A Cool Spring Evening

It was spring now, but the evening was dark and cool as I walked toward the house.  My wife was alone inside, just stepping out of the shower after a long day of spring cleaning.  As I reached for the front door I felt a bulge in my pants, in expectation of what I knew was waiting for us inside.  I walked in to find my wife sitting on the couch with a blanket wrapped around her and with her hair wet from the shower.  I smiled but didn’t say a word, lit a candle above the fireplace and turned off the lights.  She stood up and walked over to me, opened wide her arms and to my delight the blanket was all she had on.

Until that moment I hadn’t even noticed the soft music she had playing, and we started to embrace and dance slowly and rhythmically.  She asked me to hold the top of the blanket around us as she began to slowly unbutton my shirt.  I could see her erect nipples right through the blanket and knew that I was not the only one who was already aroused.  My shirt was opened and she began to massage my chest, and then my sides as her hands slowly made their way down to the top of my pants.  By this time I was so erect I thought I was going to burst through my jeans!  She then pulled apart the button and ripped the zipper open to expose me completely.

I responded my pulling apart the blanket at her chest level and bending down to put my lips on her left nipple.  This made her stand up tall and lift her arms above her head and the blanket fell to the floor.  As I sucked and nibbled, my hand automatically reached around and began to massage first her back and the underside of her arm, then her other breast, kneading and caressing.  I had hardly realized that I had dropped to my knees in front of her, and now it was her turn to bend over to me.  She grabbed ahold of my face and pulled my lips to hers and began to kiss me with such passion!  While kissing me her hands began to move all over my body – first my arms then my back and then my buttocks.

Suddenly, without warning, she disengaged from me and walked over to the couch, climbed onto it, and kneeled on it facing the wall, her back arched and her legs spread slightly and invitingly.  I was ready to put my erection inside of her from behind but she twisted around and grabbed my waist and began to suck me hard.  My hand instinctively began to slide up the inside of her leg, slowly from her calf, up past her thigh, and then to her pubic area where to my excitement I found the hair already wet with moisture, in anticipation of what was to come.

She too reached down and got some wetness from herself and began to stroke the shaft of my penis as she sucked on the head even harder.  I had to make the effort to control myself as I thought I might explode right then and there, but she seemed to know just the right time to stop and began to lick my nipple, the massage my balls – and then back to the same sucking and stroking as before.  By now my entire thumb was far up inside of her and my index finger was stimulating her erect clitoris at the same time.

We continued in this way, both of us moaning and sighing, until she couldn’t stand it any more and arched her back, threw back her arms, and let out a holler that I thought might wake up the baby!  We both smiled but I realized this was her way of letting me know she wanted me inside her NOW!  She grabbed my penis and pulled it toward her clitoris and I pushed back and said, “let me give you another, Honey”.  She had a firm grasp of me and was rubbing the head of my rock-hard penis against her clitoris as if there was no tomorrow.  She let out another holler and this time I handed her the couch pillow (but somehow at this point she didn’t seem concerned about the baby waking up).  We went back and forth between her bringing me almost to the point of orgasm with her deft handwork and me making her explode repeatedly.

It seemed like we could go on forever but she made it clear that she needed something more than just orgasms ~ she wanted something deep inside her.  She turned, facing me, gave me a big wet kiss on my lips, grabbed my behind, and pulled me into her as hard as she could as we both fell to the couch with me on top of her.  I began to thrust violently and her hands were wrapped around me, nails digging in, urging me to go harder and harder.  I rode her like a wild man (and she loved it)!  She then got hold of my nipple with her thumb and index finger as her other fingers reached up into the erogenous areas under my arms.

The multiple forms of stimulation reached a critical mass of sorts in my brain.  I heard myself yelling out as I was thrusting harder than ever, my entire body quivering and shaking as I came in gushes with each thrust.  I grabbed ahold of her hands, threw them back behind her, pinning her to the couch, as my body sunk onto her warm wet loving embrace.  We laid there with me on top of her for a few moments and felt – not only blissfully exhausted but – so blessed to have each other…  I rolled to the side and she put her head on my chest as I reached for the blanket and pulled it up over us.  What a way to fall to sleep!

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