Warm Wet Oneness: A Story of Soft, Slow, Sweet, Cuddly Love

Oh it feels so, so good to lay side by side, fully naked, with as much warm skin contact as possible – with my wifey. Oh I love my wifey! We affectionately call her, “My hot, sexy grandma.” But to me she is hot and she is sexy and she is not my grandma. That is what one of our grandson’s calls her.

I love all our intimate times together. Some are wild. Some are extreme. I love those fun times with you. And some are very, very soft. This one is very warm, very soft, very sweet and very, very good. Just intimate, cuddly, fun, pleasure.

As we cuddle, I am laying on my left side with you in my arms, as we normally do. My left arm is wrapped around your shoulders and neck, gently rubbing and scratching the back of your neck and head, free to pull you close for our kisses of love. My right arm is free to reach down and rub your thighs, your inner legs, and your bum. I very willingly, almost involuntarily reach around and begin to massage your buns a bit; squeezing them gently and pulling you in very close. As I do, our most intimate parts touch together, and we begin to melt together into a beautiful warm oneness. A very nice prelude.

You spread your legs apart a bit, inviting more. I cannot refuse that!  So, I position myself and I begin to rub my upper leg against your pussy just a little bit.  I roll a little more toward you and reach up and cup the back of your head with my right hand, pull you in close, and we kiss – a long, warm, deep, sweet, loving kiss. You let out a gentle little moan, one that signals that this is going to be good. I stroke your head, and neck, and shoulders and upper arm a bit – a mini massage. “Oh honey that feel so good,” you say. I love giving you good feelings. Now I reach down over your hip and bun and leg – another little mini massage. You need this. It feels so good to make you feel good. This lasts a long, long time. But we are both beginning to really get into this. We are both giving in.

I slide my hand around and gently cup your pussy and gently squeeze and push and rub. You spread your legs apart and moan again. I feel you getting more moist and more hot. I insert one finger just a teeny little bit – and feel your womanly moisture. So, so sweet! You roll your hips out to get a little more. You are wanting more. And I love giving you what you want.

Slowly our lips come together and we kiss deeply. Soft wet lips and tongues – gently, warmly, sucking each other into a wonderful oneness.

Your legs are spreading wider and your hips are starting to push up against my hand now – inviting advance. You, we are starting to get lost in the sweet pleasure. You have that sweet smile of delight and love on your pretty face. Your whole being, your whole demeanor is communicating desire; saying, “More, I want more, now.”

You have brought your left hand up on to your chest and are embracing your breast. I love it when you do this for me, but I love it even more when you do it for you and me – for your pleasure and mine, like now. You have cupped your entire breast in your hand and you are gently squeezing and pressing and rolling; a sweet smile on your beautiful face.  This morning we did your nails in a pretty, fun purple color. It looks amazing against your chest and on your soft warm breasts.

As we kiss and cuddle warmly and deeply, you roll over on your back and now have both hands on your breasts. Beautiful. Pretty. Sexy. My hand is still cupping your lovely pussy and now penetrating a little bit more.  And we are kissing – and I mean really kissing!  You are having the beginning of a really warm, relaxing, cozy, cuddly orgasm. I love it when you have such pleasure. I love to watch your pretty hands on your breasts. I love the look on your face that says, “Pure good pleasure.” Your breath is now short and quick as you get hotter and hotter. You are now pinching and pulling and rolling gently on your beautiful nipples. You are really getting into this now. I reach down and massage your nipples with my tongue and suck them fully into my mouth. This puts you over the edge. You hold your breasts up to meet my lips. You push your chest forward and up. You lean your head back. I suck, and lick and caress. My hands joining yours, squeezing and pressing and rolling, pinching. A wonderful warm breast orgasm

Again we kiss deeply. The look on your face is dreamy, it is desire, it is pure warm wanting. You spread your legs very wide and very inviting. You are ready! You pull me over on top, almost demanding – no, you are demanding and I love it!  You pull me fully inside of you. I can picture your pretty, pretty nails, cupping my buns, pulling, demanding.  I slide easily and deeply into your warm, wet, cuddly pussy. Nothing, nothing ever anywhere feels this good. This is beyond words. You pull me in as deep as you can and moan – “Oh honey.” I gently and slowly slide in and out and in and out. We are both climaxing together – warm, sweet, beautiful, cozy, cuddly, erotic, full, sexy, pleasure. Your whole body stiffens. Your pussy muscles squeeze tight around me. I push in deep, deep. You pull me in hard and strong. Your face looks almost pained. Finally, with a moan and final deep push, I let go and shoot all my hot love deep inside you.

“Oh, wow. That was good!” “You are wonderful.” I really love you.”  Release, relax and just lay in each others arms for a long, long time, kissing, cuddling – just enjoying the afterglow. I am still inside you, but am softening amid the warm, wet love. I can feel the mixture of your womanhood and my manhood oozing out between my penis and your still swollen lips. It is our warm, wet love flowing, and it feels very intimate – a little gooey, but very, very intimate.

Slowly, I slide out of you and slide down so that my head is between your legs, my arms wrapped around your hips. I squeeze and pull myself in close to your pussy. I begin to suck your pussy and drink our mingled juices. This is strange to both of us. Strange yes, but warm, deep, oneness. It feels so good to be so close and so deep for so long. Your pussy area opens up even more and spreads even wider. You are now beginning to gently thrust. Another orgasm! I love it. You reach down with your pretty hands and pull me deep into your pussy. “Oh honey, I can’t believe you would do this for me. I love you!” I drink and suck and lick. I reach my finger inside your beautiful entrance and find your “sweet spot”. It is very big and easy to find right now. I just hold my finger still and let you push and rub gently against me. “Lick me,” you plead. I let my tongue rest on your warm, wet lips and clitoris. “Oh, yeah right there. You push gently up and down against my tongue and finger. You let out a long, low breathy moan. This is the ultimate of warm, wet, sweet, loving oneness. You stiffen and ooze. You let out a little squirt of love from your pussy and little moan of delight from your lips. I drink deep of both, one with my mouth and the other with my eyes. We melt again – together. We are one in warmth, in softness, in intimacy, in love – forever.

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