Primed For Phone Sex

It was Thursday night, and Jake was leaving on a 3-day business trip.  Sadly he was leaving *right* after a dinner party at our friends’ house, so I couldn’t give him my usual parting ‘gift’.  However, before he pulled away, I gave him a yummy wet kiss next to my friend’s garage.  I could feel him getting hard, and -oh my- it made me so horny, I wanted to rip into him.  But alas he left.

That night I didn’t get home until 11:45pm, and even though I was stilled turned on, I fell asleep rather quickly.  This led to a rather adventurous Friday.  I set my record of EIGHT orgasms in one day… and all without my hubby around!  🙂

My dream on Thursday night did NOT disappoint, and I started rubbing myself while half asleep around 4am.  That was orgasm #1.  Fridays are normal days off for me, so it was a lazy day.  I slept in until 9am, and let’s just say I stayed in bed until 10.  My vibrator (named pinky) and I had some ‘alone’ time.  This was orgasm #2 and 3.  🙂

Since it was a saucy start to the day, I put on my Victoria Secret silk panties, which always make things feel *good* down there.  I wasn’t planning on it, but that was all I put on the WHOLE day!  Actually the phone rang while I was standing in my closet, so after I got that — and then fixed some breakfast, I just decided “Hey, it feels good to lounge around almost naked!”  I don’t think I did that in at least 3 years!

Back to the orgasms.  #4 happened while checking email.  It was the panties fault!!  They did most of the work (a couple of my fingers sealed the deal).

I didn’t shower until 1pm.  YES, we have a removable shower head.  YES, I had orgasm #5.  Now I was really loving this day, b/c normally 1 “O” a day is about all I can handle.  But I was having fun fantasizing about my hubby!

After my shower, of course I only put one piece of clothing on.  While lounging on the couch watching a few talk shows, I put my hand down my panties, but my clit wanted no part in that.  It was tired after the shower!  🙂  But my wandering fingers started playing with my nipples.  They quickly became erect, and it was SO pleasurable!  Then I had something that I hadn’t had since I my engagement… a nipple-only orgasm!  Very yummy!  I’m going to try that again soon!

So that was #5.  I’m not sure if I should tell you about #6.  Oh, okay.  It’s sort of embarrassing, but have you ever seen the Thomas Crown Affair, the new one?  There is a hot scene with Pierce Brosnan and Renee Russo that –literally every time — turns me on crazy hot.  Well it happened again!  A few things progressed… yadda, yadda, yadda… we had #6.

#7 was my favorite of the whole day, b/c I had it with my hubby.  Jake called after he got back from the hotel room.  First he told me about HIS day (bor-ing), and then I had so much fun telling him about MY day.  We got all worked up and had phone sex.  It wasn’t the best O as far as intensity, but definitely my fave b/c of Jake.  Well, in thought, he was a part of every O this day.

My 8th and last orgasm of the day came before I drifted off to sleep.  The panties didn’t play a role (I usually sleep nakie).  Two months ago, my husband bought me this vibrating dildo… we simply call it Goliath.  🙂  Well, that definitely helped my day end with a *bang*!

What a fun day.  Wish I could repeat it often, but my body usually doesn’t cooperate.  I had fun telling Jake about my weekend of fun — especially Friday — and totally turning him on.  We had a great time Sunday night together under the sheets.  Fun weekend!

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