101 Nights of Great Sex

One Hundred and One Nights of Great Sex” is the name of the book that I was presently ripping two pages out of and handing them over to my Mate. We bought this book three months before and we’ve been having fantastic sex ever since.

My youngest brother, of all people, had recommended it. He had seen a commentary by a pair of well-known sex therapists. They commented on the variety of role-playing games throughout the book that a couple could re-enact together.

Well, of course, I bought it! I went to the bookstore the very next day and bought a copy. I opened the book and to my surprise, each page was sealed. Divided into two sections, one for the female, the other the male. I read the introduction page, which states:

“Welcome, reader, to “One Hundred and One Nights of Great Sex! As you can see, each page is sealed. On the cover of each page it states “For His Eyes Only” or “For Her Eyes Only”. Every week, you and your partner flip through it, discussing the titles that catch your eye. This can be a real blast-it’s a little like window-shopping for sex! Each of you then tears a page from the book, and in that one special moment, you’ve made a commitment to each other. You’ve created a new kind of bond between yourselves. By removing the page right in front of you, your lover has just given a promise that, no matter what, you are going to be seduced in a fresh, exciting, original, and highly erotic manner. Sometime during the week, your sensual pleasure will be the only focus. You, of course, are making the same promise in return. The pages are sealed; neither of you will know what the other is planning. Keep your plans secret; it’s better for the building of your partner’s pleasure! Enjoy!” [Quote from 100 nights]

Smiling, I read thru the glossary and found many of the “Titles” to be very erotic. “The one hour orgasm”, “Angel with a Lariat” and “Under the Hood, Cowboy” was just a few.

That night was the first of many my husband and I spent playing with the scenarios between the covers of this wonderful book.

My first one was so much fun! I had to buy a strobe light, and set it up in my living room. Then I found some loud hard rock and set it up on my stereo. I called my ex and made sure he was picking up the kids on time. After setting dinner on the table, I waited for my mate.

Five minutes later, always on time, my husband pulled into the driveway. Just then my ex pulled in behind him. The two men chatted while I retrieved the girls, kissed them good-bye and watched them leave with their dad. My husband came in and kissed me, saying hello, with a smile.

We enjoyed the quiet house while we ate dinner, kissing lightly here and there during the meal. When we finished, Roy went to shower as I cleaned off the table. I was so excited; I sat down on the couch and waited for him to return. Ten minutes later, he entered the room, wearing only his jeans.


Getting off the couch, I walked towards him and gave him my sexiest come-hither smiles. “Mmmm baby, you have a fire in your eyes.” he stated as I took his hands. I lead him over to the couch and shoved him hard, making him fall back onto the couch. “Hey! What’s up?” Roy asked, almost angry.

“Sit there and don’t move! You are my slave tonight. Hear me, Slave?” I pushed my right hand down on his chest to keep him sitting on the couch. “I mean it! Don’t move!” I repeated firmly.

I walked over to the stereo and turned on the music and turned it up loud, then reached over and turned off the lights. The room was pitch-black, and then I switched on the strobe light.

The loud rock music and strobe light is very disorienting, giveing the room a freeze frame effect. I see his face in each flash. Roy’s annoyed at the loud music, but that will soon change.

I walk slowly to him, making a different pose for him in each flicker of light. I begin stripping, slowly, flipping my waist-length red hair as I move to the music. First he sees my hands in my hair, then I bend over at the waist, and standing quickly, throw my hair over my back. Every move is exaggerated. I remove my shirt, and throw it to him. Turn my back, unzip my jeans and looking at him over my shoulder, pull them down to my knees, bending at the waist, my hands on my knees, looking again at him, giving him a great view of my sexy tail. Unbridled lust covers his goateed face. I kick off the jeans, clad in black bikini panties and push up bra that forces my D’s to almost spill out.

I walk up to him and straddle his legs. His hands wrap around my waist as I kiss him hard and forceful. I push him back against the couch, hard. Then, I grab him around the neck and yank him towards me and bite him several times on each side of his neck. I push him away again, roughly. I remove his hands that now are squeezing my ass quite hard and I stand.

I step up onto the couch, my feet on either side of his thighs. I slap his hands away as they touch me. Placing a hand on the wall behind him, I put my left foot on the back of the couch, my panty-clad kitty within licking distance. With my free hand, I force his face into my covered mound and I grind against his mouth. I’m so turned on that his moving mouth almost makes me cum.

Putting my foot back down, I slide my panties down my legs. Stepping out of them, I return to the position, burying Roy’s face in my excited kitty. My moans are not heard over the blasting rock music, as his hot tongue lavishes me into a pounding orgasm. My cream covers his goatee as he continues to make me cum a second time, my hips riding his face with each pelvic-curling convulsion.

Panting, with my juices covering the inside of both thighs, I step off the couch. Kneeling, I unzip his jeans. Roy’s rock-hard 7-inch cock springs into view.

Making sure he can see my eyes, I lick my lips and take him into my mouth, to the hilt. Fiercely, I grasp his hips with both hands, yanking him hard against my mouth, as I impale myself on his cock. Sucking as hard as I could, taking him down to the base with each violent movement, my animalistic side flies into overdrive as I scrape my teeth gently over the head every other stroke; growling, pulling Roy up off the couch over and over.

I feel his hands go to my head as he gets close to cumming; I slap them away and push myself off him. My body and mind is in a wild state. Never have I ever felt so much the animal; I am in heat!

Standing, I yank Roy’s jeans from his body and straddle him, taking his saliva-drenched cock deep inside me. My body arches, my head is thrown back as wild fire streams through me. It feels so good to have that wonderful cock hitting my cervix!

Purring and growling in wild abandon, I rotate my hips as I place my hands on the back of the couch, giving me purchase. I don’t care that Roy’s hands are on my hips as I ride him hard and fast. The flashing light and loud music helps me lose myself in the intense grinding and thrusting. It feels so very good to let myself be the animal as I ravish Roy’s body.

Faster, harder I grind, my climax building. I look down at Roy. Pure passion’s pain is written on his face. This excites me so much that it triggers my orgasm. I cum, screaming at the top of my lungs. My dripping sheath squeezes Roy’s throbbing member; he cums, too. My body milks every wonderful drop as he shoots deep inside me.

Exhausted, I lay against his sweat-covered chest, panting. I feel Roy’s arms wrap around me, and a gentle kiss on my glistening forehead.

The music stops shortly and we get up off the couch. Turning off the strobe and stereo, we walk to our bedroom, hand and hand.

Cuddled in Roy’s arms, I smile, as his hand caresses my hip. I didn’t have wait too long to find out what Roy has planned for me. But that’s another story. Ciao!

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