A Beautiful Morning

As I opened my eyes into a new day a lovely weekend, it looked dark around since we have closed all the curtains of the window. I squeezed my eyes to look at the clock. It was 6.30am. The sun was out and I had to open the curtains to see the bright sun light enter into our bedroom on a cool winter morning. It was a beautiful day God had given us.

I looked back to see my wife still asleep, probably she was dreaming and her dream was reaching an interesting part. She looked lovely in her night dress; her face was glowing as though she was smiling at an angel in her dream. Her beautiful hair.. all let loose curling on her back and on her face. Her hands spread out as though to indicate that there is no care in the world for her. Her shapely legs one over the other appearing below her thighs. Her well shaped hips .. very enticing to behold and her breasts pointing to the sky inside her semi transparent nighty with the buttons open. Her breasts where waiting for me to be touched, caressed and kissed. Though 19 years have passed by since we got married and the expression of our love has resulted in 3 lovely children ….  this day as I look at her, she looks to me as fresh and juicy as I first saw her.

Admiring this nice sight … I came close to her and gently put my hands around her near her hips and over her night dress and gave a gentle hug (not  to wake her up all of a sudden). The touch sent a sense of pleasant sensation into my whole being.

This lovely person God has given to share my life with has brought a sea of pleasant surprises into my whole life. Her cheerful countenance … the pleasant smile … the naughty look … her loving touch  .. her warm hug and sweet kisses have made me more desirable and accepted. Though at times there are some misunderstandings, disagreements but healthy ones. I slowly moved my hand from over her hips to her smooth stomach and moved further up and over her breast which looked ready for my fingers to  touch and caress. Her nice curves thrilled me as I pressed her soft breast and felt her nipples as I moved my hand slowly into her night dress and over her skin and my mouth yearned to kiss this lovely breast and nipple.

A lovely sight to behold as I gently moved over and gave her a warm hug as she felt my touch and started to squirm a bit and she reciprocated with a teddy bear hug. We got locked into each other’s embrace as though we were stuck with one another. Gently running my hand behind her back from her neck down to her side and to her buttocks all along feeling her lovely form enjoying her beautiful curves.

We were lying on our sides facing each other and she put her legs over me … my hands moved down … and under her dress and moved up over that shapely figure over her breasts and as I reached under her breast she let down a soft morn from her lips enjoying all the caressing that she is getting from me, and I cupped her breast and moved from one to another through the valley in between. They were like beautiful mangos ready to be plucked … smelled … kissed … sucked and eaten up. They are like twin doves well endowed. Our lips were locked together in loving sweet kisses and were moving over each other, and our cheeks were rubbing over each other and I moved my lips all over her … not leaving any part of her face being un-kissed whispering into her ears … I love you, Darling … thank you, Jesus.

She reached out to me with her hand running into my hair and touching my ears and rubbing my back and feeling my masculinity giving me a warm sensation with her soft fingers. As she gently caressed my back and slowly reached down into my shorts to massage my buttocks, which are firm in shape for her to touch, her soft hands in my shorts sent signals into my brain, teasing me and touching the right areas arousing my sensations.

We slowly undressed each other so that they don’t come on our way. Wow! What a sight of her wonderful form, just the way God has made her. It was a treat to my eyes … a rich visual delight. My eyes ran through her whole body from head to toe and toe to head and occasionally stopped to see the attractive areas of her beautiful self.

As this is going on … my manhood starts rising up from slumber into a full alert stage at the sight of her beautiful nude figure which is very pleasant to behold. My penis has enlarged and become long and is touching her pussy. As she rubs my back she moves her hands to my front and between my legs. She is running her hand from between my thighs and over my balls which are now firm and round and soft. Her soft touch on my balls has sent a tingling feeling all over my body. She is squeezing them both and this is sending shudders of thrill into my spine. She now moves her hand over my penis and to the tip which is very sensitive. She runs her hand up and down my penis which makes my secretions start flowing slowly building up the tempo.

Meanwhile, my hands which are caressing her breasts  move down to touch her sensitive area between her legs in the front. She has a beautiful puffy pussy with a fine line from her belly button down to her pussy. The hair there is like a well mowed lawn, very little hair and this nice triangular patch is like a park with a fountain in between … her puffy pussy soo very soft to touch is alive with all fever. I give a gentle kiss there and she moves her mound towards me. With my finger I can feel the soft folds of her pussy lips. She quivers as I touch her sensitive spot. Already, the place is moist and the fluids are flowing. My fingers move in and out of the folds inside which is giving her shivers and pleasant feelings inside her. She is moaning with every stroke of my finger in her sensitive spot. Her pleasurable sensations are building up within her and she is giving me all the excitement as she is stroking my penis.

It is like we could be in each other’s arms the whole day … enjoying each other. She is asking me to squeeze the folds of her pussy lips which is building within her a feeling of ecstasy. She is slowly but steadily reaching her climax and softly saying that she is coming and I said to her … “please come, Darling” … “oh yes, here I come” … with steady jerks her body is shuddering … she is enjoying every sensation of the waves of pleasure of her orgasm sweeping her whole body bathing her with a world of pleasure. She is floating in the cloud of pleasant sensation as she feels that it will last forever.

As she is savoring each moment, her hand which was stroking my penis is slowing guiding my penis into her love tunnel. I gradually enter her tunnel of love without hurting her. Since it is already well lubricated with her fluids flowing inside her I am able to enter her love tunnel smoothly. My penis could feel the deepest part of her being. My skin touching hers as I move in and out, which is creating waves of pleasure within me. I do not want to rush the proceedure since this is the moment my heart deeply yearned for … to be one flesh with my one and only, as God intended for both of us. I wish that this will prolong for all our life that we will be one in body and in spirit. My sensations are gradually building up as I start moving in and out of her.

I am kissing her mouth her ears her breasts and both my hands are busy wondering all over her body caressing, teasing her all over. Not one part of her body is left un-attended. We do not know how much time has gone into this. It looks like we have a whole world of time to explore each other and give one another the stimulation and pleasure that we can to please the other.

As I keep melting into her tunnel of love she keeps wriggling and moving with rhythm that has been created … we are grinding into each other … moaning with pleasure. My sensations are overwhelming me so that I get a feeling that I am going to climax but over the years I have learned to control myself so that I do not hit the peak too soon but prolong so that I get the maximum amount of pleasure. But all along the pleasure is building up on each other. There are no words coming out of each other … only our actions are communicating all the pleasures we need. Our touches are speaking volumes of our need for each other. All that we were longing for are finding its right expression in the holy wedlock of marriage and the marriage bed is providing all the right pleasures that God has in store for each other. The waiting time to keep ourselves pure to express our intimacy in marriage is paying off in rich dividends. We feel that God is the center of all this wonderful experience and He is very pleased in the way we express our love for one another.

The gentle morning breeze from the window is brushing over our naked bodies to add to the pleasure. The sound of the birds singing their morning songs is adding flavor into our increasing momentum of pleasure. All other things around us are becoming blank in the wave of pleasure that is carrying both of us into a wonderful climax. A culmination of our loving hearts with love for each other only.

As we rhythmically move together our lovely sensations are about to reach the grand finale. My in and out motion has created a lot of pleasure and with a final stroke of thrust I release my semen inside her with waves of climax releasing itself in a blush of pleasure. We bask in the ripple of ecstasy which has reached its peak and is gradually fading as we hug each other tightly breathing heavily … kissing each other and saying …“thank you, Jesus … thank you, Jesus … you love us so much”.

She is all along having a secure feeling that she is having someone to give her all the love and emotional warmth that she needs. She can willingly give her complete self to the person God has given her to enjoy her life with. She is able to open up her lovely treasure of her whole self to me that I am ravished with her beauty … her love … her affection … her warmth … her beautiful smile … her ALL.

Oh! What a way to start the day … hugging and making love warmly to the person whom God has brought into my life … giving each other a sense of belonging and felt loved.  All along this beautiful beginning of this day I was thanking God for this beautiful person God has given me to love … care … pamper … enjoy and share my life with.

A man would want go any extra mile for his mate who is ravished, satisfied and well sex fed on the marriage bed. Oh, I wish that every wife would understand her husband’s sexual needs and satisfy him so that they would in return get all the love, attention, warmth, and emotional support that they need from him. Life will be very harmonious when we satisfy each other’s sexual needs. A husband or a wife will never turn to another person outside the wedlock or to porn if they get all their sexual needs met within. A man’s sexual needs are much more than for a woman. God has made it that way. He is visually very sensitive and wants to be satisfied by sensual displays of his wife’s beautiful form. I wish that each wife would understand this and delight her husband in the privacy of their bedroom as needed by him. Men … do not turn to porn or any relationship outside the wedlock …. but, pray to God that He will give you a wonderful sex life and all your sexual needs will be met by your spouse so that other areas of our life will not be affected and we will be more productive as the head of the family and at work. At the same time … Men … let us be considerate with our mate … as they have many roles to play in the family and at many times are over worked and exhausted. Let them get adequate rest and breather and help from us in their daily routine so that they get into the mood of romance and making love with us. At many times we have to go their way (a fairly long way) to get them to our way. Bah!! It is all hard work … is it ??? Ha. Ha.. But that’s how it works.  Oh! God! … how many families can be saved from divorce due to adultery if only their needs are met on the marriage bed. Jesus loves you. God Bless.

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  1. Iwanttofollowjesus says:

    This is truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read! This is what I LONG for with my future spouse. I am almost 34 and am saving myself for marriage, but I deeply long to be married to the man God has for me and to make love to him. I would be so happy to make love to my husband every day and to fulfill all of his sexual needs. Thank you for this absolutely beautiful story of the holy and sacred marriage bed.

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