled her breasts, as did his rumbling chuckles.

“Ah, it’s nothing, Babe.” Wincing, he felt her draw him closer to her with her legs, those same beautiful legs he still loved from the first moment he’d seen her.

“You’re a horrible liar,” she mused. “But you know what, I really don’t care.” Drawing him closer, she felt his warm manhood tickle along her narrow landing strip. Drawing his face up so she could look him in the eye, she smiled. “Do you know how to use that thing, or did you miss the sign that said ‘insert here?’”

“I think I missed the sign, Hon. You didn’t exactly tattoo directions down there.”


“But I don’t think that’s what you need right now,” he cut her off.  Being stronger than she, he gently broke the clasp of her legs, drawing a trail of kisses from her chin across her breasts, and then downward over her flat stomach, swirling a tongue in her belly button before continuing lower. He felt her hands tangling in his hair as he continued his journey, his lips nuzzling against the soft bristles of her pubic hair before continuing lower. Stopping, he simply sat on his knees, and admired her, remembering again their first meeting in the parking lot, when he’d instantly wondered where those pretty legs ended. He’d immediately rebuked himself for the thought at the time, but he knew the answer now… and it was a most lovely place.

Leaning in, he kissed her smooth vulva, her scent familiar, and immediately comforting. The small gesture immediately registered with her as she tossed her hair and looked down at him, a crooked smile on her face. “Why do we always choose to make love on hard objects, Stanley?” she drawled, her voice thick with arousal.

“Don’t know, Babe,” he chuckled, realizing anew that he was also kneeling in front of a desk. Heck – it was where she chose to sit down, wasn’t it? Leaning in, his lips found her again, his tongue flickering out to capture the special taste that was her, and to experience the joy of opening her passion.

Driven nearly to madness with the moist thrust of his tongue in her soft cleft, she arched her back again and nearly cried. In many ways it didn’t even seem right to experience such happiness. She thought of her co-workers and those she met every day at the hospital where she worked. Broken lives, broken homes, broken marriages. And here she had this awesome man who had been brave enough to approach her when she’d had some stupid argument with her—. All thought stopped as she felt his tongue flicker across her clitoris. Goosebumps and flashes of heat seemed to radiate through her simultaneously as she looked down at him again. He looked up at her, his eyes meeting hers as he loved her with his mouth. And this time she did cry out, looking at the ceiling once again as lights burst through her head, her legs coming up to surround his head against her.

It was all he could do to hold on, as she writhed in flushed passion, her high-pitched cries a long-cherished crescendo to their lovemaking. It was a supreme pleasure to tip her over the edge, and he felt the same fascination wash over him anew at simply being a part of this glorious woman’s life. Every sound and movement she made was familiar to him, and yet it seemed new all over again. His tongue continued its swirling, loving path around, over, and through her beauty, her cries reducing to contented whimpers, until she cried again with the crushing waves of pleasure that consumed her soul. Her moist fluids warmed his lips and cheeks as he drank deeply from the cistern of her pleasure. Her capacity for desire and pleasure had always amazed him, for though he was hopelessly unable to ever match it with his own, the joy he found in simply being there to experience it with her was inexpressible.

Losing strength in her arms to continue holding herself upright, Marie felt herself falling backwards onto the desk, even as her lover kept himself close in rapturous embrace with her passion. She felt his strong arms catch her in the nick of time, as everything seemed hazy, her vision blurred from what he did to her. All at once she was next to his chest, cradled in his arms as he carried her to their bedroom. The contrasting softness of their bed on her bum after the hard press of the desk was a welcome relief, as was the sheltering warmth of his arms, soothing voice, and simple presence. She would never have enough of the pure ecstasy she felt with this man! Maybe she wasn’t the sweet person that her best friend Lisa was, but it made her love him all the more, that he appreciated her for who she was.

On her back, and still delirious with the glowing aftershocks of pleasure that shimmied through her body, she felt him gently open her legs, and then pure warmth as she felt him slip into her, joining her in blissful oneness. He stretched her arms above her head, and tenderly overlaid her form with his, pressing her into the softness of the bed. And then he simply rested, his weight pleasant on hers, his face nuzzled against her ear as two hearts beat as one. There generally wasn’t a thing in the world that ever intimidated or scared Marie, but at the moment, she treasured the feelings of being loved, protected, and cherished. She wouldn’t have minded if he found his own pleasure, though she was too exhausted at the moment to join him, but it wasn’t what he sought, for now wanting only closeness with her as she rested.

Marie’s exhaustion was only temporary at best, as Stanley soon discovered, as her frisky tongue flickered in his ear. “You going to plow me into the bed, or just lie there, you big hunk?”

“Hmm?” Stanley’s voice rumbled in her ear. The very sound of her oft-times naughty voice made him pulsate with pleasure. He heard her giggle as she felt him twitch within her.

Instinctively looking upward, Marie saw only the ceiling boards and groaned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t see you in the mirror. I like watching your cute butt wiggle when you’re inside me.”

Stanley had no idea what his butt looked like in the mirror, and frankly didn’t care. That being said, the mirrors had been a terrific investment to their bedroom, even if it did raise a few eyebrows amongst some of their friends. But he didn’t care what they thought, either. All he knew was it had been great fun.

“You know what I wish I could have right now?” she whispered.

“What’s that, Babe?”

“Oh, Stanley… if you had a twin, I… I think I’d want you both.”

“Two gorillas at the same time, eh?” Stan quipped.

“Oh no, lover,” Marie shushed. “Two gorgeous men… I’d watch in the mirror…”

“What would you see?” He always enjoyed her whispered fantasies. It was simply part of who she was, something that made her glow with excitement. Truth be told, her vivid imagination always turned him on, too.

Their faces were together now, and he peered into her sparkling brown eyes. “Would you like to see that, Stanley?” she asked, her voice husky and seductive. “To watch two of you… one splitting me open…” She squeezed him again, making him shiver with pleasure. “And the other thrusting in my mouth.” Now he felt her shiver beneath him.

Her voice whispered on, curiously arousing him to the point he felt beside himself. He had absolutely no intention of ever sharing his Marie, but dog gone-it if there wasn’t something about her voice and the way she told it that made him harder than a baseball bat! She was strong, too. In a moment of not paying attention, Stanley suddenly realized that she was now on top of him, undulating her hips as she rode him. Her breasts swung gently above him, full and lovely, and he sighed happily as she gently lowered them to his face.

“I think you like that, don’t you lover?” Smiling as he nodded dumbly, she tenderly withdrew the length of his burgeoning manhood. Softly kissing his cheek, she whispered, “I want you in my mouth.” Kneeling between his outstretched legs, she looked down at him admiringly while tying up her hair. Taking him in both hands she blew lightly on him. She looked at her fists, each gripping him one over the other, and the mauve tip of his penis’ crown which stood proudly above. “Golly, Stan – you are huge!” Lowering her pretty face and looking up at him while he watched, she kissed the weeping slit in his crown, tasting his sticky juices and her own, a sweet cocktail of desire that fueled her passion all the more.

He watched his manhood disappear inside her lips into the welcoming, wet, warmth of her mouth as she swirled her tongue around him. He felt her smooth skin against his thighs, the softness of her breasts and legs. In back of her bobbing head, her pretty bum was raised high into the air. He suddenly wished he could indeed be in both places at once, enjoying the sweet pleasure of her mouth, and thrusting into her from behind.

As if reading his mind and wanting to give him a peek, she turned herself on the bed, straddling him, backing her femininity into his face and again taking him in her mouth. Her spectacular breasts felt like a cushion of softness on his belly, the rigid tips of her nipples lightly tickling against him. His tongue flickered out to taste her once more, and she quivered on top of him, pressing her smooth thighs against his rugged face.

Holding him tightly at his base, she looked down at his magnificent penis, which seemed to wink back up at her, even while he gave her excruciating pleasure from behind, his tongue flickering all over her femininity and into other places that drove her wild with excitement. Sighing softly, she took him once more, relaxing her throat as he passed deeply into her. She smiled at the effect it had on him, and could feel his ragged breaths against her vulva as he gasped in sheer delight. She loved doing that to him! Bobbing her head up and down the entire length, she nearly made him mad.

“B-babe!” he finally gasped.

Raising her pretty face from him once more, she stared down at her handiwork. He was nearly purple and throbbing with anticipation. “Or, maybe what you need, lover,” she paused, blowing lightly on his swollen length. “Is a threesome… with my best friend!” Quickly taking him again, she swallowed him deeply as a long, throaty moan left his lips, reverberating through her body against her soft skin.

Involuntarily gripping her hips and holding her to him, he moaned and cried against her soft vulva even as she felt the rhythmic contractions of his penis, and the pulsating spurts of his semen finding refuge in her tummy. His mind suddenly flooded with the kaleidoscope of her erotic imagery, he thrashed on the bed, trying to hold onto her slender body as she stuck to him, her own erotic desires culminating with his in shared ecstasy. He felt her muffled moan around his swollen length, and then her ecstatic cries of fulfillment again as she finally released him, holding him against her as he painted her cheek with the last throbbing pulsations of his desire. He felt each quiver and shake of her slender body full length on his, even the gentle squeeze and release of her hand at the base of his manhood as she enjoyed the passions that consumed her completely, or so it seemed, until he lifted her to new heights with the touch of his tongue once more. He loved the gentle thrust of her bum against him involuntarily, as if seeking to place herself even closer to his love. He loved the tickle of her narrow strip of pubic hair on his chin, and the taste of her complete feminine joy as she attempted to pour herself into his mouth. His gentle caresses on her back, bum, and legs, sent little, chilling shoots of pleasure through her that seemed to propel and accentuate the rest of the pleasure he gave her throughout her entire body.

Long moments later they rested together, her slender frame still twitching with the aftershocks of pleasure. Lifting her head, she looked down to still see her hand clasped about his penis, and smiled. Moistening her lips, she tenderly encircled his now softening crown in her lips, her tongue flickering out to taste the creamy remnants of his release. “Tired of the view, Stan?” Her voice sounded soft, though loud, in the room. She heard his muffled response, and twitched with the flicker of his tongue. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes,’” she giggled, gently falling to the side of him. Keeping one smooth leg over his chest, she looked up at the ceiling. “I think we need to invest in a mirror out here.” Pleased to hear his answering chuckles, she sat up beside him. “I better get you some juice.”

By: Dennis Brekke


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  1. Tohimbetheglory says:

    Wow, I loved this story!! My wife's family has a hide away cabin that the road sucks to get to it ,but once you are there- nothing else matters. I dont usually like third party writings narratives, but this one was amazing from the first part of the story to the third part. How she put a little fantasy of wishing there was two of her husband so she could suck one of him and get screwed by the first. And then asking if he maybe wanted a threesome with her and her girlfriend instead. Even though neither would happen ….HOT for the wife to bring it up as fantasy. The fun in the hot tub and just a fun hot sexy married story. 2 thumbs up and one erection. ToHimbetheglory

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