He Couldn’t Wait

It had been awhile since they had engaged in sexual activity and he literally couldn’t wait until their next encounter.  His mind was hard to stay focused on his work this one particular day until he got the instant message from his wife that simply stated, “kids in bed, I’ll be there as well”.  Knowing that work was slow this day, he decided to pursue this opportunity to have alone time with his one and only.

So he decided to reply with a simple phrase, “hard at work, hard at home, I’ll be home to make you moan”.  All that he received back was a smiley face.  Clocking out he had a difficult time driving home.  Even though his drive was only a five minute one, it seemed like an eternity.  Once he arrived at home, he parked the car and made his way into the house.  As he walked in the front door he found his wife’s shirt lying on the floor..hmmmmm.

As he looked up the steps leading towards their bedroom he noticed other feminine apparel scattered leading to their chamber.  He decided to play this one out.  He made his way up the stairs, his manhood already standing at attention aroused about the possibilities that awaited him.  He first went to the restroom and showered to get smelling and feeling good.

As he took his shower all of a sudden the bathroom lights went out and he thought he heard movement in the room.  As he was about to open up the curtain to investigate, he felt a hand slide in and grab his penis and pull him out of the tub and standing, dripping wet onto the bathroom floor.  He was ordered to put his hands behind his back, and he obediently did as he was told.  His hands were tied together and next a bandanna was placed over his eyes now keeping at the mercy of his captor.

His captor led him blindly out the door and to the bedroom.  He knew that it was his wife and could feel his pulse quicken as his imagination played out what could possibly happen.  He also felt his penis start to thicken and rise with anticipation.  His wife easily laid him on their bed, untied his hands and then tied them to the bedposts, but kept the blindfold on.

He could tell she was excited as well from her deep breathing.  He felt her hand slowly explore his body making their way down to his now hard and throbbing penis.  All at once he felt a warm, wet sensation as his wife lowered her mouth over his rock hard shaft.  She doesn’t do this very often but when she does he feels like his world can’t get any better.

As he feels his wife’s head rise and fall on his shaft he feels a moan escape his throat.  Before he can come to climax he feels his wife come up towards his head and feels her warm, soft breast brush against his face and lips and teases him as he tries to catch her hard nipples in his mouth.  Finally she gives in and allows her breast to rest in his mouth as he tantalizes her with flicks of his tongue against her nipples.

As he sucks on her breasts he notices that her breathing quickens and hears her start to moan.  As he sucks, she rubs her clit until she erupts with a wave of climax.  As she collapses on top of him he raises and lowers his hips letting her know that he can’t wait any more.  She lowers her body down on top of him and slowly rides him like a cowboy.

The up and down motion starts becoming more vigorous and hard deepening his penetration until he erupts inside of her and slowly the intercourse subsides into two loves collapsed together, holding each other, and enjoying the presence of what just happened and the love that continues to deepen their bond together.

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