Oral Sex -Perfect Timing

Oral Sex – I phoned my wife to tell her I could be over to pick her up to go for a walk in about fifteen minutes, and she said that that would be just fine.  When I got to the door and rang the doorbell, I thought it was a little curious why it took her so long to greet me.  When she did open it, she was wearing a housecoat, obviously just out of the shower, or so I thought.  She invited me in and I gave her a hug and a kiss when she forced her tongue basically down my throat – Oral sex was beginning.

Next she was stroking my already erect manhood through my pants.  I untied her robe to feel her large breasts and see if her nipples were erect, when to my surprise, she had on the sexiest nitie I have ever seen, complete with stockings and garters.  No sooner did I mention this to her when she slid my pants down and pulled my erect penis out and started to suck me. Oral sex was getting hotter.  She knows how much I love to have this happen to me, and watching her lips, and breasts really turns me on.  I am not that “large” of a man, seven and a half inches, but she can ram my whole penis down her throat, and it doesn’t even gag her.  The feeling or oral sex is tremendous.

I felt myself starting to come and I told her I wanted her to sit on my face.  I lay down on the floor and she straddled my face and I commenced to run my tongue up and around anything and everything. I love giving her oral sex! This is when I really love watching her breasts bounce and heave.  While I am going to town with my tongue and mouth, I can also fondle and play with her breasts and nipples.  We headed up to the bedroom, when she got out the KY jelly and the “human clone”.  I got her all lubed up with KY and she started to masturbate with the vibrator all the while playing with her clitoris.

I just had to get my tongue involved in this and she held onto my head, guiding me, and I tongued and flicked her clitoris.  While all of this is happening, I place my finger gently on her rose bud and carefully massage her there.  When she does climax, it feels so cool.  I can tell when everything is happening, and also the magnitude of her orgasm.  She really likes it when I do that too!!  After she climaxed and relaxed for a few minutes, she said it was my turn, and what would I like.  I said surprise me.  She had me lay on my back and she started from my forehead and started kissing me down my face to my lips.

Then she started kissing my neck, and sucking my nipples.  While she was doing this she was stroking my erect member, which was hard as rebar.  She made her way down my chest, kissing and nibbling, to my stomach, and then pay dirt, she started giving my a blow-job.  Next thing, she stopped sucking and continued to mount me.  She played for a while, slowly riding up and down on my member all the while kissing me.

Then she would sit up on it and move her hips back and forth.  I grabbed her hips and pushed her hard down onto me and moved her back and forth as hard as I could.  This continued on for a little while, and she could tell I was really getting myself ready to go over the edge.  I was really getting into this.  I was watching her breasts bounce, and the sweat was really starting to pour from both of us.  She was telling me she could feel how hard I am, and I told her it is all for her, and how well she can receive it.

She could tell I was getting close, and I was getting ready to orgasm and at the very next stroke, she jumped of my large, wet, erect penis and placed it down her throat, and she swallowed every last love drop.  Not a beat was missed.  She had it timed absolutely perfect.  This blew my mind.  Not only all of this, but she continued to suck me until I was completely spent and soft.

By: Gabriel S. Delgado C.



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6 replies
  1. Anonymous says:

    My wife and I always read these stories together. Right now she is stariting to suck my cock and I have promissed her a nice big creamy load for her to swallow!

  2. Anonymous says:

    When I read this. I told my dh, he watched me finger myself and then got hard and sucked my pussy and I gave him a blow job and he sucked me till i came

  3. MusikMan says:

    Hey there, brother. Nice story! By the way… you say you are not that “large” at 7 1/2 inches. Only about 15% of men are larger than 7 and only about 3% of men are larger than 8. As far as length goes, you’re great! Anyway… just thought I’d boost your ego. Now don’t forget to tell your wife!!

  4. hornyGG says:

    I loved the story. I also love sucking cock and having my pussy eaten by my sexy Ben. I also agree with MusikMan, 7 1/2 inches is not small by any means. It is said, that it is not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean that counts. Personally, I think society has put too much emphasis on size, whether it be a woman’s breast or a man’s dick. If two people truly love each other, then size really shouldn’t matter. Just my opinion! God bless and stay horny.

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