Making Up Is Hard to Do

It all started as something really dumb.  My wife and I had an argument over something we should have resolved many years ago since we have celebrated our twenty fifth wedding anniversary last year.  It was a Wednesday night and I had decided to go to one of the local college’s basketball game.  She originally had plans to be with her small group.  Truthfully we had been avoiding each other for a couple of days.  I had been complaining of her spending too little time with me.   She called while I was at work. It was then I let her in on my plans.  She had called to tell me she was going to stay home.  Needless to say we both allowed ourselves to be full of self and ended the phone conversation hurt and angry with me still going to the game and her going home.  I still had a while before the game and as I waited in my office became aware of my wrong behavior.

I decided to head home and not go to the game.  I stopped at a local market to get something for supper and while I was there bought some flowers.  I called my wife to see if she needed anything and to let her know I was on the way home.  I was making brownie points.
I walked in the house and she was on the phone but quickly noticed the flowers.  For a moment she was speechless and then a tear filled her eyes.  She came over and gave me a sweet kiss and hug while she continued to talk on the phone.

It was clear.  We officially had made up with my humility.  It was later when we finally crawled into bed.  I noticed she took off her pajamas and got in bed with only a pair of my favorite black lace panties.  She quickly snuggled up to me and I quickly removed my boxers.  As we began kissing, he hand found my penis.  She began stroking in slow sensual motions. You can imagine my penis growing harder with each stroke. She would stroke the shaft, then she would massage my nuts and then she would go back to stroking.  It was an awesome time.  Our kisses quickly became more passionate.  My tongue was devoured by her mouth.  My hand found her panties and I began to trace them with my fingers.  I wanted to tease her and make her wait to cum as long as possible.  I could tell she was already wet and ready but tonight she would have to wait.

I moved my hand to her breast to find her hard nipple.  I touched, I twisted, I pulled and I pressed her nipple like she likes.  She began to moan.  I returned to tracing her panties but refusing to touch her.  Finally she said, don’t you want to put a finger in me.  She loves this and I can make her cum with a good finger fucking.  I asked her, do you want just one.  She said yes.  As I moved my hand inside her panties, I said to her, you don’t want just one finger, I know you want two, don’t you.  I still had not penetrated her with my finger but by now I was opening her pussy lips and spreading them to give her the tease and the hope of feeling my finger going deep inside her.  She said, yes, I want two fingers in me.   I said, sorry.  I’m not going to.  Why, she said, with a moan and disappointment.  Because I am going to put three fingers in you… no I am going to put four… She said, oh no I don’t think I can take four… Now I have inserted one finger.  She loves it when I tell her.  I have one finger in you.  And then I tell her I have two fingers in you.

By now she wants to feel all four fingers in her and will do whatever I want her to do as long as I keep playing with her.  She says I want to cum… I keep moving my fingers in and out and then between kisses, whisper to her… I have four fingers in you… This is almost more than she can stand…She says, I am going to cum… I pull my fingers out; oh no you don’t,… not yet…  She is moving her hips desperately trying to find my fingers with her pussy.   I move on top of her and begin teasing her with my penis.  She still has her panties on.  I tell her, too bad you have your panties on are I would be my big penis in you.  She says please…
I begin rubbing her breast firmly but not too hard.  She can’t get enough of my kisses and my touch.  She is lying on her back and I take her arms and spread them out away from her body and whisper to her, you can’t move your arms no matter what I do.   This is exciting to her.  I began exploring her body with my tongue, first her breast, each one gets equal attention, then down her stomach, and I then stop at her belly button.  I tongue it, I suck it, I kiss it.  I can tell this is too much for her.  She is moaning and squirming.  I wonder, what she is thinking.  Is she imaging a big black man with a huge penis about to give her the time of her life, or is she thinking it is a stranger taking advantage of her, or maybe wondering if it is another woman teasing and pleasing her like no other… I don’t know what she is thinking but I do know she is on the verge of exploding like never before.   I can tell as I move my mouth over her panties on top of her pussy.  She is imaging my tongue licking and penetrating her.  It never fails, the moment I kiss her pussy, she cums.

I hear her whisper to me, one more touch and I am going to cum… I move back to exchanging my tongue with her tongue.  She then pleads, let me ride… I said, not yet…

I don’t think you are ready to cum yet… are you…  She says yes, please….  Then she says, put a finger back in me…  I said no … you want four again… She says yes… please…. I touch her softly and then she feels those fingers pushing and sliding and going deeper and deeper into her.  She wiggles her hips to get every inch of those fingers…  I think she will cum, so I quickly remove them and get on my back… she knows… she is on top of me ready to ride… She says I am going to cum so quickly… I slow her down and said wait… slid on my penis real slow and feel it go deep inside of you… She puts my penis in her and begins to slide down and before she is half way down the shaft of my penis… I hear her moan with pleasure… I’m cumming… I’m cumming….  I put my hands on her hips… she loves this… the feeling of a strong man moving her on his penis is thrilling to her.  She continues to cum.  I thrust up into her and I too begin to cum.  It seems that as soon as she feels me Cumming she cums again.

We both collapse in each other’s arms.  She then says to me… Thanks for choosing to come home…

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