Moving Stress Relief

A while back we were planning a move to a new city.  The details were becoming a real hassle, as the days grew closer.  My wife and I were just at nerves end.  Many sharp words were being used.

Finally, one evening a couple of days before the move we were just laying in bed unwinding from the day when we realized how we had been treating one another.  At last some soft words were spoken, the kids were asleep and the mood returned bringing a nice atmosphere.

Slowly, we caressed each other, our bodies tired, yet stimulated by the massages being given.  In rather short order my wife began kissing me.  Again and Again.  I then began to remove the clothes covering her top half.  Now her breasts having been revealed became the object of my tongue.  Sucking and licking her nipples began sending pleasure through her.  A gentle moan coming from her as she still reached to kiss the side of my face.  After a bit she just laid back and responded with moans the arousal she was feeling.

I gave her a hickey unlike I had given her in years.  She has needed to wear higher necklines the last few days.  By now we were hot and ready to move on.  So I removed her pants and she my shirt and pants.  Through her panties I teased with my fingers, stroking gently.  She grabbed my penis and stroked and I moved in rhythm.  We just drove each other crazy.  I moved the panties out of the way so my touch would send her into orbit.  It did seem to have that effect.  Her body stiffened and moved with my hand movements. She moaned louder with her pleasure.  Occasionally, she would move my hand faster.  It got so that she could no long hold on to my penis.

She climaxed a few times.  I kept on going for some time.  Finally she came down.  I was still extremely aroused having seen her reaction.  She turned over and knelt on the bed facing the headboard and had me enter her from behind.

The waves of pleasure that I get from that position are incredible.  I enjoyed it for as long as I could.  As I could feel orgasm approaching I moved in and out all the faster.  This was the best orgasm I had enjoyed for some time.

After the “session” was over, we lay close to each other and went to sleep.  It seemed that all the cares of the world would just have to take a back seat.  After 16 years, it is still fun to make up!

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