Cabin Repair (3/3)

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He watched her nude form retreat out the door to the kitchen and counted his blessings, even while wondering if a glass of juice could possibly rejuvenate him completely. Momentarily she returned. “Rested enough?” she asked. If only! He groaned inwardly just watching her come into the room, admiring her beautiful, vibrant figure, and playfully cursed the biology that required him to wait.

“I think you done did me in.”

“Done did you in? Where did you go to school?” she laughed. “How about a hot tub, then?”

“Sounds good, Babe.”

Being the more energetic of the two at the moment, Marie left him with his juice. Crossing the room she opened the faucets to the ‘hot tub,’ which was scarcely more than a glorified bath tub, filling the room with the sound of rushing water. It appeared small now, but it gave her a smile just to look at it and remember the time they had visited this place with their closest friends. No, it certainly wasn’t designed for four people, but they’d made it work… even if her cousin had complained that his knees were protruding from his armpits while sitting in there. Well, this time there would be just two of them, and it would work fine.

Returning to her husband, and still wearing only her brilliant smile, she coaxed him off the bed with her hand. “You know,” he mused, “you really are in a good mood when you get laid. Ow!”

Her hand stinging from giving him a swat for good measure she quipped, “I don’t see you complaining.”

“And I thought only my front parts needed a good soak,” Stanley groaned.

“Nope, you better scrub them all.”

Moments later the two were seated across from one another in the steaming hot, bubbling water of the tub. It seemed barely large enough for just the two of them, but it would work, and give Stanley enough room to wash his ‘parts,’ and then time to ‘rejuvenate.’

Distracted by the lovely bronzed leg she lifted free of the water, Stanley winced as her other foot explored more interesting territory. “Hey now! Watch the fancy footwork or you might put me out of commission for good!”

“Just checking to see which direction the compass was pointing,” Marie smirked.

“Which was?”

“South,” she pouted. “I wonder if he needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

“Could be,” he chuckled.

“Well, for the moment, lover, why don’t you try pressing on the throttle right… there!” Leaning back against the side of the tub, Marie clasped her thighs around his leg and foot. She giggled when she felt him twitch his foot side-to-side on her slippery skin. “Ever had a toe-gasm?” His rumbling laughter in reply reverberated through his foot, as his toe gently caressed her smooth vulva.

“No, I can’t say that I have,” Stan laughed.

“Hey – touch right… there.” She shifted in her seat and sighed contentedly.

“Hey – yourself! Do you love me only for my toe?”

“Oh Stanley,” Marie put on her best mocking expression. “How shallow do you think I am? You know that I REALLY love you for that massive organ you tote between your legs…”

“I’ve never been to Oregon,” he drawled. “But I sure don’t carry it between my—”

“I said ‘organ’ not ‘Or-ee-gon,’ you ding dong!”

For once getting the jump on her, Stan sent a powerful wave of water towards Marie in the close confines of the tub. Seated lower in the tub than he was, he howled with laughed as she lost her balance, and slipped under the water. She came up sputtering, and returned the favor, both of them splashing the other until they were breathless with exertion.

“Hey Babe,” he finally breathed. “We’re going to run out of water pretty soon.”

“There’s more in the lake,” she said helpfully.

“Good thing there isn’t any carpet anywhere near here.”

“Are we a pair of juvenile delinquents, or what?”

“I think we fall under the ‘or what,’” he returned.

“I think you’re a bad influence on me.”

“Look who’s talking.”

Their ‘bath’ finished, they exited the tub and toweled off. Exchanging a sheepish grin, Stan embraced his bride. Resting her head on his shoulder, she heard him whisper, “I love you, Babe. You’re more fun than I deserve.” His hands felt warm and reassuring as they caressed her smooth back, ever as much as her soft curves meant something to him as a man that couldn’t be put into words.

“Hmm – I think I detect a mighty oak rising from the jungle.”

Staring at the ceiling and shaking with laughter, Stanley growled, “The jungle? Hey – I keep it trimmed down there.”

“You know what I mean.”

Their foreheads touching together, he looked into her mischievous brown eyes. “You are insatiable,” he whispered, his eyes wandering lower to her breasts, the rigid tips of her nipples tickling against his chest hair.

“I have reason to be,” she returned. “It’s not every girl that gets to take a hunk like you to bed every night.” His eyes flashed back to hers and he winced, as she gently clasped his ‘mighty oak.’ “Come, lover.”

Grasping his hand in hers, she led him to their bed. Looking at him again, her face animated with a delight unique to her personality, she continued, “You’re my secret, Stan. If all my girlfriends knew what I have, I –” Her voice trailed off. Actually, her best friend did know. She and Lisa shared everything. But that didn’t count.

Stanley was positive that he must have had the goofiest grin on his face, but he didn’t care. Marie was a handful, but dog-gone-it if she didn’t make him feel good! And the reverse wasn’t exactly true, he reflected. It took only ten seconds in being around Marie for others to know what he had. With her, what you saw, and what you heard, is what you got. And brother – you got it with both barrels at that. Chuckling, he reached down and lifted her onto the bed, and then joined her.

Grasping her ‘oak’ in hand, she nudged him until he was on his back, and then knelt between his legs, her eyes locking with his as she kissed the tip of his penis. Giving him a squeeze that he felt all the way to his toes, she looked at his manhood, admiring his strength and shape, the rounded curve of his coronal ridge, and the dimpled tip of his gleaming crown. The crown of a prince – her prince.

Biting her lower lip, she looked back into his eyes, and reached for a tube of their favorite lubrication on the nightstand beside the bed. While her lover watched with mesmerized eyes, Marie opened the tube, the warm clear fluid escaping onto her hands and his swollen phallus. Gently twisting her grip around him, he watched her hand erotically caress the fluids into him. Her other hand held his skin tantalizingly taut at the base of his abdomen. Her long hair fluttered around them, wisping across his skin when she leaned in close, and then moving in a flourish as she tossed her head. Her eyes met his again as she stroked him. And while he might have thought the evening long ago finished, there was something about the glow within her soul, and the seductive gleam in her eyes, that drew him on, leaving him breathless with arousal until his eyes practically crossed.

Her eyes remained on his as she softly released him, and crawled slowly towards his face. Blowing nearly every circuit in his mind all at once, he felt the softness of her breasts against his slippery penis, and then the delicious slide, as she rubbed her soft bosom against his belly all the way up to his chest until their faces were eye-to-eye. “Do you want me, lover?” she whispered, her lips gleaming with promise.

“Yes,” he whispered hoarsely.

Sitting up with a flourish on his belly, she scooted herself back against him, a hand reaching around to hold his slippery length in the cleft of her bum. Holding him gently at his base, she lifted herself, and drew his pulsing length through her bum with sweet, agonizing slowness. Exactly where she wanted him, she looked into his eyes once more, her hand swirling him around her soft cleft, and guiding him to her tiny rosebud. Sighing with anticipation, she closed her eyes, and then opened to his once more, as she gently eased onto him, feeling the puckered entrance softly yield to him.

Biting her lower lip, she looked down at her breasts, swollen with desire, and the handsome man beneath her. His hands flew to her breasts, and she gasped, her sensitive nipples seeming to alive with sensation. Her eyes a distant, sultry gaze, Stanley gently squeezed her breasts, and smoothed her hair away from her forehead. Softly moving her hips, she felt him gently slip inside, accepting the crown of her prince. An exercise in trust, it was times like this when he truly felt huge. She blinked her eyes at him, and peered into his soul. Leaning over him, she felt his lips brush against hers, and heard his whispered, encouraging words.

She smiled at him, loving each little crease of his face as he returned her smile, and the gentle caress of his hands on her slender body. As if his love had flashed upward at her, she felt it radiate in return from her heart, and she remembered the sweet ecstasy of sharing this with him before. It had actually been her idea the first time. She smiled at the memory of his open mouth as he heard the naughty thought expressed through her lips. He’d been sitting in a chair reading a magazine and minding his own bees-wax, when she randomly dropped by and told him what she wanted. Breathless, and as hard as an oak plank, he’d willingly followed her to the bedroom as if on a leash! Arching her back and gently moving her hips, she smiled again as she felt him sweetly slide into her as she slowly relaxed around him.

Gently caressing her, he watched her facial expressions as she accepted his body into hers. She licked her lips and looked into his eyes again, and gave him a look that would have melted the North Pole. And when she gently squeezed him from within, snuggly hugging him in sheer erotic bliss, the look on his face mirrored hers, as he moaned with passion. She met him open mouthed, her tongue flickering out to find his as he felt the soft press of her bum on his thighs, and then the tantalizing wiggle of her hips as she attempted to take even more. He felt her sighs, and heard her hot whisper, “I need you, lover!”

“Are you okay?” he whispered.

She didn’t answer his question, or chose to by giving him a smoldering look and giving him a tantalizing squeeze that nearly made him see spots. Bringing her knees up, she sat back on him, opening her gleaming legs. Leaning her hands on his legs, she watched his flushed face, as he enjoyed the stunning view. Wriggling her hips on him softly, she could feel him moving within her. They hadn’t tried it in this position before, and their movement was a little hindered, but seeing the look on his face was worth it. Pushing against the bed with her feet, she slowly withdrew from him. His penis glistening with lube, he watched her settle on him again, deeply within.

Were he ever to lose his sight, he would never forget the simple pleasure of enjoying her lovely naked beauty. He would remember the sight of her tummy fluttering with each husky breath, accentuated by the simple jewelry at her navel, a beautiful contrast to her golden-brown skin, which caught the light and reflected into his eyes with each breath. He knew each curve from memory, the sexy shape of her breasts, crowned with nipples that melted in his mouth, to her impossibly smooth legs and gleaming thighs, which shimmered in the light.

“Look at me, lover!” she whispered. Her eyes looking downward over her lovely form, she smoothed a hand across her beauty, tiptoeing between her breasts, across her smooth belly until her fingers tickled at a trim strip of pubic hair. Looking up she caught his eyes, which returned to her, watching her fingers tickle each dark bristle as they descended lower. She loved the feel of her vulva’s soft skin against her fingers and smiled, smoothing an open palm across her smooth skin. No matter how long he watched, Stanley would never tire of the compelling woman that was his Marie! He looked up into her eyes again, which were tightly shut as she enjoyed the touch of her own hand. Opening them, she looked down at him and whispered, “Do you like to watch?”

The question didn’t require an answer. Entranced, he watched her fingers enjoy self-pleasure, her soft sighs and moans flexing around him from within. She inserted a finger, then two, drawing them to her lips and flickering tongue while he watched with an answering whimper. Returning, her fingers pursed through her moist cleft, her slippery juices coating her fingers. A fingertip finding that tiny little bead that ‘pushed all of the right buttons,’ it was her turn to fill the air with soul-filled joy. Fascinated, he watched her finger race through her slippery femininity, pausing momentarily to quiver and twitch on that little bead as she undulated her hips. Her face was contorted with pleasure, her eyes flashing and rolling backward as mind-blowing spasms of pleasure overtook her body, radiating through her in pulsating contractions all the way to her beloved husband as she moved on him.

From pure necessity, her hand returned to his leg to hold herself up, moist against his skin. She looked down at herself and at him, blowing a wisp of hair from her face, and gasping as he replaced her fingers with his own. And now it was his turn to enjoy her beauty, his finger luxuriating through her soft slit until slipping inside her warmth, tenderly drawing in and out of her. Crying with his tender movements, her waist quivered in delight each time his finger flitted across her g-spot. Her own fingers returning to help, she found her clitoris while he gently moved within, her cries now guttural and incoherent as she shuddered into blissful orgasm once more, light spurts of her feminine juices coating his fingers and running down his arm.

Raising herself once more on him, her body holding him tightly in a delightful, slippery vice, she moved on him, which had the desired reaction, much to her delight. Stanley gasped with pleasure, watching himself disappear into her repeatedly. Stopping to rest, she looked down at him and blinked away a drop of sweat. About to continue, he sat up and held her in his arms and gazed into her eyes, powerful feelings for her roiling his soul. Lifting her easily he rolled her beneath him, grabbing a pillow to put under her hips. He loomed over her big and powerful, her legs fluttering upward to his hands, which he gently pressed back towards her pretty face, which stared up at him with a come-hither expression.

She watched him grip his penis in hand, guiding himself to her again to find his pleasure. Pressing his slippery head at the tiny rosebud of flesh marking her entrance, he gently slipped inside, gasping in delight as he sank deeply and completely within. “Harder,” she whispered, gasping as he withdrew, and again impaled her, the swishing sounds of his movements filling their ears. “Harder,” she urged him again, gripping the back of his head in her hand.

His passions fired from the sound of her voice, and the look in her eye, Stanley lost all vestige of control, crying with animalistic desire with the raw pleasure she gave him. Gripping her shoulders and moaning with intensity, the room filled with the hollow smacking sounds of his body against hers. Her eyes closed, she let his power overwhelm her, loving the boiling frenzy she had brought him to, and the erotic feeling of being utterly taken, and powerless.  And when she cried in release once more, pleasure searing through her, Stanley joined her with hoarse cries. Planted deeply within her, and writhing in passion as he pressed close to her, he felt for a moment that he’d been returned to the joy of his wedding night, and the thrill of forever marking this special person with a part of himself.

Exhausted, it was a very long time before a couple very-much-in-love disentangled themselves. Laughingly refilling the hot tub, they took another soak, this time lingering long enough to enjoy it without the antics, before returning to their bed, and passing into blissful, restful sleep.

By: sookie

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