For the Last Time….

The headlights to their 88′ Jeep turned up the graveled drive, lighting on their big front window.

Jana scurried about the room, lighting the long row of tea light candles flickering softly on the coffee table. She did a quick assessment of the room, noting the brightly lit wall sconces, the big blanket thrown out across the floor surrounded in the tiny tea lights, the warm crackle of their big stone fireplace. Everything was perfect.

She was just smoothing the jade green negligee over her slender, trim form when the key turned in the lock.

She met him at the door with a smile, wearing little else, as she tugged him inside.

He stooped to give her a kiss, his eyes widening in delight at her chosen attire. “To what do I owe this wonderful welcome home, darling’?”

Jana dropped to her knees, her hand coming up to cup him through the khaki pants. As she unzipped them, with painstaking slowness, she looked up at him. “I just wanted to do something special for my husband. Is that okay?”

He sucked in a gust of air as she stroked him through the rough material, then released him from the constraints. “Oh yeah! It’s perfectly ok.”

She preceded to cradle his hard, hot length in her hand, stroking up and down, as she licked the head of his member. She had set a bottle of Kama Sutra oil out just for this purpose and now she poured an ample amount in her hand, lifting it to his nose. He breathed deeply. Vanilla. His favorite scent.

She rubbed the oil gently into the sensitive flesh, up and down, around and around. At last, when she thought he couldn’t take anymore, she took him into her mouth. With her free hands she helped him out of the pants, cupping his buttocks in the palms of her hands, her finger searching out that very arousing button just beneath his twins.

She pressed firmly, feeling him shake. She increased the pressure of her lips around him, darting her tongue back and forth across the silken cap. She could tell he was approaching release. She slowed her strokes, touching him very lightly now.

He was growing impatient. Roles were switched very quickly as he caught her around the waist and hauled her across the room to the blanket. Pressing her down into the slippery pillow, he quickly shed the dress shirt he was wearing, and popped the snaps to the bottom of her negligee and pulled the garment over her head, tossing it across the room. Spreading their natural lubricant, and some of the fragrant oil on their genitals, he hovered over her, his hard member pressing urgently at her entrance.

As he pressed inside, drawing and withdrawing, making her break out in sweat, he wrapped his arms around her and entered her with one long, smooth thrust. She was panting now, they both were. He fondled her breasts as they swung freely from her body with each vigorous thrust, catching the long pointed nipples between his fingers, twisting them gently, just as she liked. As he caressed her breast with one hand, the other was working furiously at her most sensitive area.

Her bottom was warm against him, soft and sleek like baby’s skin. He placed a kiss there causing her to squirm.

She reached around to give him a very deep kiss, her long hair lifting from her back, coming around to cover her naked breasts as they rode the familiar rhythm together. First slow and sensual, then hard, pounding, heat.

He gripped her hips, thrusting deeper, as he felt the waves of pleasure overtaking him.

His fingers worked at her pleasure button, bringing moan after moan from her lips. Suddenly she tightened around him, her breath coming in audible gasps. She reached behind her to stroke his rocking buttocks, to hold onto him as she melted into the passion.

Feeling her sigh, seeing the look of ecstasy on her face as she twisted around to kiss him, still shaking from the powerful orgasm, brought him over the edge.

He spilled his seed into her, pumping her again and again until every last drop was deep within her. Exhausted he lay his head on her back, flattening her to the floor, their fingers intertwined, her hair spread out like a fan over the blanket., both breathing heavily, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Looking back, Jana swallowed a tear. How was she to know that the  very next day her husband would be deployed, called away to fight in the services? That three months later, he would give his life saving a fellow soldier?

She thanked God over and over for giving her that moment to show her love to him in such a passionate way.

They had given to each other freely, unselfishly, passionately…for the last time

authors note: Take time to make each day wonderful for your spouse. Love them as if this WAS their last day here on earth

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