Cabin Repair (1/3)

Wondering why she hadn’t learned her lesson the first time she rode up this awful road, Marie felt nauseous as she stepped out of Stan’s pickup truck. “Honestly Stan, I feel like throwing up.” Wishing she had Lisa with her to commiserate with, she headed for the cabin pronto, hoping to keep her breakfast down.

“I’m sorry, Hon.” And he was, too. One of these days he needed to bring the cat back in here to smooth the road out. A road grader would be even better. The bumps and curves in the roads combined with the smell of fuel and dust in his truck only made things worse. Sighing softly and wishing she didn’t become car sick so easily, he began the task of moving their things to the cabin, hoping for the best.

By the time she reappeared, looking much better, he had the pickup unloaded. It hadn’t taken much to coax her to come along with him to the cabin, but he felt bad for it. Maybe the roof repair he had in mind was critical, but the very next thing just had to be the road. Maybe that’s why their friends hadn’t come along? Nah, it probably wasn’t that, but they’d miss them. But come to think of it, Melissa was supposedly ‘busy’ this weekend, too, and wasn’t able to make it. He chuckled to himself. Yes, the road needed to be made a priority, or they wouldn’t get any of their friends to come back there with them, which would be a shame, because it was a lovely spot, and he had big plans for it. “Feeling better?” he asked.

She nodded her head, smiling as his eyes fell immediately to her stunning legs. She’d changed into what she called her ‘daisy duke’ shorts, and they were unmistakably flattering in all the ways she’d intended.

He grinned appreciatively.

Marie’s husband was not a man of many words, but she saw all she needed to know in his eyes. He was her Prince Charming, and all man—hers! He was the one person, aside from maybe her cousin who she grew up with, that she felt completely at home with, who accepted her for what she was, and didn’t ever try to make her something she was not. Some of her friends called her ‘naughty,’ and that was okay. Marie knew it was true, and that was all the more reason why she appreciated this handsome, reserved man. He made her feel good to be exactly how she was, good, bad, or otherwise. And tonight she was going to knock his block off!

“Well, I’d best get up there and get it done. Roofs don’t repair themselves,” he chuckled.

“Kay,” she said, giving him a seductive smile that all but reached into his pants. “I’m gonna’ get some sun.”

Leaning the ladder against the eaves of the cabin, Stan climbed upward with his tool belt. He’d first noticed the leak next to the chimney and thought he’d start there. Sure enough, there it was. The limb must have come down in a storm, and come down hard at that, because it was still sticking out of the roof in a clean puncture. After appraising the situation, he returned to the ground to gather the materials he needed.

Hearing her lover outside whistling while he worked, Marie grinned at herself in the floor length mirror. Completely naked, she briefly looked at herself with the saucy confidence which was her nature. Whether it was wrong to think so or not, she happened to love the body God had placed her in. It was flattering when heads turned when she entered a room, but more than that, she loved the joy it brought to her when sharing it with her husband, and what he had awakened within her that very first night of passion they had shared. The ‘poor’ man would have been content with just once, but he had not known just what had been started. It had been one of the few times she ever blushed, when she was the one who approached him for the second round. With a little patience, he had been more than ready to oblige… so many memories. Pulling on a white bikini, she fit it over her lovely shape, appraised herself one last time, and then went outside.

He was on the roof again when she came out, and he whistled to her softly. Hearing him, she turned around and looked up at him. “Hey, big boy,” she called. “Have any time to repair me?”

As if she needed repairing. His grin broadened, and he removed his hat, doing a bow from the roof… then catching himself as he slipped.

“Watch out, big boy,” she laughed. “I don’t know how to repair you if you fall off the roof!” With that she walked over the lush green grass to the edge of the lake. Her feet padding out on the small boat dock that her cousin and husband had constructed on a different weekend, she cleanly dove off the end into the water. It felt like ice at first, but as she swam around, she became used to it, looking back at her ‘hard’ working husband as he attacked the roof with gusto.

And he was hard, too, which was a distraction to his work. He certainly enjoyed the skimpy swimsuits she liked to wear, but more than that, he loved her confidence, which was infectious. Trying not to make the roof worse, the sound of his buzz saw’s piercing cry filled the air as he cut out the section to replace. Sawdust blew upward into his face in thousands of little shards as he cut out a clean section of roof.

Returning to the dock after her swim, Marie spread out her blanket on the warm boards, and reached for her tanning lotion. Reaching behind her, she untied her bikini top and put it to her side, setting free her glorious breasts to enjoy the sunlight’s kiss. Her body already naturally bronzed, it was probably not necessary to ever tan at all, but she loved it for relaxation… and for the reaction she knew she’d provoke in the man on the roof… just so long as he didn’t fall off and hurt himself! She slathered tanning lotion over her body until she gleamed in the light.

It had the desired effect. Stan looked down at his lover with pent up need ready to explode. It wasn’t ‘fair’ that she could do this to him so simply, but it was true. Maybe that darn ol’ roof should just fix itself, while he went down and addressed matters that were much more important. Doing his best to focus on the job at hand, he pounded in a brace under the roof to hold the new board he was putting in place. “Ouch!”

She heard him yelp, and looked up. The poor man must have hit the wrong ‘nail.’ Well then, he’d just have to practice his aim a little, that was all. The thought gave her a smirk, though she hoped he hadn’t completely flattened it.

Dang bust it! Sucking his thumb like a two year old, Stan pulled it out of his mouth and examined the damage. His thumbnail now was a lovely shade of purple. ‘That’s your fault,’ he mouthed the words while looking over at his tantalizing bride. He’d never say the words out loud, though he knew that she’d probably agree with him… and then laugh!  Well, what else was a man supposed to do when a gorgeous woman took her top off anyhow? Not look? It wasn’t possible, and she was surely taking advantage of his sensibilities. And then his deep chuckles overtook him. ‘Pay attention, old man,’ he told himself, and settled back to his task, though still observing her out of the corner of his eye.

She heard him chuckling on the roof and wondered what he was thinking. Lying flat on her back, she looked down at herself, admiring the rise of her breasts, and the swollen nipples which pointed upward to the heavens. The sun felt wonderful as it caressed her skin, and she was glad for the freedom to do it. While he would probably object to her doing it on a public beach, he didn’t mind when she did it in private, or with their closest friends.

Grinning with the memory, she remembered when she and Lisa had completely derailed the conversation of their husbands. They’d been talking about the farm on the deck behind their house, or some such nonsense, while their wives enjoyed the sun. She still remembered the sharp intake of breath as they both ceased talking at the same time when they suddenly realized what the girls were up to. It had taken them awhile to find their voices again, too… and then to try to pretend as if they didn’t notice. It had been hard not to laugh at the poor pups! Lightly flickering her fingertips over her nipples, she sighed with contentment, feeling alive with joy. The little butterflies of pent-up need fluttered through her tummy, and she shivered.

She looked up to the roof once more, deliberately touching herself, and wondering if her husband was noticing. He hadn’t. In fact, his back was to her now. The cad! She wondered if he’d done it on purpose just to get some work done, and grinned.

Stanley had done just that, as a matter of fact, and he was making progress, too. The new boards in place, he descended the roof and picked up the tar paper and composite roofing materials. The sounds of his banging hammer again filled the air as he tapped the materials into place, and fixed a leak that had been a thorn in his side.

The interior would be Marie’s to fix. And come to think of it, how come she wasn’t inside fixing the stain damage made by the water that leaked in, rather than lying out here and… Stan looked out at her again and grimaced, suddenly not caring what she did inside the house. Her face was filled with happiness as he watched her hands flicker over her breasts and press lightly over her tummy, slippery with the oil in her fingers. Picking up his tools, he descended the roof for the last time, and put things away.

Striding across the yard to the boat dock, his clomping boots suddenly sounded loud on the dock boardwalk. She looked up at him, squinting her eyes in the sunlight. “All done?” she asked. He nodded, and simply watched as her hands gently felt over the luscious contours of her breasts. She looked up at him. He looked so sexy standing there in his work clothes.

“Want to make love outside?” Her voice was soft, and the look she gave him seemed to reach inside him and grab him by the heart… well, maybe not his ‘heart’ at the moment, it was by something else, but close enough.

“Yeah, I do,” his deep voice rumbled. “And don’t blame me if you get slivers in your butt from the dock. You’ve been provoking me all afternoon.”

“Oh, Stanley!” her laughter pealed into the air. She felt his hands at her waist, and lifted her legs so he could tug off the rest of her bikini. “Me? Provoke you?”

Stanley heard her only peripherally, his eyes mesmerized with her beauty, the narrow strip of pubic hair seeming to mark the pathway for his eyes to follow to the supreme softness of her femininity, which had been waxed to perfection. She opened her creamy thighs, purring pleasantly with his hot gaze. “All yours, lover!” He met her eyes briefly, which met his gaze solidly in return. He didn’t have to wonder which of them was hornier.

And then with a smirk, and purposefully butchering a famously uttered line from a Navy captain, Marie giggled, “Damn the slivers. Full speed ahead!”

Laughing himself nearly hoarse, and listening to his mirth reverberating from the surrounding hills, Stanley shrugged out of his work clothes, leaving them in a heap on the dock until he was as nude as she. His rock hard penis bobbed in front of him, as if leading the way.

“Oh, gosh, honey, you look great!” Marie’s soft voice spurred him on.

Gently kneeling between her legs on the hard boards of the dock, he felt her soft fingers gently guide him into her. He tenderly opened her smooth legs, kissing her foot and enjoying the touch of her soft skin against him. Both watched breathlessly, as he gently parted her soft folds, and became one with a woman who meshed perfectly with his soul. He felt enormous, and powerful inside her, and she loved taking every single part of him into her, and the unspeakable closeness it gave them. He groaned with sweet pleasure, which filled her with satisfaction and acceptance.

Pushing to a stop, Stanley leaned over her, trying to catch his breath, knowing already he wouldn’t last long enough. He never seemed to last long enough for his own liking, though it had never mattered, because he’d never been the one who needed to slow down! He smoothed a hand over her forehead as she arched her breasts against his chest.

“Oh, golly, Stanley, I—” Marie’s voice loosed, her high pitched cries coming in gasps as she writhed beneath him, seeming to pull him into her like an all-consuming vortex. He felt her legs clasp around his back as he looked into her eyes, which seemed to stare right through him as if immersed in another world. His own throaty cries tearing loose, he thrust incoherently within her, and both forgot about any slivers.

She felt him moving within, loving the supreme sensation of his body filling hers, and withdrawing, and then surging forward again. She cried again as he found his joy in her, continuing his wild thrusts even as the warm spurts of his semen departed him to become part of her as he collapsed over her softness.

The silence that followed seemed almost deafening, and both had almost blushed at the sound of their desire echoing off the surrounding hills. The sound of a buzzing bee zipped overhead, and the soft breeze whipped up little ripples of the lake as it caressed the dock. They’d both been wrong – it wasn’t the slivers at all that were the problem. It was the darn boards of the dock which felt as hard as a rock. Mercifully he withdrew from her so she could sit up.

“Wow!” she breathed, flashing him a smile. Drawing a finger tip through her vulva, she brought it to her lips and tasted their mutual passion. “Tastes good, lover.”

Sitting next to her a groaning Stanley appraised his cherry-red knees. It hurt like the dickens, but it had been worth it.

Picking up their clothes, they walked to the house together.


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