Hot Drive around the Canyon

It all started with a business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. I asked my wife of 20 years to go along and I promised we’d take a few extra days to site see or enjoy the area.

Since we aren’t gamblers, we decided to take a road trip from Vegas over to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  I had suggested that she wear a short skirt and go bra-less as we drove for “fun”.  Generally my bride is very conservative and will never wear anything revealing in any way so I really didn’t expect her to go along, but wow – she did.

I had rented a convertible, thinking this would be really neat,and it was; but it was very hot going across the desert. Or maybe I was just very hot as I drove the interstate trying to keep my eyes on the road instead of on my bride’s legs.  My bride is the most beautiful gal on earth to me, but she does pack a little extra weight. I kiddingly say, “more cushion for the pushion”.

She had decided on a short denim skirt and a white, very tight tube-top, with a denim jacket. Since it was hot in the convertible, she quickly took the denim jacket off and I was treated to her beautiful 36C’s in her tight white top. She has huge nipples and she’s always wearing the really thick padded bras so that they don’t stick out. Since she agreed to not wear a bra her 3/4″ nips were really sticking out and I was really beginning to stick out and we started “playing”.  She’d rub me, and I’d reach over and rub her huge nips and then I began sliding my hand up and down her leg; gradually pushing her skirt up to expose her panties.  As she got hotter, and I got hotter, she finally agreed to slip her panties off and then she laid there with her legs splayed out wide and me sliding my hand all along the outer sides of her huge lips.

I continued to tease her by running my fingers all along her lips and lightly across her clit, but never entering her. this went on for miles and she gradually just laid back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the massage while we drove.

Initially she was very conscious of us passing a truck and would cover up so that no one got a show. i kept telling her that they couldn’t really see anything, and even if they did, no one knew us and it would give the driver a really great thrill.  As she began closer her eyes I would pass a truck and then intentionally slow down and drive along with the truck to give the driver a show. My wife never opened her eyes but she knew what was going on because I then began feeling moisture running out of her pussy toward her rear.

Once I felt that moisture and heard all the moans, I began to slide my finger in and out of her super wet pussy.  When she is really wet she tastes so good and i had to have a taste so I’d lick my fingers to get that sweet, sweet flavor.

Fortunately our hotel was right up the road and I quickly checked in and as soon as we hit the room we were passionately kissing.  As we kissed I was reaching around to her butt and grabbing her and feeling her great butt. I alternated from her butt to her pussy and she was really heating up.

I laid her back on the bed, pushed up her skirt, pulled her tits out from under the tube top and then spent 10 minutes eating her pussy while playing with her nipples and tits.  She then said that I had to screw her so I slid up and put my 6″ to her.  I gave her 15-20 strokes and she had a very loud orgasm.  I rolled her over on her stomach and lifted her beautiful butt up in the air and then slid into doggie style. I wanted to make it last longer but couldn’t and in a dozen strokes I was cumming hard.

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